Catification: Aslan’s Custom Catio

Outdoor enclosures are a great way to keep your cats safe, while giving them a little fresh air. Dave from New Jersey custom built this fabulous enclosure for his cat, Aslan, who seems to be enjoying it! Here’s what Dave has to say about how he created this custom catio:

“This is a catio I built for my cat Aslan. Everything is custom, hand built, using no plans. The frame is 1″ square aluminum tubing sold at sign shops or home improvement stores. It is riveted and screwed together with 1″ 90º angle brackets. The floor and roof is aluminum. The cage or kennel is sold at Petco and PetSmart, that is held on with several pieces of cut and filed 90º angles, and screwed into place.

The overall size is 6′ x 4′ x 2′ and gives Aslan room to chase bugs and look at birds and get some outdoor fresh air without me worrying about him running off. He can enter in and out as he pleases through a pet door in the window. This is made from 2 pieces of PVC panels that expand into the window frame, the PVC is held together using more aluminum 90º angles. Aslan enjoys the hammock in the warmer weather and often spends the afternoon sleeping outside. His hammock was made from a small banner I purchased at a sign shop with D-rings in the corners. I used S-hooks to attach the hammock to the walls of the kennel. The catio is secured with anchors to the foundation of the house.

I included a sisal carpet, a scratching post and assorted toys to amuse him; I may try growing some cat grass out there this year.”

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The Catification column on is written by Cat Style Expert, Kate Benjamin. Kate specializes in environmental enhancement for living with cats and is the founder and editor of, the premiere online magazine for design-conscious cat people. Kate’s design expertise and Jackson’s cat behavior know-how combine to create cat-friendly environments that are sure to please both human and feline family members alike.

  1. Sharon McBride   July 3, 2012 at 10:33 am  

    Hi Jackson,
    first off, just want to tell you how much I LOVE YOUR SHOW. you are definitely the cat’s A. !!
    Your holistic approach to cat rearing is so common sense.
    I am the proud owner of 2 purebred authentic Arkansas black ditch cats, yes, they were found n the ditch.
    Max the male is quite the character. I’ve owned cats my whole life and have NEVER seen anything like what max does.
    Max does NOT drink from a bowl like a normal cat, he uses his paws. he dips his paw in the water and licks his paws…. WHY does he doe that?? He also has a tendency to chase his tail. Is he bored ??, he’s never been a very playful cat.
    Mica is a cat lover’s dream, very social, loves to play, extremely intelligent, she has figured out hao to use my dog’s tricky treat ball to dispense treats!!!!, will eat just about anything she is presented with.
    she was obviuosly deprived from food at a very young age. I’m wondering if this is one of the reasons her appetite is …. insatiable. We do NOT free fed.
    We feed both cats seperately because Max takes his time, and mica will literally take over the whole food dish… they are fed twice a day. Also, I HATE the fact that Max won’t anything but “crunchies” yes… dry kibble. Lately I’ve been sneaking in a bit of “Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried raw, he actually likes it.
    Max has recently taken a liking to the dehydrated treats I make for my dog (mostly organ meat)
    Max is also the Cat guard, it’s just so funny. When someone comes to the door, or walks up our driveway., Max growls and.. then he shows his true colours…. he takes off and hides, usually.behind the dryer.

    Any hints or insight you care to share would be very valuable
    hard core follower in Arkansas
    Sharon McBride

    Thank you for all you do for cats. you are definitely the “cat version” of Victoria Stillwells” It’s me or the dog.
    I still don’t know why Nat Geo endorses Caesar Milan, there is NOTHING he does with dogs that i would ever consider doing with mine.

    Thanks for All Jackson
    Sharon, Max and Mica

  2. Cindy Grindstaff   August 28, 2012 at 1:20 pm  

    I love it! So would my cat!

  3. paula   September 15, 2013 at 7:46 am  

    I would love to make a catio of my backyard. I need a reference! Can someone in the NYC area contact me? Thanks so much. I keep losing my cat. I need to enclose my yard.

  4. Jena Roberts   September 15, 2013 at 9:34 am  

    I’m recently separated and trying to keep the cat versus taking to pound, finding home. All my walls are wood, so I need to keep my Bengal contained when he can’t be supervised. This catio seems to be the perfect size. Any chance you could email me more specific instructions?

  5. Tamara   November 24, 2013 at 10:12 am  

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, I really love the show ‘My cat from Hell’. I always record it, so that I can watch them when I’m home alone. It gave me some good tips for my 3 cats.

    I recently bought a house and want to make sure that it’s a safe haven for my cats.
    Since I’ve got some of my previous cat run over by cars, I don’t want them to go outside anymore.

    Now I was thinking of making in my backyard a ‘catio’ that is placed next to my house so that the cats can go outside in this catio via a hatch. I was very interested in the creation for the cat Aslan. But how can I make something like this? How do I begin?

    If someone has sort of a building plan, that would be great!

    Hope to hear from anyone soon.

    greetings from Belgium,

  6. Catmom   December 15, 2014 at 9:42 am  

    I found this wonderful catio built at a glass museum for two cats, Lovebug and Noel. Lucky cats!


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