Happy Halloween from Jackson

Halloween greetings and Halloween musings from your friendly (tattooed) neighborhood Cat Daddy.

Jackson taped this in 2011, but the messages are still relevant today.

Have a great, safe, and Happy Halloween!

  1. marilyn   October 31, 2012 at 10:34 am  

    Good vlog. I agree with everything you said. I would love to see more vlogs on the care of feral cats. And, thanks for the vlog on the feral cat winter shelter. My friend takes care of feral cats that live in the alley behind her little store. Our town is small, one block and rural. This colony lives in the down town alley. She cares for these cats out of her own pocket. Feed, vet, spray,neuter, etc. I sent her the link to that vlog and she said it was an answer to her prayers. We are in OK so the winters are not harsh compared to other places but they are bad enough. I am in the process right this minute of fixing 3 totes to take to her. We hope to get enough for every cat or at least most of the cats. I am sure some will room together. So, a big thank you from a couple of cat lovers in OKLA.

  2. Rick   November 3, 2012 at 9:11 am  

    Just adopted a cat from the black cat rescue in Boston she has been hiding under the furniture since we brought her home last Sunday she’s not eating alot and will hiss and scratch when we try to touch her. We have two other cats but have been kept in other rooms until she adjusts, I fear she may not live she very scared and stressed out

  3. mik   November 7, 2012 at 6:33 pm  

    I’m a little late in watching this. As I was watching this I was thinking back 9 years ago in October. I walked into a Petsmart (hope I don’t get in trouble for naming names) and there was this little black ball of 4month fur. Two ladies stood outside the viewing window and complained the entire time about the store putting this little kitten up at this time of year. I stood there and couldn’t listen anymore. I told them “you know what? this kitten is going to be going to a good home. Mine!” 9 years later he still melts my heart. If he wasn’t put there at that time on that day, I never would have learned so much about cats. Thank you for the post. Thank you also for the Spirit Essances Products. Amazing stuff!

  4. Tine H. Andersen   February 12, 2013 at 11:33 am  

    As a quite recently watcher of “My cat from Hell”- I’m amazed! At last a “cat whisperer”, and one with a duty, sense and skills. Hence I’ lives in a very small european contry, I had problably seen som quite old programmes. But I AM SO glad, that someone can read the cats bodylanguage- and tell them to prevent conflicts beetween men (of both sexes) and cats (dito).
    I got cats- and I had spent a lot of time to red them (before that dogs, horses rabbits etc), what DO they tell US, and HOW do we react. (It was long before “Whisperers” were in (or those strange “animalclairvoyants” – DOOH!) Europe- but I’m quite fond of the Oldies- like Lorenz and Trummler (some Austrian animal behaviouriststs)- and Lorenz was at least both informative and funny! Trummler was a dog guy).

    I must say: At first I saw some stange guy, baldy (And WHY the guitarcase?!) with tattoos- and some poor terrified and distraught (is that the term?! Distressed cats?) and some owners, who were kind- but clueless.

    But this was supposed to be a (kind of) FAN letter. I recommend your series to cat people- now. (I’m old scholl: watch, think, think it out- and gratifie the guy (of both sexes) that he/she can work with PEOPLE too.
    Yours sincerely
    Tine- owned/owner of 10 cats- and a runnertoo, which are on the taming progress, so he can loose his equitment, and maybe find another home. Mind you- that takes up a lot of time- tameming. I can now touch him gingerly while eating. My cats hates him (but only two of them), he has not a completely wild scarried (frightendend?!) . I has only before tamed pregnant ferals. One took 4 years, from kitten to… Mind you: She LOVED the vet! While my tame tom “HE ran around on the shelves!” said VERY complaining. (I thougt- but did not say: BUT why could HE?) Well- I have changed to cat-vets since.
    Keep up the good job!

  5. Tine H. Andersen   February 13, 2013 at 5:15 pm  

    Sorry about the spelling and the strange grammar! (English is my second language, and I’m a bit dyslextic) Equitment= equipment. Contry= Country. Scholl= School.
    All my cats (except the runner to- or what is the term for stray cats, who just walks into your home and decides to live there?) are spawned. Before that: We got a lot of kittens… 🙁 Which we kept… So I’m an ex-cat hoarder. untill I saw a programe about that phenonoma and red further on wiki and realised: It was not a good life for the cats or me. But I know something about fertile cat behaviour -and about mother cats and kittens.
    My cats lives in the house- and goes out, when they want it. (I think I open and close the window about 50 times a day! ;-D )
    Mind you- it began with a male kitten (my hubby was dead against so a male was fine equals no kittens), then a stray female came around and gave bith to 4 kittens all females and before you could say Ib, we were knee-high in cats. It is quite scaring to think about.
    Today- I recommend people to spawn their cats very highly. If they want a kitten: Get one from the local cathome, there are plenty!

    Yrs. Sinc.

  6. Nan   March 11, 2013 at 2:50 pm  

    Please help. I have 3 neutered male purebred siamese brothers. They came home with me when they were 8 weeks old. They loved one another, got along great until the age of 5. I took one in for a dental and he came home with the “vet smell” on him. One of his brothers (Pee Wee) hissed at him and it has been HELL ever since. Murphy, the one who had the dental is out to get Pee Wee, who hissed at him. Now all 3 are spraying all over the house. I have to keep Pee Wee separated from Murphy. Skittles is ok with Pee Wee but all 3 are spraying to mark their territory. We made them inside/outside cats with pet doors but Murphy went after Pee Wee so bad he had to go to the vet-$300.00 later! So now, at night we have to keep Pee Wee in a separate room and when we are in the kitchen we put Pee Wee in an open cage so he feels safe. All 3 continue to spray, it’s been going on for a year now. I have tried the diffusers (feliway) and they didn’t work. Murphy is very high strung and I would like to medicate him but it’s hard since the 1/4 tablet of prozac is so small it just crumbles in my hand when I try to shove it down his throat. I have tried putting it in his food and Murphy knows when I do it and will not eat the wet food. Tried pill pockets, no luck. I know this is a behavioral situation and don’t want to get rid of them, my husband would like to, no way! Any tips?


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