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Hey mojolicious mob –

Help support one of my favorite organizations as they run the LA marathon to save cats.

Donate any multiple of $28 to help Team Kitten Rescue and be eligible for a drawing for a 30 minute Skype consult with me!

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  1. Michele   December 25, 2012 at 3:08 pm  

    I have 2 cats, one is about 4 or 5 years oldthe other is 1.5 years old. The older cat was overweight and seemed unhappy until about 6 months ago. Then she started losing weight and playing. We’ve found out that in the middle of the night she runs all over the house, bouncing off the furniture, chasing cat toys, running up and down the stairs. It’s wonderful to know that she has her spirit back. I’m just wondering what happened for her to change. She has regular vet check ups so I know she wasn’t sick.

    The other cat I rescued when he was 3 weeks old. The momma cat disappeared so I had to nurse him. I travel a lot; when I come home he seems angry with me. He’ll climb on my arm, bite the skin on my hand and pull on it. No punctures though. And sometimes he gets the back claws going too. Could that be his way of communicating that he doesn’t like me to go away? Another thing is, he will not purr when I pet him. He purrs when my sons pet him. He follows me around the house and is pretty much always in the same room with me, he just won’t purr. Any thoughts on why?

    Both cats are fixed and de-clawed. They are both in excellent health and get regular vet check-ups. Thanks for any input!

    1. Nissa   December 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm  


      First, as a cat owber and lover, I have to tell you that declawing cats is one the most inhumane and cruel things you can do. Imagine if someone cut off the top joint of all your fingers. That’s what declawing is. Its traumatic for the cats, and leads to all kinds of psychological and behavioural issues. Its cruel beyond cruel.

      As for your cats behaviour. With the first, I would be interested in knowing what else changed in the house around the time your cat went through this metamorphosis. Her new behaviour could be the result of any change, no matter how insignificant to you. Did you have a baby? A new cat/dog/fish etc? Did you change her food? Have you changed cleaning supplies? (Yes, even cleaning supplies can affect a cat’s behaviour… some are toxic and your cat could have been suffering effects from that). Make a list of everything you can think of that changed, and you will find the answer as to why your cat has been ‘reborn’.

      As for your male cat, his behaviour is not due to you going away. Cat’s don’t make the association between you going away and then being angry because of it. In a cat brain, there is simply you leaving, but then joy and happiness when you come back. They don’t take the extra step of being angry at you because you left. Many people think that their cats misbehave because they are mad and want to get back at them. This is in no way true, as cats do not make the association for vengeful behaviour. So, why is your cat showing these behaviours to you? Unfortunately I can’t answer this question with the small amount of info you have given, all I can do is provide you with a best guess, until I get some more information. First, I am guessing you wrestled with your boy when he was a kitten and let him nibble at your hand. You thought it was cute, and probably egged him on a little bit, maybe scratching his belly at the time. I suspect you also held him on his back alot as he was growing up, treating him like a baby. To you it was cute and you were meaning it lovingly. To him, you were exposing his underside (in the animal world a very bad and scary thing to do), causing him to be wary of his interactions with you. He doesn’t purr with you because he doesn’t trust that you aren’t going to try to hurt him. He uses his back claws defensively because you have taken away his front fingers.

      The answer to rebuilding your relationship with you male is time and patience, and you need to adhere to strict guidelines. First and foremost, you need to respect your cats space. No grabbing him, flipping him over, scratching his belly. None of that. When you interact with him, be calm and gentle, speak to him gently and pet him only where he accepts it. Your relationship with him can no longer be about you, it has to be about him. If you are interacting with him on his level, speaking softly and petting where he allows, and he tries to scratch you with his back claws, then you have done something wrong. Its his last defense mechanism.

      SPend the time rebuilding your relationship with your cats, and it will be so rewarding. You have made some mistakes with their care in the past, but you can try to make up for those with your behaviour in the future.

  2. Sandy   January 14, 2013 at 5:30 am  

    Hi, I re-homed a cat a year ago. Our problem is that she will not go out to do her business. I tried all the usual moving the litter tray towards the door and eventually outside, and yes, she will go in her litter tray outside but not in the garden.She likes to sit in the garden on the odd day we here in the UK have a bit of sun and we left her out most of the day while while there and went out (she a;ways has access the porch and her cushion, plenty of food and water. She seems to hold herself till she can get to the litter. Even at night, although I encourage her to go out or she asks to go out, she will not go to the toilet. I noticed that she usually passes a motion at night and she has become crafty and waits for us to go to bed so she can use the litter. the smell is so bad I have to get up to empty it. She’s happy enough in other ways, is my shadow and loves to curl up on my lap. She doesn’t seem nervous outdoors. I’ve mixed litter with soil, leaves etc and she;ll use the litter but not go outside. Any ideas please?

  3. Jennifer Oden   January 19, 2013 at 4:37 pm  

    Hello. My name is Jennifer. I have 6 cats (our Babies), only 2 of them get along and 2 of the older male cat, eventhough they have been fixed since they were about 6 months young, they will spray on things. We turned our garage into a cat home for 4 of them, but we are always breaking up fights, another one of our babies is inour middle bedroom and we have a baby in our bedroom, he’s still healing from an injury. He will fight with everyone we put in there with him.

    We are SO frustrated. We rescued all of them and we love them all, Very Much. We need HELP. I believe if anyone could help our crazy, Very Stressful home, you could. Please, Could you help us bring our home to a place of love and peace???

  4. Ginger Clark   December 31, 2013 at 11:35 am  

    I would love a Skype session with Jackson! I have two very different cats; both of whom I adore! I’d like to make life right for my kids but I’m going to need some guidance to do it. One of these kitties is way smarter than I am. lol. Thanks for giving me hope that we can make this work!


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