Catification Recap: Pip & Red


The Catification piece of Pip and Red was multi-faceted. Red needed to be given access to the vertical world so he could a) find a place to be comfortable and have a sense of ownership, b) get away from Pip to avoid being attacked, and c) be in the same space with Pip in a way that allowed them to observe one another without having a direct line of attack. Because Pip can’t climb due to his cerebellar hypoplasia, giving Red climbing shelves and perches was the perfect solution. Red went immediately “up to Red-land”, as Jackson puts it, and settled in. As we saw, over time, the two cats became more comfortable with each other and were eventually able to be together on the floor with no fighting.


In addition to creating a cat superhighway up high for Red, it was also necessary to create a superhighway on the floor designed especially for Pip.  Different floor coverings with varying textures made it easier for Pip to gain traction and move around. Louise’s idea to attach small toys to the looped carpet created the perfect challenge for Pip, giving him something to focus on and a sense of accomplishment when he frees one of the toys from the loops. Both the ability to move around more easily and the added mental and physical stimulation from the toys and textures helped to ease Pip’s stress, relieving his tremors and reducing his attacks on Red.


Finally, adding a terrarium to create “Cat TV” gave Red some entertainment that he could focus on, while giving him an outdoor fix without the dangers of actually being outside.


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The Catification column on is written by Cat Style Expert, Kate Benjamin. Kate specializes in environmental enhancement for living with cats and is the founder and editor of, the premiere online magazine for design-conscious cat people. Kate’s design expertise and Jackson’s cat behavior know-how combine to create cat-friendly environments that are sure to please both human and feline family members alike.

  1. emily scott   May 15, 2013 at 5:15 pm  

    I didn’t get a notice of your KC reception. I would have gone! ..After decades of pets and animal activism, protests, the goal of me and my sweetheart is to take a break. But I HAD to rescue a ferrel w/prolapsed rectum, got new surgery in which the rectum is attached with internal stitches to the intestine.The kitty is whole again, healthy, also spayed and tested free of any diseases. Our 20 yr. old cat is the house queen; has never adjusted to another cat. I must find a good home for this special, adorable kitty. I want a home that feeds quality food, mostly canned, filtered water w/no fluoride, chlorine, no declawing, no smoking, no vaccinations, top holistic vet care, inside house fixed as to Jackson’s recommendations. She could be returned w/former ferrel group, living outside, being fed less quality food. ThAT would be close to desertion. HELP, TRAPPED!

  2. From Ukraine   May 21, 2013 at 1:28 pm  

    Hello! You cat -master=) you`re great. it`s cool that in owr lives is someone who know everything about cats. You know, its awf ull, but in owr country there`s no sheltrs for street dogs or cats (i don`t want to discribe, how do country do animal protection-because-nohow) dut still we have people who loved animals a lot, and we trying to help street cats and dogs, feed them (when we can and have ) but nowone can tell what cat feel or think-only you can. my mom tell me about you. You great/ we love cats. you know i have two black girl 1year & white cat 1,3month=) we love them a lot, but sometimes girl feel herself dipressed. And we don`t know why? we keep them on hands bouth, but she ‘sheeesss’ on him & run. and every day they playing together, runnning around us on5A.M. it`s funnny. Thank you, Jakson, for cat help. Sunserelly Lily

  3. sandra   June 1, 2013 at 12:38 pm  

    hi jackson galaxy ,
    your show is now in belgium on tv .
    you have my deepest respect .
    the way you handle cats is great .

    greeting to you and your famely

  4. Becky Hevner   March 27, 2014 at 3:52 am  

    I realize you live on the West Coast but there are a whole lot of Cat people over here on the East Coast. If possible maybe your show will let you come over here to Fort Myers Florida to do a couple of your shows!! That would be so exciting!! (By the way I was wrong you did do a few shows in New York) My Mother was one of you biggest fans but unfortunately She passed away on Oct. 23, 2013 Her name was Mary Badger. I have been also watching your show since it began and I have 5 rescued cats. Funny thing is my Mom would always say you ( Jackson) should meet my cats because I have been an animal lover since I was born. Everything you teach people to do to raise healthy cats I have been doing all my life. I used to raise dogs until room became impossible with no fence or yard ect.. I truly hope you get to read this and respond Thank You, Becky or as I’m known (The Crazy Cat Lady)


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