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This is part of a blog series called the Spirit Essences Report.  It contains off-camera info straight from Jackson about how he helps the cats you see on My Cat From Hell.  Many times behind-the-scenes, he has his clients use Spirit Essences holistic remedies.  They are the same remedies he formulated with Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, and he’s been employing them for over a decade.

Spirit Essences are not essential oils.  They are holistic remedies, and the only veterinarian-formulated line of its kind in the world.  Jackson has developed and refined the remedies based on his over 15 years of experience and the needs of his clients.  They have been extremely successful, even in very difficult situations.  For more info, check out the olistic remedy section of store.jacksongalaxy.com

Pip, a one-eyed black cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, and Red, his former victim.

Pip, a one-eyed black cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, and Red, his former victim.

Pip – who bullied his fellow house cat Red

Pip was a bully to Red, who took on the role of victim.  What made this scenario especially interesting is that being a one-eyed cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, Pip had permanent difficulty controlling his legs.  Because of this, cat toys that require quick jumping or pouncing are just frustrating to him, just agitating and aggravating.  He can never catch them.  He ended up bullying Red instead.  Here’s what helped to solve that dynamic.

Jackson says:
For Pip & Red we used Ultimate Peacemaker successfully for these guys.  But I also used Hyper Helper for Pip, because I was trying to slow down his reaction times a little bit, trying to get him to be grounded in the moment-to-moment.  So Hyper Helper actually worked for that as well.

Spirit Essences Jackson put to use:

Hyper Helper

Editorial Note: Ultimate Peacemaker is a 3-remedy set consisting of Peacemaker, Bully Remedy, and Self Esteem.  It’s formulated to help heal deep, serious, or long-standing aggression/conflicts between animals, and is one of the long-standing best-sellers of the Spirit Essences line.

Autumn - a young kitten whose spraying put big-time stress on the family.

Autumn – a young kitten whose spraying put big-time stress on the family.

Autumn – who was peeing everywhere, even on the microwave!

Autumn was the source of a lot of family stress, both emotionally, financially, and time and energy-wise, too.  This was because of the incredible degree of marking that Autumn did, even peeing on the kitchen countertops, on the microwave, on the bed and couches.  It was an intense problem situation.  Here’s part of how Jackson helped solve it.

Safe Space for CatsJackson says: For Autumn, it was all about Safe Space for Cats.  After her initial crazy freak out time outside (Note: see this post where Jackson talks more about the history Autumn had), we had to reintroduce the environment to her as being safe and that’s what we did with Safe Space for Cats.

Editorial Note: Safe Space for Cats is one of the long-standing best-sellers of the Spirit Essences line.  It was formulated by Jackson and Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM to help construct an energetic “bubble” around your cat.  In other words, this remedy helps reassure the cat that her territory is safe and protected from intruders.  Users notice a drop in urine-marking, aggression toward other animals, and increased self-confidence.

Spirit Essences Jackson put to use:

SE since 1995 STACKED w Safe Cats

  1. Cindy   May 15, 2013 at 2:38 pm  

    This episode, once again, showcased Jackson’s immense sensitivity to both cats and kids. I was moved by the enrichment brought to Pip and Red’s lives; what a beautiful outcome! As a former little girl who lived for my kitties and adored making them toys, I could really identify with Erin and her fear of losing Autumn. Thank you Jackson for recognizing that special bond between children and their animal companions! One of my favorite episodes of “MCFH” was last season when Jackson helped the little boy become the Cat Daddy of his home by overcoming his fear of Xena the Cat and learning to befriend her. One of the closing shots of Erin sleeping with Autumn on her bed brought joy to my heart!

  2. LM   May 18, 2013 at 5:44 pm  

    I own chihuahuas–but they’re a lot like cats. They even wash their faces like cats & use special litter-boxes. I watched the dog whisperer’s show for years and learned a lot from him, but I’ve learned even more from Jackson just in the time he’s been on. I’ve always tried to watch my dogs & figure out their behavior, but they actually seem to be more like the cats in the show in things like territorial issues.

    They’ve always been very well-behaved dogs, but since I’ve addressed a couple of things I saw on the show, they seem more relaxed. I appreciate this, as my one male is 20 years old & we will likely not have him too much longer, even though his health is very good for his age. I love Jackson’s show & wanted to let him know he is helping a wide range of people! Cat daddies rule!

  3. Shelley White   May 29, 2013 at 12:29 pm  

    I don’t know how to get a hold of this guy. But my daughter and I are both having problems. Long drawn out story. In a nutshell, I live on a ranch in humble for 18 years. The family still owns it but after all the horses goats dogs etc. had died I had to leave the ranch. The kids had grown and left, husbands as well.
    I left with only a mama cat, and her daughter who I believe is a combination of a Pixie Bob and some crazy domestic cat out there.
    The mother cat had two babies, as my daughter was witnessing me when she was 16 at the time. The first cat that came out was orange and looked like the pink panther. Which was funny became out because it came out with the cutest round face you could believe that a rib cage that cannot handle it organs and hips that were displayed. The other is a gorgeous tabby that I still have that has one link I guess you would call it missing from its tail. She is extremely feral although loyal. As much research research as I have done on PC Bob’s she fits pretty much the description. The only time she will get near me is when I’m getting ready for bed and she will come in and chirp. When she is in the perfect position on the bed I can pick her up and hold her like a baby and she is not ferocious doesn’t move it’s more like she’s scared. But she purrs. The mother is entirely different. She’s half the size. She will lie on my chest and per four hours or just sit next to me and per for hours. My concern is that when kitchen on the mama passes I will not really have a cat. They both seem to tolerate my cockup who. Use the cat box, eat well. But when I approach her on the ground she acts as if I’m going to kill her or something. When I left the ranch there was a period of about five weeks where they were left alone except for the help coming in and taking care of them. I would love to get closer to this cat but I’m not sure that I am able to. a vet told me, the one time I did take her to the vet, was that there you can only go so far with this type of a cat. I would like some information on how I can make this cat Will behave like it’s mother, which might be impossible.
    She is not ferocious at all as I know some Pixie bobs can be. The only time she gets angry with me is when I try to put sleep medication on her which I hate to do because they’re inside cats but I have a dog as well. Now, my daughter who lives in town and has worked with large cats I don’t want to mention the place this account has a bad reputation. Has three cats. And they are going through that urination problem. We love our animals and do not want to give them away because of these problems. They’ll have to deal with their own issues as far as that. Cat box recommendations or something. I am just concerned about my beautiful feral cat that I can only get so close with.

  4. Mary   June 6, 2013 at 11:09 am  

    I was very intrigued by the rug with the loops big enough to put toys in. I am wondering if people associated with that episode know where she got the rug or where something similar might be available or how we might be able to make one ourselves? I would think that a rug like that would be great for cats of whatever stripe or spot, not just physical special needs, because mental stimulation is a need of all cats.

  5. Sheila Kiker   June 29, 2013 at 11:37 pm  

    On the episode with Autumn you had them clean with a tablet dropped into a water bottle, but I missed what it was you said to use. What kind of tablets are they? I have the same problem and I have been cleaning with bleach with no success. Help, Please…

    1. Team Cat Mojo   June 30, 2013 at 9:59 am  

      Hey there Sheila — you’re talking about Fizzion. You can find it on Jackson’s online store here.

  6. Katrina   October 31, 2013 at 2:33 pm  

    I have 2 cats that are peeing all over — on the kitchen counter, by my daughter’s doll area, on any dishtowel left out, on the dog’s bed. One of them even left a poop in the middle of the kitchen floor.

    The two cats are both female, and it seems this is an act of territory marking. Meanwhile our boy cat is doing great, no spraying, etc.

    I sense it is complicated to figure out how to stop them – but I’d LOVE any advice at all.

  7. Cheryl   November 1, 2013 at 2:29 pm  

    Is there any information available about disabled cats. Our 8 year old cat does not tolerate sitters was left in an indoor/outdoor farm environment last summer. Rules were have food and a litter box available in the camper and don’t touch the cat, she is skittish and attacks. It has always worked in the past but she was severely injured probably by cows stampeding. She broke her left front leg, injured her right rear leg permanently and probably has/had some broken ribs. It has been 2 weeks since the front cast came off and It seems fine but at rest she holds it up. Do cats playact injuries or should we……? Also our cat seems to be left handed/pawed are cats left right brained like humans are? She was a different cat when she had to use the right paw, we found a sitter she allowed to pick her up while she was injured but now she is no longer in casts is it likely that the sitter will be tolerated?

  8. Anna Bray   June 19, 2014 at 11:56 am  

    I have a lovely but tragic story. I rescued my fluffy cat turbo from the pound,I’m guessing he was less than a year old while my husband was deployed in 2009 in Afghanistan. When he came home,the deployment was rough and due to all the fallen brothers in Arms, we befriended a widow, whose husband was deployed with my husband but sadly was killed in November of 2009. We actually rented a big house so her and her cat, my husband,our 2 kids and I could live in. We love her and to this very day,I call her my sister. The cat she owned was named “Dodge”,because her late husband had drove a dodge truck with exhaust and whenever he came home,the kitten would run to the door to greet him……that’s right….the cat was his.
    Dodge loved his Dan….So much,people he worked with in the Army nicknamed him
    “Danimal”. When we moved in, my new sister was fresh with the loss of her husband so I took on the role of care giver of the animals. Dodge began to show odd behavior towards me…..he was what friends said a ” Class 4 Stalker “, everywhere I went,he followed. He would cry outside the bathroom while I showered. I left the house to run an errand, my husband said he laid by the front door for 3 hours until I returned.
    He was ALWAYS Watching me. Always. He slept by our feet in our room,not down the hall in his owners room. He actually seemed to hate her. She would pick him up and he would push her away with his paws. When it came time for us to move out, my sister got her own place, this was 2 years later, she made the choice to give Dodge to me. She said, I know he loves you and I’m afraid if I take him,he will be depressed and die. I know it pained her,for Dodge was a memory of her husband but I vowed to love and take care of him.
    Fast forward to now. My husband and I bought a NEW house and for some reason
    Unknown to me, Dodge is pissing everywhere. In tubs, on the carpet, by the back door that leads to the garage, on towels,by the front door and even beside his litter box, which is cleaned daily. I don’t want to break my vow but I’m at my wits end.
    He is fixed,as is my other cat. Also, Dodge is a Maine Coon, so he is huge.
    This urinating has been going on for about a year and a person can only take so much. In memory of Dan, I want to love and care for his pet but I don’t understand why he is doing this. We were watching your show the other night and my husband said, We need that guy for our pissing cat. I said, I’m sure he has more important things to tend to, cats attacking their owners,biting other animals and so forth. I gotta admit…..I’m kinda getting tired of this myself. If you can suggest anything for this, I will be forever thankful. In memory of Sgt. Daniel Frazier,1-508 PIR,Ft.Bragg,N.C., so much he loved his friends…..he paid the ultimate price for freedom is not free.
    If you google his name or my sisters name, Brittany Frazier,she was in times magazine for the loss of her husband, he was buried in Arlington national cemetery.
    I know your busy but I feel obligated to show this cat,Dan’s cat love, for he lost his owner.

  9. Kimberly   June 2, 2015 at 6:33 am  

    We have had our cat Sophie for 10 years. This past Christmas(2014) our oldest daughter gave our younger daughter a new kitten(Mia). Sophie hates Mia! Mia terrorizes Sophie, she jumps on her back pulling out her hair, she will never let Sophie go to the bathroom alone – she jumps on her there too. Now Sophie has been peeing behind our couch for the past few months. We have no idea what to do. Its not just the peeing which is absolutely horrible but its the terrorizing that Mia does to Sophie. Sophie is a old cat of 10 years and just wants to be left alone.
    Not sure what to do – Please Please help!! Desperate


We regret that Jackson does not answer questions posted in the comments. This is due to his demanding schedule and the high volume of requests he receives. But most importantly, since he has not met your cat, it would be contrary to his approach for him to give specific personalized advice for your specific situation. That being said, general questions and issues are addressed throughout this blog, in his book Cat Daddy and of course, the show My Cat From Hell.

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