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This is part of a blog series called the Spirit Essences Report.  It contains off-camera info straight from Jackson about how he helps the cats you see on My Cat From Hell.  Many times behind-the-scenes, he has his clients use Spirit Essences holistic remedies.  They are the same remedies he formulated with Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, and he’s been employing them for over a decade.

Spirit Essences are not essential oils.  They are holistic remedies, and the only veterinarian-formulated line of its kind in the world.  Jackson has developed and refined the remedies based on his over 15 years of experience and the needs of his clients.  They have been extremely successful, even in very difficult situations.  For more info, check out the holistic remedy section of store.jacksongalaxy.com

Snickers – the Pixie-Bob show cat

Snickers – the show cat who wasn’t

Snickers is a Pixie-Bob, bred to look like a bobcat.  They’re an easy-going breed, and Snickers was usually an easy-going cat, except at cat shows.  She was entered into several shows and was even a regional winner.  But she was becoming increasingly aggressive with the judges.  Nail clipping was also an issue.  Claws needed to be clipped before shows, and whenever the time for  clipping came around, Snickers would rebel and fight.  Her guardians even put her into a claw control bag and muzzle to get the job done.

Veterinarian Dr. Laura Cochrane (a.k.a. “Dr. Kind Klaws”) paid a visit to help teach Snickers’ guardians how to clip nails a little more easily and really illustrated the importance of  ‘energy’ when working with cats.  Our attitude and tension or lack of tension as humans can really affect the cat’s response.  You can find “Dr. Kind Klaws” online here.

Relevant Spirit Essence Remedy:

Stress Stopper 150x

One of the longstanding best-sellers of the Spirit Essences line, Stress Stopper is great for the occasional, short-duration stresses that an animal faces: trip to the vet, thunder and lightning, fireworks, parties, vacuum, lawnmower, machinery, visitors and houseguests, vacations (if the animal is boarded or has a pet-sitter), unusual noises (remodeling, construction, roadwork, etc.), arguments with other animals, repairpersons.  It helps animals feel grounded and protected and is the perfect remedy to help ease stress associated with nail clipping time.

Dexter – one of Jackson’s ‘favorites’

Dexter – separation anxiety

Dexter  had separation anxiety to the point that he once hurled himself out of a two-story window to try and follow his guardians after they left the apartment

Turns out, Dexter  was a great cat who just needed a little cat understanding.  Once he got regular play time and a cat tree by a window so he could look outside and entertain himself, it really helped to ease his stress associated with being left alone.

Relevant Spirit Essence Remedy:

Separation Anxiety 150x188

Separation Anxiety is formulated for all animals (not just cats) who get anxious or upset when you’re getting ready to leave, or acts out or becomes destructive as soon as you are gone.

And Stress Stopper (also for all animals) is a valuable supporting remedy for any remedy program.

  1. Cynthia Palmer   June 25, 2013 at 9:41 pm  

    HELP I have a cat that is just a year old. Lately he has started to yowl when he comes in the house. He wont stop! He goes out side during the day and comes in off and on to check on us. He doesn’t yowl at this time but I don’t like to leave my pets out all night long we have him come in at dusk. He starts yowling and runs from one end of the house to the other. Now I’m sure he didn’t do this at first but he has yowled off and on for attention. It is starting to anger my family my daughter is really mad cause they go to bed early and he does this at her door. they don’t want him in their room he is a long haired cat and Leo hates fur on his clothes. I want to get more toys for him and I want a cat stand he can climb on. That is my next thing I want to do. about him. I’ve tired to play with him and it helps some but I’m worried.

  2. Lisa   February 11, 2015 at 10:00 pm  

    I know Jackson doesn’t answer questions here but I need help! So, if anyone knows what I should do please tell me. I have a 9 year old male neutered cat. We’ve had him for a year. When we first got him he did NOT yowl. Then he ran away and was lost for 5 weeks until a local shelter picked him up. After I got him back he constantly walks around the house yowling and my nerves can NOT take it. I feel like I either have to take him back to the shelter where he will most likely be put down. Or I can spend another decade hating my life and never wanting to be around him. I love him. I miss the old him. I do not want to take him to a shelter. But he has disrupted everything in our lives. I have to booby trap my bedroom door to keep him far enough away from it so that we can sleep. I have no idea which Spirit Essence to use and it doesn’t tell me on the website.


We regret that Jackson does not answer questions posted in the comments. This is due to his demanding schedule and the high volume of requests he receives. But most importantly, since he has not met your cat, it would be contrary to his approach for him to give specific personalized advice for your specific situation. That being said, general questions and issues are addressed throughout this blog, in his book Cat Daddy and of course, the show My Cat From Hell.

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