Catification: A Staircase for Kali


Kali, from the United Kingdom, is getting a bit older, and she was having a hard time reaching her favorite spot on top of the bookcase, so Kali’s mom, Rebecca, decided to build a kitty staircase to help her out. Using small floating shelves, Rebecca built a zig-zag staircase taking Kali from the floor to the top of the bookcases.

This is a good configuration when you only have a little wall space to work with. Kali figured out the zig-zag pattern on her second attempt, now she’s as happy as a clam in her favorite spot!

Notes from Jackson: This goes to show that Kali’s guardians internalized the importance of not allowing Kali’s confidence to slip as her body began to betray her. Now she doesn’t have to abdicate her tree-dwelling throne, just find a new way into the trees. Thankfully Kali’s guardians took the time to watch her and to understand the difference between a preference and a basic need, then they did what was necessary to make sure that need was met. Bravo!”

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