Your Cat Has a Tale Too!

It’s the latest installment of Jackson’s weekly web series, Cat Mojo.

You gotta know what makes the cat in front of you tick!

What is “360 Mojo”?

What’s the real story of your cat?

If you don’t know — create one!

Jackson explains why that’s so important in this week’s episode of Cat Mojo!

  1. leslie alexander   December 17, 2013 at 8:29 pm  

    My name is Red Kitty. I was less than a week old floating down the road after hurricane Katrina. “The dog” and the “men” were inspecting the damage and I was found drowning, and crying. I was carried to my “mom” who had just gotten home from the hospital. Because businesses were closed it was rough for us all! She wrapped me in a down vest, put a heat lamp on her, and held me for 24 hours! Bless her because I did not stop crying! When vets answered their phones she was told to feed me goats milk but the stores were closed due to down trees etc and vets thought I would not live. Of course all grocery stores were closed because of food spoilage. The first thing mommy did was put me on my back and took a warm wash cloth and washed my bottom. She claims I had a smile from ear to ear when I finally tinkled all over her! My crying got better. Not having milk she hand fed me some of that dog’s wet food. I pooped on the kitchen carpet that night. She put that poop in a box and left me in a comfy private room with water, food, the box, and a place to hide. I am proud to say I have never missed the box since Katrina! I do like food but mom makes me eat Hill’s. I have quit my screaming but I am now older and have learned a few things. I learned she loves me and I am her priority. Her vet (he certainly isn’t mine) said it was a “shame to make me a “Tim” cat instead of leaving me a “Tom cat” because I must say I have a stunning red striped coat. At one point mom brought 15 feral kittens/cats into the house. I was jealous but I am a quiet kinda boy. After they found new homes there was Mikey. OMG. He ate everything but he taught me to like lettuce and tomatoes which I am no longer to have. I did not really like Mikey because he was assertive/possessive. I quit sleeping on her pillow and had to sleep at her knees which are warmer. Stupid Mikey. I am more affectionate now that Mikey left, but I think I am more comfortable with new people now which did take me some time. If I head butt you and demand for you to scratch or touch my face you know I like you. I loved our 80 acre farm because I was allowed to go out at times and we had a cat porch. Now we live in a small box. She keeps the windows open for my smeller, and I am learning at my age that funny vest. At first I fell over with it. Once I got use to it she put me on a leash and walked me outside. Cat heaven keeps on going doesn’t it? I have learned to purr too! I am a lucky Red Kitty and pleased to have my mom because she loves me!

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:04 pm  

      What a wonderful story. It is great to hear from people who are dedicated to their cats.I am glad Red Kitty has a wonderful mom like you! Namaste Linda

      1. leslie alexander   January 5, 2014 at 10:25 am  

        Namaste Linda! Red Kitty is still a quiet personality, VERY well behaved, uses his different catch scratchers even allows me to trim his nails monthly! Red Kitty is my forever son/SUN, and prefers to hang with me where ever I am in the house (unless there is a bird out the window). I could not live without him! Thank you for responding with your energy as that goes to Red KItty too! Blessings for a wonderful, loving, laughing, Cat Year!!!

        1. Linda Eisenhauer   January 6, 2014 at 3:27 pm  

          Same to you an d red kitty. Isn’t it wonderful to be part of Teqm Cat Mojo ! These stories are the best!

    2. fiona kitty   January 11, 2014 at 5:57 am  

      My name is Fiona. I was found in a barn blind, and my mommy and brother were ignoring me. then my little kid (even though she’s older than me) picked me up and brought me to her mom (mum). they put me into this scary, rumbly thing that i now know is a car, and then I was at the vet, and they were about to put me down because i wouldn’t eat, when my little kid rushed into the room and smeared some of the food around my mouth. It was so good! i hadn’t realized how hungry i was. My family thinks i fell out of the hay loft in the barn when i was a little baby, since i had a broken jaw and was blind from an infection. the first thing my human did when i got home was give me a bath so i would be clean, and they still give me baths because i have trouble licking my chest. i love my family

  2. Theresa Lane   December 18, 2013 at 8:58 am  

    Hi Jackson!
    I had a stray male show up at my door. Here is the story I made up for him.

    Hi there blonde woman. I see you feeding your 2 cats every day through the window. I figured this was a warm, safe place for me to try to see refuge. I tried for 4 days before you let me in. I let you carry me in as I was cold and weak. It was 20F out and snow was coming. My sides were sunken in from lack of food.

    You see, I was abandoned and was never properly taken care of. Someone thought they could just get a cat and that was it…no vet care…nothing.

    Although I hate the stupid girly name you gave me (Mr. Kippling Cakes), I will put up with it for now. In the week that I have been here, you tried to find my owner by calling every vet. You tried to call every animal shelter and posted on craigslist. Still as I tried to tell you in kitty language, my owner skipped town and left me. He never took me to the vet or anything.

    You took me to the vet and had me vaccinated. Now you are talking about taking me to something called the Catmobile to be nuetered (whatever that is). You have fed me moist foods (as I hate dry) and have stood by me to the litter box and more. You play with me and do all kinds of things.

    You see, I am nervous with men. That is why I don”t fancy your guy friend. I am still angry at my previous owner for dropping me like a sack of potatoes to starve. Yea I scratched and bit him, but that is because I don’t trust him.

    With you, I rub against your legs, call out to you, let you pat me and come seeking you out. So please forgive me if I have a bad moment. I have baggage. I am a work in progress.

    Thanks for taking me in and fostering me as all of the animal shelters are full. Thanks for understanding that I am a cat that would be set up for failure if left in a cage in a shelter.

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:06 pm  

      Bless you for rescuing this cat. Sounds like he has lots of MOJO!Namaste! Linda

  3. Lor   December 18, 2013 at 9:38 am  

    Purrs to you!
    My name is Mia. At least, that is what I told the newest human in my life. I still don’t understand why I have been kicked out of home after home, but this new one is different. When I was first brought here, I was one pissed of girl! I refused to let any human into my world ever again! I hated life. But , this time, the human took time to get to know me, and let me make the first move. This was different. All the other places I lived, they always mauled me and then got mad when I hissed and growled. This new human just sat there; for a whole month in human time; and read a book. She ignored me until curiosity got the best of me.
    I slowly wandered around the room, sniffed her foot, and walked away. The next day, I sniffed her hand and then licked it. She would back off if I growled or hissed, but soon I was comfortable enough to try sitting in her lap.
    I have become a happy cat, who loves my new home. I even like the other cats in the house, I mean I like pouncing on them. Even tho they don’t like or understand me, as I have never had others like myself around, they are fun to scare!
    But, I am sitting on my humans lap right now, telling her what to write, and singing contently. Life is Purrrrrrfect!

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:09 pm  

      Another incredible story! this was a great idea of Jackson’s for all of team cat mojo to connect with and inspire one another. I am SOOOO enjoying these stories! Namaste Linda

  4. Martha Hardcastle Guthrie   December 18, 2013 at 10:42 am  

    My name is Presley and I’m a domestic longhair tuxedo cat. I’m four years old and found my forever home in the last week of the year 2012.
    I had a good life until I lost my first family – that’s what they tell me because I have amnesia. It was cold and snowy that week after Christmas and I admit I wasn’t cut out to be homeless and begging. There was some nice people feeding me who were probably so kind because they already had three cats. A visitor to their home was a young man named Pat who seemed to see something special in me, even though my whiskers were frozen.
    Pat is now 27. He lives with his mom and dad and they only had two cats, Scout and Otis. He called his mom Martha and asked if he could bring me home – at least for the duration of the winter weather. All he told her was that I was a really nice cat, and she agreed.
    Well, when I got there, the people were nice but Scout and Otis were not too pleased. They set up guard stations to intimidate me from using the bathroom and getting food, but Pat, Martha and Phil went out of their way to help me and make sure I got what I needed.
    Martha put some wonderful ointment on my nose, where I had lost a patch of skin in a fight during my homeless days. Hey, I’m a lover – not a fighter! Slowly, I started to respond to both factions of the family and even Scout and Otis accepted me. Pat named me Presley after his favorite singer.
    Unfortunately, Otis died unexpectedly on St. Catrick’s Day – March 17. He had a seizure right in front of Martha and Phil. Otis and Martha had been very close – he was a short-haired tuxedo who the family rescued when he was found crying outside their door, still a kitten.
    I knew Martha was hurting, so I took my time. And I crawled right into that big, soft place in her heart for tuxedo kitties – I am her third. I love to crawl up on her ottoman and rest just touching her feet.
    It’s been just short of a year, and I have never been happier in all my nine lives. I love being in a place where I can focus on my stunning appearance rather than trying to forage a bite to eat. Today, I am the Fluffmeister, El Fluffarino, Fluffleupagus – you name it. I love being able to be gorgeous self and I love the way the family and visitors all make over me. I love to be loved!
    And Scout and I are close friends now. We have our individual lives – he’s more of a introvert – but we have lots of fun together, especially after the family is asleep. We groom each other and the best part is he doesn’t fight or act ugly. I hate that!
    Some people think I look like Henri, that celebrity cat. Well, our white nose patches are kind of mirror images and although there is a resemblance, I have no ennui or despair. With me, what you see is what you get!

    I want to show you my picture, but I don’t see a place for it. Oh well!

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:14 pm  

      This story was so touching it made me cry! I lost a siamese last March and he was my best buddy. I am glad you were there to comfort Martha and bring some more MOJO into her life. I am also honored to hear what a good life she has given you and her other felines. Namaste Linda

  5. Joanna   December 18, 2013 at 11:06 am  

    Hi Jackson, my name is Chico. I am a tuxedo tomcat, and I really love my dad. He gives me lots of gentle rib pounding and I totally flip when he does that, it makes me love him even more. I have two sisters, well actually they are stepsisters and the oldest one Ariël winds me up from time to time. She thinks she is the queen of the household and all the humans are her servants. I am a very mild minded cat, and I don’t care what she does. I love sitting on laps. I have great fun with my little sister White Jade. She is partially deaf and makes a lot of noise. My younger brother is Speedy, and he loves to run. My mum.always says that he has siamese traits, because his coat changes from dark to light withbthe seasons. He loves to grumble, even when his tail is up. I like all of them and I don’t care what they do, as long as I get my cuddles. I have a slight problem with my clumsiness and my mum does not like it when I use her as a pincushion.
    Do you think I would be able to improve this?

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:17 pm  

      What a fun feline family! I love these stories and how everyone seems to “get ” their cats and appreciate their unique purrsonalities! Tell your MOom to get some scratchers! Namaste! Linda

  6. caren gittleman   December 18, 2013 at 11:52 am  

    Hi Jackson!
    My name is Cody and I am a silver gray tabby who is obsessed with food :)
    Anyway, I am lucky to have a pretty darned cushy life!
    My Mom adopted me from an adoption event that PetCo had back in 2007. I was only around 10 wks old. Mom says that is why I am fearless. I was held and cuddled a TON by my Foster Mom who used to call me “Prince.” Mom named me Cody and she also calls me “the cat formerly known as Prince.”
    She says I am lucky because I was adopted so young and before that, my foster Mom was so great that I am not fearful of much at all.
    My Mom adopted me 2 weeks after my Grandpa Bobo (my Mom’s 18 yr old “soul kitty” ) passed. Mom said she couldn’t live without a cat. I think Grandpa Bobo sent me to Mom because he wanted me to have someone love ME as much as Mom loved HIM!
    I am a big time cuddler, always have been!
    I do my best to make Mom happy and she says I have helped heal her broken heart from when Bobo passed.
    That makes me smile and I know it makes Grandpa Bobo smile too!
    Anyway, thanks for the Cat Mojo video, you ROCK! Oh and tell Barry hi from Cody
    Later Dude!
    Love, Cody
    Peace and Cat Mojo

    1. Marina Rietberg   December 19, 2013 at 1:02 am  

      Hello Jackson,

      My name is Noortje. As I am a Dutch cat my English might not be sufficient but I will do my best. Here is my true story. I was living happily with another cat until my owners decided to move home. They bought new furnuture and then decided that cats and new furnuture didn’t go together. Thank God it is forbidden in Holland to declaw otherwise they might have kept me and I probably would be clawless and in pain today.
      Anyway, they decided to bring me to a farm and make me a yard cat and probably thougt they were doing me and my sister a favour. How wrong they were. I was let out of my carrier and the first thing I saw was this giant dog that scared the hell out of me. I ran! I didn’t know where to go as the whole neighourghood was totally strange to me. I was miserable and roamed the streets of a little village for days. Scared and hungry. One day I saw a group of children and decided to say hello. There was this little girl that made a fuss over me and I asked politely if she could take me home with het. She seemed a sweet girl that liked cats so I followed her home. She felt sorry for me and asked her mom if I could come in and have some food. Her mom agreed because she coudl see how hungry I was. Those kibbles were the best I ever ate and right there and then I decided this was going to be my forevere home! At first the grown up human (mom) tried to find my owner as I might be a runaway and there might be someone very sad to be missing such a sweet cat. After a couple of days she found out about the farm where my sister and I were dropped and those people didn’t care where we were. In the meantime my humans had become besotted with me and Mom decided she was never ever going to leave me again. The other two cats that were already living there accepted me and finally had found my forever home and my forever lap as Moms lap is the best there is! This all happened five years ago and Mom still tells me how glad she is I decided to live with them because I am the best all black cat in the whole world!
      The fate of my sister was not that lucky. As soon as Mom found out there was another cat involved, she started a big search but when they found her is was too late. My sister died on the street, hungry and alone. Mom was devistated but I hope Sis now lives happily on the Rainbowbrigde.

    2. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:21 pm  

      This cat sounds adorable! There is nothing like the love and comfort of a feline friend! Beautiful story! I do believe we are spiritually connected to our furry friends and that Love is the one thing that lives forever! Sorry if I sound like a cornball! Namaste Linda

  7. Donna Taylor   December 18, 2013 at 11:25 pm  

    My name is Miracle. I am a tuxedo and I was left alone when my owners put me out. I made my way to an office complex where kind people would leave food for me and several others in my situation. I had been hanging out there for almost 18 months when I was hit by a car. A few days after my accident, one of the ladies that would put out dry food for us, saw me. My jaw was very injured. This lady started to put out canned food for me because she did not think I could chew up dry food anymore. I was very afraid and would not let the lady get too close but after a couple months, the lady proved trust worthy and was always on time with the food, I would let her get about 2 feet from me. She never reached for me or moved in my direction. She was always talking to me so I decided I should answer her so as not to be rude. We would have long conversations. One day something strange appeared at the feeding place. I would not go near it. The strange thing was always there now but it did not move so I began to ignore it although I did stay away for a couple of days after the opossum was in the thing all night! I also stayed away a couple of days when the raccoon was in the long metal thing but the raccoon stayed twice so I decided to give it a try. When the lady came, she seemed very happy and relieved but I certainly let her know that I was not pleased. She brought me to her home and put me in a pen she had built for me. The pen was very comfy and safe. For awhile, the lady would sit outside and we would have conversations, then, one day, she came inside. After 2 months, I have now moved into her bedroom. I have gone to the doctor and been given shots, neutered, and had a pin put in my lower jaw. Now I can eat dry food again, which I love! I still have more surgery to come but I am warm, full, and very happy! I have an entire house to explore, though, if I see or hear anyone but momma, I dart under the bed! I also have someone who I hope will be my buddy but he treats me like I am some young whippersnapper and he is the middle-aged proper one. Sometimes he hisses at me and bops me right between my ears! That’s ok, we have lots of time!

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:24 pm  

      What a trooper! Your mom’s dedication to you warms my heart. I LOVE this! Namaste Linda

  8. Ioanna Georgoudi   December 19, 2013 at 12:02 pm  

    Hi, everyone! My name is Manie ( from Emmanouel) and I arezzz a ninja cat. I was thrown into a garbage bin, tied up in a plastic bag. Then a lady picked me up and kept me for a month. I waz afraid of her dogz and couldn’t really eat. Then one day, I saw my sister : a young girl came to pick me up. She were sad I don’t know something about a dead aunt… anyways, I picked her up and we looked happy together. She treated my dermatitis , she vaccined me and now I arezzz living happily with sista and mama !!! Brr, cold let’z bite sista to cover me up . Mew~!!!!

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:27 pm  

      How adorble iz dat! Bless you for rescuing this plucky little kitty and bless this kitty for being so resilient.Love to you all! Namaste Linda

  9. Pilar   December 19, 2013 at 12:32 pm  


    We are Ariadna and Agatha and we are from Colombia (South America). This is our story:

    On Christmas eve 2007, our mom (a stray) meowed at a door apartment. After that, this lovely young woman opened her door and let her in. .She fed her and pet her, but later, when her husband arrived,he asked her to take our mom out because she may have kittens and what they would do with them. The woman put our mom out and closed the door. Mom just meowed again and again. The woman had no more choice but to open the door thinking that it was Christmas eve and it was not right to let her out there. She kept mom hidden in her tiny patio as she fed her and pet her during the day in her apartment while her husband was at work. Then, on January 10, 2008 she found the four of us next to our mom. This woman had to tell her husband and asked her friends to adopt us.

    Well, our brother Meluso was adopted by her brother; our sister Zeus was adopted by a lovely couple, and us… well, we were adopted by our mom who originally was only going to adopt one of us, but someone convinced her it was better to have two cats :) . She calls us “Pelusas” which means “lint”…yes, we know it sounds funny in English but cute in Spanish. We even have a cat tree that she calls “pelusario” where we can do “pelusadas” (climbing, scratching, taking the sun, etc). We have been living with her almost for 6 years now…we love her and she loves us back.

    Oh, yes! We forgot to tell you that our cat mom got adopted by the young woman who let her in and her family since then.

    Hope you liked our story / history!

    purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs for you all =^.^=

    Ariadna and Agatha

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 6:30 pm  

      I loved this story! This is so much fun reading these stories! I am having a blast! Love to you! Namaste Linda

  10. Linda Eisenhauer   December 19, 2013 at 12:58 pm  

    My name is Yahfeh. I started out life with difficulty. I was declawed. It hurt when I used the litter box. I am also deaf, and it scares me when people grab me, and I am hesitant to be picked up or cuddle because of this. Because of these problems, I was out in a shelter where I was constantly poked, prodded, and grabbed.It made me resisitive and wary of humans and uncomfortable with being handled.At the shelter they labeled me a “mean” cat, and I was constantly told I was mean by the shelter staff.I was also believed to be female, about 2 to 3 years old.It is the story of my life to be misunderstood, dumped off, and poked and prodded. Fortunately my present guardian saw through this.She approached me slowly, and within sight. She greeted me with the slow blink, and to the astonishment of the shelter staff, I returned it.My guardian took me home, and we continued to bond, and I began to enjoy being pet.I was taken to the vet to be spade and my guardian was told I was a male,neutered, and about 13 years old.My labwork also showed what could be the beginning of renal failure. My guardian was determined to give me a loving home for the rest of my life and would not abandon me. As I grew more comfortable, I started marking my territory in the living room and bedroom. Thanks to what she learned from Jackson’s show, my guardian knew just what to do. She placed litter boxes in all the corners of the living room. and bedroom. I “claim” my territory and hold my tail and head up high.My MOJO is back! My guardian linda, my sister kitty Isis,and I are so thankful to Jackson,because it is what she learned from him that made my home placement a success. I AM HOME! Love, light, and mojo, Jackson! Ha Chatul Yahfeh (Hebrew for The Beautiful Cat) AND HE IS! Linda Eisenhauer

  11. Shannon friedman   December 20, 2013 at 9:13 am  

    Hi Jackson My name is Luna.

    I’m told that I am very pretty by my humans…My Human Mommy calls me Luna Bear and a bobble bear. I think she is silly but she plays with me which I like because I didn’t have a good start at life because a mean human took me from my family when I was littler and threw me out of a window of a fast moving thing just before dark a couple of months ago onto a fast and busy LA freeway.
    I went flying through the air, all this hard wind hit me, my fur hurt and I couldn’t breathe. I was scrambling to try and land on my feet but when I landed it hurt really bad. I was going to fast and couldn’t stop and I rolled many times and was hit by big moving things. I was crying, but no one would stop and I got hit again and I was really hurting and couldn’t move. I thought I was going to die until a wonderful human lady risked her life to save me… ME! She didn’t even know me and she wanted to save me! She stopped all those big moving things with hers. (I was told it was a car) and scooped me up and I just went limp into her arms. She thought I was dead but I was just thankful and relieved that I was out of there and scared that she might be mean too. But why would she if she wanted to save me….I was so scared, hurting sooooo bad and couldn’t feel anything but pain and the warmth of her made me feel a bit better.
    She put me into her car and talked to me very softly and she moved as fast as she could. I could feel us moving but kept my eyes closed and cried. She took me to a place where the humans wore white coats; they looked at me, touched me and stuck me with pointy things. Lots of pointy things that hurt but it made me feel better all of a sudden and the next thing I knew I was waking up with all these white soft things wrapped on my head, legs, body and paws.
    They humans made me keep them on but I didn’t care because they made me feel better and warm.
    I had this funny hard thing on my head too that kept me from scratching when I had itches but the nice humans gave me soft rubs and made me feel less hurt with pointy those things. I heard the humans talking that I might not make it through the night and this scared me very much and I wanted to live and be with this nice lady with the soft voice. So I had to find a way to prove to them that I was worth saving and fought really hard to show them but I was so sleepy and feeling hurt.
    The next day I saw light and the human came in and said “good Morning Little one” to me. It made me purr. I think they wear these coats because they don’t have fur and would get cold. I tried standing to give kisses and say hi – thank you and please help me more you make me feel better. I think it worked because I woke up and it was dark again and I had more white soft things on me.
    I got to go with the nice human lady. When the funny white things wrapped on me finally came off I tried walking but it hurt really bad and I couldn’t feel my leg or put weight on it because it hurt so bad and it wouldn’t move even when I tried really hard to make it move. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t move my leg.
    I heard my nice mommy talking on a funny black thing in her paw and say “I’m calling the Vet”…. What a funny name for a human “Vet”!
    When we got to the big building and the Vet came in to look at me and poked me and I got very sleepy and when I woke up my body hurt for a while, my back leg was missing and my mommy kept flipping me over every few hours and watching over me, she filled my tummy with yummy food and gave me stuff to make me very sleepy.
    Finally I was able to get up and try to walk but my leg was missing but I was ok, alive and very happy. I think I will be much fast without my bad leg cause it won’t get in the way not like other that need 4 legs. I learned to do things all by myself and I proved that I am ok without that bad leg and I can run really really fast and climb but I have to use my front paws to help me more.
    Then one day a lady came and was really nice and mommy hugged her and I was being put into a box with lookout holes.
    I thought I was going to the white coat place… the human called Vet but I was in a big car for a very very long time.
    I was scared at 1st because I was brought to a place I didn’t know and to a new human. There was a BIG black kitty and she is way bigger than me and there is another kitty just like me!!! It’s a boy though and he is missing his front leg. He told me everything about how great the house is, Mommy is wonderful, that she will give us tummy rubs, love and keep us safe. That no one will ever hurt us again. It kept talking and talking and talking to me. I was in my own room with big windows, a huge thing to climb on and lots of fun toys. After a few days of being scared and the other kitty Sawyer kept talking to me which helped.
    I finally got brave to come out and see. I’m so glad that I did because she is sooooo nice. I miss my other mommy but this MOMMY is great!
    She lets me sleep in a huge soft fluffy bed at night with her and gives me lots of love, and fun toys. I get to play and chase and have a huge wall to go up on and watch from. Please don’t tell mommy I found my Christmas present and I peeked through the paper…remember please but don’t tell her.
    I only peeked because I smelt something so yummy, it made me feel a bit silly and like I wanted to run and I unwrapped a part of it to see what it was and it was a present with soft stuff all over it like the floor and a bed to lay in at the very top. There are other ones like it in the house but this one has my name on it… in Big words it says “LUNA” on it – it’s allllll for me! I’m so lucky!
    I will share but I know it’s mine! I think the other kitties get something too cause there is 2 other big things wrapped and it has a word on it “storm” I think that is the big kitties name but the other has “sawyer” who likes to play a lot. Sometimes too much but I like him. I think my other mommy would like this house too… I am glad she let me go to my new mommy and daddy.
    Luna Friedman

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   January 4, 2014 at 7:54 am  

      Wow, what a story! That is one plucky cat and you are a cat hero! Namaste Linda Eisenhauer

  12. Pam Tuggle   December 21, 2013 at 10:38 am  

    It was a nice night, cool but not cold. I love it when my owners let me roam on nights like this. The kittens follow me around to learn the ropes, best dumpsters, and where the dogs hang out, got to avoid them; they’ll learn. I know my way around, been in a few scuffles but make it safe for the little guys.
    It’s quiet tonight, kinda strange actually. The street is empty, let me check out the dumpsters, maybe there are some other orange tabby sweethearts waiting for me to make some sweet cuddly kittens. I go around the corner to check it out.
    Where am I? The last thing I remember is growling and a fight! Why can’t I move my left leg? Where is my left leg? There is a lady standing over me, she says something about me being “lucky”. I don’t feel “lucky”, she it’s holding my leg! They are talking about how tough I was, something about how bad off the other guy must have been. I just want to go home, but the put me in a cage.
    I remember sleeping alot, I just can’t seen to walk very well. The lady says she will take me to her house to”foster” me. I just want to go home, why aren’t they looking for me? On the weekends she takes the baby kittens to be adopted. The other foster cats laugh at me. “Look at old Lefty! He can’t even walk right! No one will ever adopt him!”
    I heard the nice lady say she put my picture on face book, maybe my owners will see me! I heard footsteps coming upstairs and a man and lady come in to meet me. He gets on the floor to talk to me. I limp over and he doesn’t laugh at me but starts to pet me and talk to me! I talk back and the lady with him, says “Oh! He’s a talker!” She speaks cat! They say they want me! They are taking me home!
    When we get there, they have two boy kids to welcome me! They told my new mommy, “Grandma, you can’t call him Lefty, that focuses on his disability!” They have a great new name…”Grandma! Name him Rocky! Rocky is a fighter and a south paw, Rocky needs to be his name!” I like that! Rocky it is!
    I love it here, and to make it perfect, they got me a little kitten to train and show the ropes of life as an indoor cat! The circle is complete, I love these people!
    Come here kitty, look in here! She has birds too! :-)

  13. Lisa   December 21, 2013 at 11:05 am  

    My name is Ice Cream. I was found in the bushes when I was so tiny, four weeks old. My sister and brother and I cried for a few days after our mom was hit by a car. We were cold and hungry… I wished the people in the house a few feet away came to check on us sooner than they did. When they finally came to check on the little mewing noises, they found only me left.
    I was covered in fleas and I was picked up by a rescue mom who took me in to her home. She first took me into a warm bath because I couldn’t have flea medication (too young) so the fleas drowned. It was so warm and relaxing.
    Her home had some other foster kittens that were older than me and they weren’t very interested in me, so she made a little sling and wore me everywhere around the house, doing the dishes, cooking and laundry and stuff. Geez, I loved it so much to be close and warm.
    Pumpkin was my special friend who loved me and cuddled with me and pretty soon I had a kitten family.
    I was adopted so easily because I am, as my foster mom says … a cuddly floppy bunny who LOVES to be held. I wish more people would take in foster kittens so they can be adopted into forever cuddly homes too.

  14. Brandy   December 22, 2013 at 5:28 pm  

    My name is Shadow and for the first two years of my life…no one heard me. You see, my guardian was a deaf man in a wheelchair. While I lived with him, I took fun rides on his wheelchair and slept with him every night. Sadly, he did not have a lot of money. I never ate well or had a clean litter box, but he loved me. One day, a woman came. She collected me and my guardian and took us to a much larger, but strange house. The second night in this house, my guardian died. I was very sad and I cried a lot. I stayed for some time in that big house, but the older lady couldn’t handle my young energy. She put me in a car and drove me far away…I was scared at first, but we finally arrived at a new house (much smaller) and I was given to a new guardian. I remembered her. She had been there when my other guardian had died and had let me sleep with her. I liked her, but she had another boy kitteh. It took some time, but Ezra and I became best of friends. We three moved around a lot and lived in all kinds of human houses…we even had other different people live with us from time to time and they would love on me too. These new people could hear me when I talked and they even talked back. I don’t know what “Shut up Shadow!” means…but I heard it all the time. A few years ago we took another long ride in a big truck and I came back to that big house I was in before. My guardian built me and Ezra a really neat Catio and put fun things for us to play with out there. I really loved my life, but last year Ezra got sick really quick and my guardian took him away. When she came home, he wasn’t with her. She was very… very sad and cried for a long time. (She still cries at night sometimes) I tried to go find Ezra because he always made her smile, but I only found his favorite toys up on a shelf. I stopped looking for him when the small human started coming a month later. He comes every morning and goes away every night. I let him climb on me and he is now learning to pet me right…he even talks to me saying “Yow…yow, yow.” The older lady talks to me too… she always says,“Shut up Shadow!” Meanwhile, my guardian loves me and snuggles me every night.

  15. Theresa Hack   December 25, 2013 at 12:48 pm  

    It was a chilly, rainy day in October. I was lost and stuck in the middle of the road at a busy intersection. I don’t know where my mommy went and I was trying to avoid the big noisy things in the road, running back and forth. One of them stopped and out of it came a human. The human was waving at the big noisy things and running right at me. I was really scared and ran away from her. She kept coming, put her hand out and making quiet soothing noises but I still was not sure what to do. So I ran off the road and rolled down a small ditch. I wound up on my back and the human came slowly down to me and picked me up. She took me back to the big noisy thing and we got in. She turned up the heat and rolled me up in the bottom of her t shirt. I think she was trying to get me dry and warm, but I still was not to sure about all this. We went driving off and she took me into a store where the humans tried to get her to take me out but she told them she only need some cat food and we would leave as soon as we got it. I looked pretty wet and miserable. We got back into the noisy thing and we were off. I fell asleep in her lap cuddled in her shirt.
    I woke up to find myself in a towel and box all warmed up and dry. I now have a family that includes 2 humans and 2 dogs. The humans love me and put up with my antics. While my doggie brothers put up with me too. One doggie brother was afraid of me but has gotten used to me and lets me know when he has had enough. The other doggie brother lets me do anything to him, he’s my favorite. I pull out the kitty ninja on them and smack them in the face even though I have to jump up to do it.
    My name is Danaka Kitty because I race around the house and I am a tortise shell calico with short hair. I love my new home and the adventures continue, lots to explore and do.

  16. Lin Egermeier   December 25, 2013 at 3:52 pm  

    Hi Jackson – My name is Zsa Zsa and I am a seal point Himalayan. I live with Lin and Mark and I am the light of their life. My mother says I think I’m beautiful – well, after all, the truth is the truth! My life started out happily with my original owner. My current mom Lin says she was a little old lady. She was bed ridden and we used to play games in the bed and we were each others “special person”. She loved to eat chocolate and the other thing she really loved was me. Then one day she was gone! Mom says my owner either passed away or went into the assisted living (which means she went to live somewhere else), and she couldn’t take me. Why would she leave me behind? What had happened? I was five years old and so very sad; I was also confused and very scared. What would become of me? What happened next is still a blur and is somewhat of a mystery, because I try to blank it out of my mind. It was two years of my life, but I choose not to remember most of what occurred. Lin says I was either adopted by a relative, friend, or neighbor of my original owner, who probably thought I was something beautiful to look at (like some sort of toy). However, I am a dominant female and do not allow other animals (especially cats) in my space. There were other animals and kids in that place and much chaos. I was scared and wanted an area of my own, so the story is told that I marked their entire house. This made everyone very angry with me. There was also a cruel man who lived there. My first lesson was learning about the furniture. I learned that I could walk on the back and the arms of the sofa, but not the cushions. Walking on the cushions meant a hard backhanded slap that hurt and would send me flying onto the floor. I was very scared but did not know what else to do. I was so scared of men, that it took me a long time to trust another man. Finally, these people had had enough of me peeing all over their house and took me to the vet. They asked that I be “put down” and the vet asked if they would not mind signing me over? They said they worked with some area shelters and perhaps someone could find another home for me since I was only 7 years old. They agreed and they left me there, and I never saw them again. The kind Vet sent me to Street Cats, where I caused all kinds of trouble because Gabby was there and she ran the shelter and she obviously didn’t appreciate someone as beautiful as me. I had been there for a few days when I saw my person, but she didn’t see me. Lin was at the shelter to see another elderly cat, Ripple, who badly needed a home. Ripple was 15+ years old, and had terrible arthritis and had been at one shelter for 4 months and no one adopted her! She was then sent to Street Cats in hopes that someone would come for her. After Lin read her profile, she realized she did not want Ripple to die in a shelter, but instead in a home of her own surrounded by love. Lin called and made an appointment to come by and meet Ripple. I saw Lin when she came in and she walked right past me, the beautiful one! I tried to look my best, but she didn’t notice me and kept asking about Ripple. Ripple with her oily fur and her arthritis was not nearly as beautiful as me. Finally, when Lin was walking around, I started to follow her. I made all kinds of noise and sounds, anything to get her to notice my beautiful self. Then a volunteer changed my destiny. She looked at Lin and said, “She’s interested in what you are doing”. Lin took one look at me, scooped me up and made some comment about how cute I was. Then she left and I didn’t see her for a few days. On a Friday afternoon Lin came by with her husband Mark to show him Ripple and they also looked at me. He called my name across the shelter and I made sure I turned my head to respond. I held my breath while they were discussing what they were going to do and who would be going home with them. That day they adopted Ripple and they also adopted me! When I arrived at my new home, they let me out of the cage and I was scared and ran away to hide. Ripple on the other hand, laid right down in the middle of the floor and was happy and purred. Mark was sitting on the couch and Lin was sitting in the chair and Ripple even with her terrible arthritis, went over to Mark and thanked him and then went over to Lin and thanked her. Lin started to cry. Lin came back to check on me but I wasn’t coming out from behind the bed. In the middle of the night they heard me knocking around in the laundry room and Lin thought I must’ve killed myself because there was a loud sound from some sort of fall, so she came to investigate. I was nowhere to be found. I slowly began to realize these were nice people who knew about cats. I would wake them up every morning by walking on their heads. They would laugh and it would somehow make their morning a little better. For the first two weeks I was there, I only allowed Lin to help me. Every time Mark tried to touch me, I ran away because I was afraid he was going to hit me. I never got on the sofa cushions, only on the arm and the back of the sofa and I tried to be really good. Mom would let me out in the garage in the morning and she nicknamed me “Zsa Zsa Garage”. I soon learned that Ripple’s nickname was “Ripple Outside”. Because Ripple was old and sick, and her arthritis was bad so she was allowed to go out onto the patio and lay on the warm cement! She would literally flop down on the pavement and try to stretch out the best she could. I am sure it felt good to her old, tired, sore bones. Ripple also required weekly trips to the vet and shots for her arthritis. Lin was able to extend Ripple’s life for 6 months before she could no longer get around. One day Ripple lost interest in everything and seemed very distant. I will never forget the day they took Ripple to the vet and came home without her. There was much crying and everyone was very, very, sad. I was almost sorry for not being nicer to Ripple. When I was at their home for awhile, I decided I was happy. After I had been there four months when I started to purr. I hadn’t purred in such a long time! Slowly, I realized that Mark was the best playmate a cat ever had! He spent hours and hours with me establishing trust and letting me know I had nothing to fear. He gives me little cat treats and we go for rides in the car. He takes me to the vet and buys my special cat food. Now, I get to go out into the back yard. I am an only child. I totally consume my parent’s attention to ensure they will never be lonely. I follow Lin everywhere in the house and I want her to know I am here for her the way she was for me. I am now ten years old and life gets better every day. That is my story. – ZZG

  17. Sandy   December 28, 2013 at 11:22 am  

    Hello Jackson, my sister and I rescued Tiny, a yellow cat from an abandoned house eight years ago and he has always been a part of a blended family-2 other cats and a dog. Overall, he was great at first then approximately five years ago Tiny started occasionally peeing on the living room chairs and couch. We disposed of them and now in the past three months, but not on a daily basis, Tiny has started defecating on the basement steps, the kitchen counter and today we caught him squatting on the kitchen table ready to go.
    For the past week Tiny started urinating on our father’s recliner, on our father as he was sleeping in his bed and on another bed in the house. It appears that furniture that any family member touches or when a neighbor visits, Tiny either urinates or defecates where they left their scent.
    In November 2013, we started giving Tiny Elavil along with Composure treats. We also faithfully use the
    cat pheromone Feliway in the areas that Tiny visits. Tiny was isolating but now spends daily time
    upstairs socializing, but this issue of using the rest of the house as his giant litter box is starting to wear
    us thin. Please help.

  18. Art Whittaker   December 28, 2013 at 12:02 pm  

    My name is Bright Eyes and I was a feral black female shorthaired cat. I say was because I’m getting over my feralness in my new home. I was found by some people that work at the Virginia Living Museum where I was dumped and had taken up residence. They knew how to take care of many different kinds of animals but I couldn’t stay there because I wasn’t a wild animal they said. A lady took me home only for the night and she would take me to the shelter the next day but something happened to change my future. I was going into heat and for a while was very loving to these people but that changed after a couple of weeks and I went feral again.

    This lady’s husband took a look at me and saw something behind my fear. They already had four other kitties, all rescued from somewhat uncertain futures yet they decided to try to tame me and make me one of their family. At first they kept me in the laundry room with 2 baby gates set one on top of the other until I got used to the noises of this house. I started climbing the gates and attacking the other cats and still wouldn’t let the humans touch me. They caught me and took me upstairs and shut me up in their bedroom. They fed me and slept in that room with me and gradually I learned that I had nothing to fear from them and started to sleep with them, they gave me loves and I started to purr!

    I tried to show my dominance over the other kitties, we’re all females, but I found out that the man would have none of that. Just as I tried to show I was the head cat he showed me he was in charge and I no longer try to be queen. Although we are not a loving, cuddling family we five cats have an understanding between us and are loved by our mommy and daddy.

  19. Melissa Allred   December 29, 2013 at 5:16 am  

    I inadvertently found your show after first seeing this site but did not put the two together until a few days ago.WOW you are full of cat knowledge, I am sending you Dominoe’s first person story by email.

  20. Melissa Allred   December 29, 2013 at 6:13 am  

    My Name is Dominoe and I am a black and white american shot hair Tuxedo. I love my reflection in the mirror and will sit and look at my self and puff my chest out. I am a beautiful cat!. My story begins when I was rescued (actually it was my mom who was rescued). She was brought home but no one knew that she was pregnant with me and my 5 siblings. I am the oldest of six. We had a very happy start in life. I was born on November 1, 2001 at 4 am. The woman who is my “mom-cat” now helped us to be born and she was very excited to see me. I was more excited to see her because I could hear her voice from my my mother’s womb and I would kick and turn and try to get out to meet her. She said she thought I was a zebra when she first saw me. I learned that I was not to stay with her though. And my natural mother became very sick and had to go away when I was only 4 weeks old. I was very confused as to why the ones I loved had to leave me and why I was not going to get to stay with my “mom-cat” I leaned that my sister was going to stay and be her special kitty. I was taken to another home and left in a room while my mom-cat and another woman talked about me. When my mom-cat came back into the room to get me I had to make a move quick because I wanted to stay with her and not be given to this other woman. I did a cute sort of side ways hop hop dance towards my mom-cat and she was not able to give me away…she took me home and shortly thereafter my sibling were gone. There was another older cat named Judah at the house and he was like a big brother and had taken care of me and my siblings when my natural mother had to go away. It was just me and Judah and My “mom-cat” and her mate who was very hostile and abusive to me and Judah.He hurt us when my mom-cat was not home. She took us away from him and we moved into this very nice large sunny home where we were happy and Judah and I played chase and climbed on very high towers and slept in any room we wanted. Judah was not always nice to me though and he would get mean sometimes and hurt me. My mom cat always came to my rescue so I never had to defend my self. I liked that. Also my mom cat’s dad ( whom I learned to call pop-cat) would play rough with Judah and I. BUT I did not like that. But mom cat did not stop him so I let him rough house with me even though I was not enjoying myself. Later we moved again to a darker smaller place that only has one bedroom and no towers to climb. But I am so old now it really hurts to jump and climb anyways. The good news is that I am with my mom cat and we like to cuddle. My brother Judah had to go away this year. I was able to say good bye though which helped since I was not able to say good bye to my natural mother. I miss Judah even though he was often mean to me especially as he as we got older. He was more cranky and would hurt me more especially when he was hungry. Mom cat always protected me when she could. But I had to be left many times alone (sometimes for days) with Judah and there was no one to protect me. BUT I do miss him and call for him every morning. We went on a few car rides this year which I hate! But mom cat said that since I am alone now I can’t be left at home by my self anymore. She is very worried about me too.I think this worries me as well. This week a little kitten came to visit for 12 days and was very mean to me like Judah used to be. I do not know how to interact with this kitten he only wants to bite my neck and back. I have arthritis and so don’t want to play. I was told that he will go home soon.I hope so because I had to go to the vet yesterday and I heard the vet tell my mom cat that my blood pressure is 230.

  21. Tia   December 30, 2013 at 12:41 am  

    Dear Jackson, when I watched your video I just had to make up a story for my shelter cat. The shelter told me he was a stray so I never knew his back story but he was always to nice to be a stray or feral so this is his story…

    Hi my name is Romeo a Maine Coon at least that is what the nice people at the animal shelter called me. Before I got to the animal shelter I was picked up from my litter from a nice family and I was raised to be a nice cat. After they raise me, neuter me, and have a nice life for a couple of years. I was sitting on my pillow and I noticed my two leggers where moving things into boxes and yelling at each other.I notice that the smallest humans the ones that would play with me and give me treats were crying and pointing at me and the adults frowning and say something I didn’t understand all I remember was they didn’t look happy. The next day I wake up from my nap and was expected to be fed but instead of food the one adult male picked me up and put me outside with my food. I had never been outside but this was exciting and scary with all the sights and sounds..the next thing I remember were my humans getting into the vehicle and driving away. Now at the time I didn’t think anything of it but days went by without them coming home and I ran out of food. I was so scared and I was hiding any where I could, I would jump up to the window and see no one inside..Not to blow my own horn but I am an amazing hunter always have been so I was never short on food I found water where I could. I stayed by my home for awhile then I started to travel…I saw all kinds of strange humans but they shooed me away or there was a scary dog so I would run and hide. I would get in fights with other cats and I find new places. After months of being on my own one night I was looking for food and I saw this long rectangular box with canned food in it…Oh it smelled so good it made me remember my home when the kids would feed it to me and I went inside the box even though I was nervous and began eating it when I heard a loud SNAP! behind me and I was trapped inside the box. I was frightened but I couldn’t go anywhere so I started to meow as loud as I could when no one came I fell asleep inside the box. I was awoken by humans talking I stayed quiet and hid in the back of the trap. They pointed at me, talking loudly and they finally picked me up inside the box and put me in a large monster that rumbled and began moving by this time I had lived on my own for what seemed like a year. So I didn’t trust humans very much and when the monster stopped I began to meow and hiss at everyone. Now I was being put inside of a small white plastic cage in room…I could hear the other cats but I just stayed hidden in the litter box humans would come by and talk to me and I slowly started to remember that humans were okay to be around. As days went by I became friendly and they gave me shots that hurt! Then put me in a different room where I could see all the other cats and they were meowing and carrying on. Some screaming for attention, or food were others were angry at me for being near their cage. The human put me in a small cage with a litter box, food, water, and a blanket. Day after day humans of all kinds would come in to the shelter and see me but no one took me home the volunteers would clean my cage everyday and give me more food/water they would lavish me with attention and tell me how handsome I was but still no human took me home out of that place. I started giving up never to be adopted my fur became matted in the back because no one brushed me and the cage was too small for me to lick myself, I started smelling bad. A year went by my fur getting increasingly bad until this one human woman I noticed her looking about the cages talking gently with every cat. I thought she wasn’t going to stop at my cage but she did and she asked the volunteer human if she could hold me. So the human took me out of the cage and gave me to the strange woman all I could do was hug her shoulder tight. After a few moments she put me back in the cage and shut the door she walked out of the room so I figured she was deterred from adopting me like everyone else for my matted fur but after two hours a fat human came back with a vessel and shoved me in it. I didn’t make a sound and they took me to the front desk where there SHE WAS! that women who held me. She took me in her car and I sat there not making a noise because I got so used to rejection that I was scared she would take me back. We stopped she had a male human with her and he was okay. Then they took me to their place where I lived happily for a year, she even took me to a groomer and got me a lion cut and she always tells me how handsome I am. Its been four years and I still live with her..and As I age I get a bit more clingy but she doesn’t mind. She is my best friend I get very distraught if she doesn’t come home on time and I don’t like it when we move because I get nervous she will leave me behind. I remember when we moved the first time after my human woman and I had been living together after a year..her male left but I didn’t mind because he really didn’t like me very much he loved his ferrets more. but when we moved out of the house together all I could do was shake and sit in her lap asking if I was coming with and don’t leave me and she didn’t leave me and where ever she moved I moved and I always now my human loves me no matter what.

    Currently we live with another male partner of hers, I think this one is serious becaus we have been here for at least two years and I have another cat that lives with me named Barrons and he is a young punk but were slowly becoming friends at least we can tolerate each other.

    Whenever my human goes to bed I need to sleep with my back snuggled up to her face and I cry for her if she locks me out but I know she will open the door because she loves me and doesn’t like it when I whine and she calls my name is a special way so I always now when she’s calling me she lets me outside but I think she trusts me because I always come back.

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   January 6, 2014 at 3:08 pm  

      These stories are so awesome! How wonderful that this cat found a home with her guardian that wouldn’t abandon the cat! You Rock!

  22. Gina   December 31, 2013 at 11:20 am  

    My name is Tinker,
    I spent the first 6 months of my life in a bathroom as the dog of the house didn’t like me very much. It was here that I learned to open doors by the handle, something my forever home has had to work around! The kids in the house would corner me in the locked bathroom and I was very scared, I am still wary of kids.
    I went to live with a nice lady after those first 6 months and spent 3 years there, chasing mice in the english countryside. Unfortunately she got dementia and started to see things that I couldn’t see. Mostly she could see things on me and I got very scared of her.
    One day she had to move out and live with other people and that’s when I went to live in my forever home with her grandaughter and husband. I like it here, I am much more trusting than I was but I still don’t like to be picked up. I’m getting there.
    I like to make sure that mummy wakes up every morning at 7am whether she has to work or not, I mostly like to keep an eye on them and sleep in their room. When they tried to keep out at first I would just open the door and they seem quite happy that I like to sleep in their room now! They had to get a lockable treat box as I managed to get the last one open and ate the whole treat stock! I still run from kids but I’m getting better with that too, good thing as mummy is having a baby soon. I might need to get used to that!

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   January 6, 2014 at 3:14 pm  

      I am an occupational therapist and have worked with the elderly for 40 years. It ALWAYS breaks my heart when my patients have to leave a beloved pet and are unable to return home and care for it. It is so wonderful to hear that the kitty is still in this woman’s family.Love, light, mojo and namaste! Linda Eisenhauer

  23. Allison Jean Croton   December 31, 2013 at 9:19 pm  

    Hi! Jackson,
    My name is Trillian, if you have ever read Douglas Adams then you will know why.
    My tale is this. I was badly neglected and thrown out. I was given no food or water and was found in wretched way wandering the streets. I was taken to a shelter where I got some food and water but my hair was so matted they could do nothing for me, I could not groom myself or lift my head as it hurt too much. One day a boy and girl came to see us all. The person looking after me wondered why the girl wanted me and the girl said that I was beautiful and that she would love me. When we got home, this was exciting as I had never been on a bus before, she spoke to me telling me I was safe then the boy spoke words of love to me which made my heart flutter in ways I had not known. They sorted my hair, even though it hurt sometimes but their soothing words made it alright for me to let them carry on.
    I am 9 years old now and barely remember those wretched kitten-hood days. My girl loves me and I love her and my little companion, Stig. I am happy, I go out to terrorize the rodent population and laugh at silly dogs who chase me. My world is my oyster and my girl is my love.

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   January 6, 2014 at 3:19 pm  

      OMG Talk about MOJO! What a wonderful story!

  24. Jayla   January 1, 2014 at 7:23 pm  

    s my tale for Loki and Princess Fuu.
    I don’t remember much of that first few weeks after being born but by the end of the 2nd week I did find myself wondering around a farm that had these big black wild animals that I thought were going to eat me. I found out that they were something called ‘working dogs’ and they just might have eaten me if it had not been for there Mom saving me. Even though she had a lot of other animals she couldn’t keep me because the dog had killed other small animals. She asked everyone she knew if they would want a beautiful long-haired kitten with big blue eyes. One of these people asked a lady that had lost 2 cats a few months prior. They included a picture that won her over. At 3 weeks I got out of this big cage that smelled of bird and taken to see this person that stuck and poked me, then I was taken to my new home. Were the lady had cat toys and played with me. She said I was a Loki because was going to be a big boy as there was deffantly Main Coon in my blood, I kept unplugging the lamps and playing other tricks on her. Mom worked a lot and felt bad that she couldn’t play as much as I wanted.
    Mom whent to kitty jail to pick out a new friend. More m had actually picked out an older brother but he couldn’t come home because he had FeLv. Mom had an other look around and that’s when she brought home this blue girl that is a year younger than me by Mom’s standards. She’ll eats everything if I let her. I found out that she lived in kitty jail most of her life. She was born in there and a person tried to take her home but brought her back because of how much she eats. She was in for 5 more months before Mom. Now we have a Mom that loves us both and we have someone to ruff house with. Fuu sleeps with Mom most of the time and I sleep on the perch on the cat tree that’s next to Mom’s bed. I love it when Mom picks me up and holds me but only when she’s standing or walking around. I use Fuu cuddling as a distraction for when I’m trying to make it out side. Mom hats it when I go out but I get treats when I come in. Mom calls it Pavlov’s training. I just hope she doesn’t realize I’m doing it all for treats.

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   January 6, 2014 at 3:24 pm  

      Sounds like you are ONTO your cat! What a wonderful and heartfelt story/ I guess cat love knows no bounds when it comes to Team Cat Mojo! Aren’t you glad we are part of it? Namaste Linda Eisenhauer

  25. Leigh   January 2, 2014 at 7:39 am  

    I’m an Egyptian Mau everyone calls Zah-Zoo (a nickname for Shahara Zahd). Mom knew I was a Zah-Zoo when she heard me crying at the other end of the airport. I came to Nashville on a direct flight from New Jersey. I was seven months old and I knew my name immediately. I learned the words “play bird” that night too and I will never forget them!

    If you say “bird” “treat” “go outside” “find the leash” or “no” – you better mean it! I know what you’re saying. My vocabulary is huge. Mom calls me a monkey but I’m smarter than that.

    I am a dark “smoke.” The only reason I was sold is because the breeder couldn’t show me at cat shows. I’m beautiful and I know it. I am black, my under coat is white, and when the sun hits me you can see my leopard spots. Yes I look like a black leopard, peridot green eyes are included.

    My mother has worked with “big cats.” They love her. She thinks I’m smarter than they are, and she knows them pretty well. She has even kissed a Bengal Tiger on the mouth. Did I yell you she is “adventurous?” That’s why she has ME.

    I purr all the time. And why shouldn’t I? Im a happy girl. I never claw furniture, or do anything wrong (if I can help it). I’m sensitive it seems, and I love to please. If you ever have an Egyptian Mau, you’ll never have any other kind of kitty. At least that’s what I’m told, and I’m ten years old so I know everything. I have another ten to go (at least) so I’m still young. Just a kitten.

    My relatives cost thousands of dollars but you can try to adopt someone like me at shelter. Be prepared, I’m a challenge!

  26. Traci   January 4, 2014 at 8:12 pm  

    I rescued a little kitten from a rescue event at our local pet supply store. She was the last kitten on a Sunday night and I could just not leave her by herself. When I took her home I put her on the kitchen scale and she weighted just over a half pound. I had two other rescues a deaf Bengal and a tuxedo cat, that did not get along and thought this little one would bond with one or the other of them and my house would somewhat be happy. I was correct as she bonded with the deaf Bengal we had rescued. Everything went well for about 10 months, the tuxedo stayed close to me wanting nothing to do with the other two and they played and hung out together and life was good. But the Bengal unfortunately had cancer that took him away from her and she was left with no playmate, or no sleeping buddy. She just wasn’t the same kitten and we have tried to be affectionate to her but she trust no one and continually hides under the bed. We adopted a 6 year old Turkish van cat that has become her buddy but she still is not the same cat she once was, she spends 80% of her time under the bed. She will jump up when we go to bed and want pets and affection but she will not come out of the room at all during the day and will only eat and go to the bathroom after the house is asleep for the night,

    I am ok with her as she is except it makes my heart sad that she doesn’t seem yo enjoy life at all. I have spared no expense on toys and other things to lure her out but she just doesn’t seem to trust and even her buddy the Turkish van she will only allow him so much interaction.

    I guess my question is, is she ok living her life as she is? Should we do anything to try and help her and if so what? I just don’t know what to do about her, she just seems so sad and this has been going on 2 years now so I don’t see her snapping out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Linda Eisenhauer   January 6, 2014 at 2:59 pm  

      Hello Thank you for sharing. You obviously are very sensitive to your cat’s needs and can sense that her life is not all it can be, and want your cat’s to have the best life you can give them. Here are some things I have learned from Jackson’s show that have worked with my own cats. 1. Don’t let her hide . Block off any areas like under the bed so she can’t hide. 2.When she comes out make it wonderful for her by spending time with her using interactive toys. 3.Feed cat treats to her and your other cats when they are together so they associate you and each other with good things This also goes for friends coming to visit.Get cat trees and things so that she can climb up and sit in them and survey her world. That being said, this is what worked with MY cats. You obviously know your cats well and what they like, dislike, etc. I know you just want her to get her mojo back and be a happy and confident cat. I know you can do it! Try Jackson’s exercise of writing your cat’s story from her point of view. When you read it back, I KNOW it will give you ideas to get your little girl’s MOJO back, because I KNOW you have it in YOU! Namaste, and best wishes for you and your cat family, and I look forward to hearing your story. Hoped this was helpful and inspired some good ideas. Linda Eisenhauer

  27. Noble   January 6, 2014 at 6:30 pm  

    My name is Luna, and I’m a female black cat—a REAL black cat, all black with green eyes and medium-length fur. Some people think black cats are bad luck, which may be part of the reason I was so mistreated as a kitten. I was bought as a kitten by a family who lived outside of town. The kids were kind of rambunctious: they would chase me, catch me in boxes and bags, which scared me a lot. The family also didn’t like that I would scratch their furniture, so they took me to the vet and had me front declawed. Without my claws I couldn’t defend myself very well, so I started biting. To punish me for biting, they would force me outside. I didn’t like being outside—how could I protect myself without my claws?! It got so bad that I would run away and hide every time somebody went near the front door. Then they’d try to drag me out, and I’d bite more!
    One day, they kicked me outside and never let me back in. I couldn’t hunt, couldn’t eat, and I was cold; I was only two years old. Somebody found me when I was so skinny I could barely move. They put me in a box and dropped me off at the front step of the Humane Society in the middle of the night.
    The nice volunteers took good care of me, but it was still almost three months before I was healthy enough to be put on the adoption floor. I got along with the other cats Ok, but I really wanted a “fur-ever” home where I could be in control of my own space. Fortunately, a really nice lady named Noble wanted to adopt a cat, and since she knew black cats have a hard time getting adopted went specifically looking for one. When her husband Brandon saw my gorgeous face online, he packed Noble into the car and they drove over an hour to come find me. They adopted me on the spot–they’re smart like that.
    Brandon and Noble keep me indoors, where it’s safe and warm! They have nice soft perches and cat structures by almost every window so I can look outside, and since they’re on the third floor I get to watch the squirrels and the birds in the trees. They were very patient with my fears of the front door, opening it slowly and giving me treats and face scritches to let me know I was safe (I really, really love those face scritches—full-body strokes are Ok in small doses, and fortunately Noble and Brandon figured that out pretty fast). Sometimes I still get startled when they empty their grocery bags, but only a little bit. I’m never bored because they get me a new toy about once a month and play with me a couple times a day. I don’t have to bite anymore because I don’t feel scared, and with all the toys I figured out that hands are for petting, not for mauling. And best of all, they let me on every piece of furniture in every room of the house…except the top of the TV—but that’s Ok, I prefer to sit on top of the couch by their heads when they watch shows, they keep turning to me and telling me I’m the Cat from Heaven! They’re pretty lucky they have me, after all.

    Thanks for all your work helping other shelter cats like myself find homes!


  28. Stephanie Mitchell   January 6, 2014 at 8:43 pm  

    Hi there! My name is Stormagedon…. Though my human mommy insists on calling me Bella, or Bellisima or Bellarina (sheesh how girly can you get) and sometimes Smelly Bellied… Which only happens when I get ahold of my favorite treat….lettuce…. I somehow think that name might not be a good thing.

    I was found under a bush in the back yard of one of my mommy’s coworkers yards with my brother… but I didn’t have my eyes open yet, so that’s just what I was told. It was cold so the nice lady took us inside and tried to feed us. Sadly she’s what my furever mommy calls a “dog person,” and really didn’t know what we needed. So my mommy came to get us, I tried to keep him warm, but my brother died just before mommy came to pick us up. The dog person didn’t keep us warm enough and didn’t know we had to eat every two or three hours, but she did her best.

    I had just opened my eyes, so mommy was one of the first people I ever saw… She was pretty blurry at first, but she said that was normal. I had really gross stuff in my eyes so mommy took me to a really cool lady that gave us eye drops and said I was adorable. She told mommy it was best not to get her hopes up about me living that most abandoned bottle babies don’t make it. I did my best to make sure mommy new that wasn’t an option, that I planned on ruling the world some day… Or at least my little corner of it.

    Mommy loves all furry babies, but said she loved kitties the bestedest and promised not to give up. She gave me a big box with lots of soft towels and kept me in a warm bathroom at night and in a storage room in her classroom during the day (ssshhh..her principal still doesn’t know). I demanded to be fed every two hours, so I made her take me everywhere and made sure she set an alarm to get up a bunch of times during the night to come hang with me and by bottle of yummy stuff. I even got to go to Grandmama’s for Christmas. I tried to eat the sparkly bright things on the tree and everyone thought I was super cute. I knew they were right, but I played it cool.

    By Thanksgiving I was showing everyone I planned to live. I even finally got hair on my tummy and feet… Mommy said I couldn’t go through life naked…. whatever that means. This also meant I could stay warm enough to venture out of my little bathroom into the rest of the world. I was happy to find out that I had two furry subjects to rule over…. They were a little bigger than me… Ok a lot bigger than me as I was still trying to reach 2 lbs and they are both 18 lbs. Though they first thought I was just for their entertainment they soon realized I was their new boss. It evidentially takes boys awhile to figure things out in life.

    The long fluffy brown and black one that the furever mommy calls Magnum… (Though he says his name is Susan) sometimes says I’m annoying and tends to roll his eyes at me a whole bunch. He even has the nerve to hiss at me when I try to make him play tag. But the big wide orange grandpa mommy calls Julius (he’s happy with that) likes me, let’s me hug him and even gives me baths sometimes.

    I’m two in human years now and my life is pretty great. I make sure mommy gets up every morning by claiming on her, purring and sticking my cold wet nose in her ear…or crawling under the covers and nibbling on her toes. I make sure she gets us all special breakfast treats before she disappears to behind the door to the room that she keeps the big loud roaring animal that takes her to a place called work. I sleep on top of my tower watching my subjects and keep watch over the birdies on the bird feeders outside the windows while she is gone. Then I make sure I am standing on the cabinet by the door when I hear the back from work noise so she can give me hugs and kisses as soon as she comes in. I also make sure she gives us dinner treats and plays chase the birdie with us. Then we all make sure she doesn’t drown in the giant water bowl she insists on getting in every night before we can all go to bed. I like to lay or hang on the headboard until everyone settles down and then I make sure the boys give me my choice of the beds. I am the Queen after all.

    Weekends are very busy, I make sure we all get to go out the door that has the green stuff to roll in and things play on and my favorite, BIRDIES!! If we are really good and ask nice we sometimes get a second breakfast treat… But mommy calls us Hobbits… I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

    So far my life has been pretty good and lots of fun, I liked proving I was tough and worth fighting for. I plan on continuing to rule mommy and my big brothers for a very long time.

    Yours truly,
    Stormagedon (AKA Bella)

  29. Christine French   January 10, 2014 at 12:32 am  

    360’ Cat Mojo – Jasper’s Story.

    My name is Jasper
    I’m white with tabby tips and tail. I live in England.
    I’m 13 (ish), fat, ugly (they call me cute, but it just means ‘not attractive’, so I know I’m on the ugly scale) and a bit of a bully.

    My story starts when I was a young kitten a woman found me on the streets, just wandering, hanging out, a bit dazed – shocked from being taken from my mum and everything I knew to be left somewhere where everything smelt different. Well this woman took me to a place, a ‘cattery’ and left me there. It was full of other cats, but not my mum. It smelt of old cats, young cats and there was more meowing than purring, I really didn’t like it.

    Then seven sunsets later, she was back, I recognised her straight away, by her smell as she now looked browner than before. And she picked me up and took me to her home. There I met another cat, not my mum, but called Diddy, she was older than me – about 6 years older, and bigger than me but I soon bullied her and pushed her out of the way at meal times. I love my food. Wet food, dry food – I just love it and I love my guardian’s food if I can get to it before they see me.

    All was well for many years. The woman’s daughter was great fun, we grew up together. However as she grew up into a young woman the atmosphere changed and the man of the house was nasty to her and to her mum. I remember hearing words like ‘abuser’ and ‘sex attacker’ being shouted. They women were very upset and scarred. There was lots of shouting and crying and eventually things got back to normal when he left – or so I thought. I didn’t see a lot of the woman after that, she was always out ‘at work’ working harder to bring in the ‘money’ that he had previously contributed.

    But then out of the blue, Diddy and I were put into boxes, and then let out into a different house, the furniture smelt like ours, and looked like ours but the rooms it was in was different, smaller, lots smaller. And outside where their had been fields and gardens was now yards. “Not much fun hunting around here” I thought. But things didn’t get better, strangers visited us, sometimes smelling of dogs, wearing uniforms and called ‘Police Officers’, I remember hearing them say “He can’t find you here, you are safe now” and “he’ll go to prison for a long time”. But he did find them, and so all the things I know the smell of were put into boxes and Diddy and I were put into our carriers.

    When we eventually were let out, there was nothing that smelt of our home. It was in a very small room, with wire and a door at the front and a shelf to jump up to and hide on. The smell, well its smelt of cats, lots of different cats, there was more meowing than purring and I remembered and realised – this is where our guardian would bring us when the weather was hot, and leave us for seven or fourteen sun sets then come back for us, looking browner and happier. It was the same ’cattery’ place where I’d been taken to as such a young kitten. I hated it there. But knowing our guardian would be back for us, I resolved just ot hide behind Diddy and sleep until it would be all over and our guardian and her daughter would be playing with us again.

    It was after the next unset when the woman who waits on us with food and clean litter came into our ‘apartment’ accompanied by another woman. But we had food and our tray was clean. I was suspicious and hid, squeezing myself into a corner behind Diddy and behind our bed. Diddy went up to the woman – who had a whiff of a cat or two about her, and let herself be fussed, oh Diddy, she’s not our guardian.

    I remember hearing the women talking, the new woman was saying “yes I’ve fostered lots of pets, especially cats for Women’s Aid refuge and a couple of times for your friend who runs Millwood Cat Rescue, I always ask for the oldest ones, and think of it as a nice holiday for them in their retirement before they go back to their owner”.

    Next thing I knew I was fighting with all my strength (and all my claws) not to go into yet another cat carrier – it wasn’t even ours, it smelt funny, of cats but not us. Then Diddy and I went on the back seat of a car, I know cars, I’ve been in them a few times now, to the vets, to this place and most importantly, when they take us home. Perhaps that is what this new woman is doing – taking us home, where things smell how they should do.

    So when the cat carriers were opened I was so shocked and scarred, we were in a warm room, but nothing, absolutely nothing smelt right. It all was different, while Diddy got fussed and purred lots for this new woman, I shot under the bed and hid there. A bit later a man joined us, I remembered the last man who had been kind to me and then all that shouting and screaming and stomping round – it made my ears hurt. This one sat on the floor, he had a deep gravely voice, like a human purr. But I didn’t trust him.

    Outide our ‘prison cell’ I could hear things, a couple of other cats, running around, free – unlike us. Chasing each other up the stairs and sniffing at the door to our cell. I could smell them, I didn’t know them or recognise them – it was very confusing. Wonderfully I could hear lots of songs of birds, more than I’d ever heard before, and when I jumped up to the window sill (trying to escape of course) I could see trees, and fields and lots of greenery. The trees were full of pigeons, black birds, robins and squirrels – how exciting, just let me out – now!

    After two sunsets of hiding under the bed any time he (or she) came in the room, I was getting jealous of all the fuss I saw Diddy getting. So when I saw the man was lying on the floor reaching out to me under the bed, and with something in his hand, it smelt nice, oh I do love my food and this smelt so tempting, I nervously took a step towards him – wow – it was prawns, I’ve not had them for ages, yummy. I like prawns and I’m beginning to like this man.

    A few sunsets later we were allowed out of our cell (probably for good behaviour as both Diddy and I are used to litter tray etiquette) to explore this house. The food was nice, the people were kind but it all smelt wrong, I wasn’t happy. Then things got worse – the smells of the other cats turned into real cats – the little white cat (I heard them call ‘Florence’ and ‘feisty’ and ‘deaf’) was horrible to me and chased me every time she saw me. Even though I was twice her size she wasn’t going to let me bully her. I used to hiss at her to warn her off, but it was like she couldn’t hear me and then she would attack me, making me meow and yowl. The woman would come running and separate us.

    It was horrible, so when I saw the black cat (called ‘Kenny’) and he flinched when he saw me, well that was it, I could bully him. He despite being a similar size to me, well, he had a look of prey about him, so I’d chase, fight, scratch and bite him. Our fur would fly and the woman would come running and shouting at us. I wasn’t happy, except when with the man or woman, getting fuss and food. I do like my food. Or when exploring the garden and woods, safely away from all the other cats.

    And so this unhappy situation went on, to relieve my depression I found it helped to lick my fur off, firstly on my back legs and then on my (ever expanding) tummy. The nice woman took me to the vets, where they would give me injections that hurt a little but helped me feel a little less like grooming for a few sunsets.

    One sunny day I overheard the new woman on the thing they hold to their ear, it was the sound of concern in her voice that pricked up my ears, “So if she can’t have them back, I can keep Diddy, she’s been no problem over the last 7 months, but Jasper’s not happy here, yes I’ll keep him until I find lovely forever home for him”.

    And so it was, a few more sunsets later, after being at the place they called ‘the Vicarage in Bunny’ I found myself in a different cat carrier, in a different car with different people. Once again, nothing smelt right. They let me out in a stunning, sunny front room, so I ran past the sofa and hid under the bookcase. And then I saw her – another cat, that had a hint of the Vicarage of Bunny about her, but she wasn’t friendly, she scarred me, not as much as Florence but still, I didn’t like it here. So after just 45 minutes there I saw my chance, the elderly gentleman slowly opened the door to the huge garden and I shot out through it – freedom!

    After running to the beautiful big hedge I stopped and looked around me – it was so green, so many trees, lots of lush green grass, and small little sand pits here and there – big out door cat litter trays! So it was, I was on my own, I wasn’t going back to these strange people, despite hearing their calls and smelling lovely warm tuna in their garden, I didn’t want to return, but time to explore.

    Not many people here, and most were pulling little buggies behind them. They didn’t see or bother me. It was like a revolving, non-stop buffet, so many little furry and feathery things to eat. And places to shelter, there were lots of out buildings to sleep in, warm, dry straw in the big barns, with only the odd person to disturb me. Then a couple of bits of good look: every morning by the back door to an area that smelt of food where people rushed round with pans and plates, near that door I discovered a regular supply of meat scraps, yum. Roast beef, roast chicken and other tips bits were most welcomed, it was almost like the person cooking them had left them out for me.

    Bizarrely under a hedge nearby would appear most mornings, hidden to all eyes excepts those of a hungry cat – was fresh cat food – my favourite kibbles – yum-yum. I wonder why they were put under this hedge, put it meant that I wasn’t going to stray to far away from the ‘cat food bush’. My next discovery was a shed with a hole made in it, just the right size for a cat to walk through. Two other cats were coming and going in this big cat house, and food appearing daily too. Well, I remember how I used to push Diddy out of the way to get to the food first and so I did it with these two cats. They didn’t’ put up a fight, although it did upset them and the stress caused one of them to have blood in his pee, , because I was the boss

    The hot summer turned to cooler autumn, then on to cold winter with lots of snow and ice, it went on for ages. I missed warm fires and missed warm laps even more. I missed being stroked, I missed playing and having fun, I missed the nice food. It was all a distant memory now.

    Then the weirdest thing happened, I smelt tuna, in a little tunnel in my shed. So I went to explore, only to find something snap behind me and I was stuck. The people who put food in this shed from the big house next door caught me in a trap., I was so scarred. But their cats looked rather happy about my situation. Then in the next hour, something far weirder happened, the nice man from Bunny appeared. I remember him giving me prawns and I was so happy to see him. Then it was another car journey – it was warm and safe and I slept on the long journey. When the car stopped he took me into the building – it smelt different but similar. He took me up stairs – different steps to before and put me into a bed room – it was so odd I recognised the smell of the furniture but not of the building. But it didn’t matter it was warm, he gave me fuss and food and more fuss and I couldn’t stop purring. A few hours later the woman came into the bedroom – she hugged and hugged me and I got very wet from the water dripping out of her eyes as she kept saying “Jasper, Jasper, I can’t believe we’ve got you back”.

    It was lovely, no hunting and scavenging for food or shelter. Gosh I’d missed being stroked and the pleasure of having my ears scratched with her nails. Bliss. But I could smell the other cats, I only got a whiff of Diddy, she wasn’t their anymore, I wondered, now about 19 years old, well what had happened to her? She was the same age as old Meg, and I could smell her, – what a pong, she was poorly and wearing out. I could smell Missy and her big son Nipper – we had got on OK and so it was good to see them again. But then there was Florence, well after everything I’d been through for the past 7 months I wasn’t afraid of her anymore. So I didn’t flinch, she didn’t chase me, and the woman got us playing together. Florence isn’t that bad after all, just different.

    But Kenny was still there – and when he saw me – back in his home – gosh he hissed and became very grumpy. I could see this upset the woman and I didn’t want to go back to living outside – not at my age – I’m 13 you know. So I tried to ignore him, I just want food and shelter not to fight, but I’m still a bit of a bully and did give Kenny ‘the look’ so he knew who was the boss. Now they had another cat, called ‘Padgely’ and although just a couple of years old, he looked remarkably like me, honestly it’s as if while I was away, they had been looking for me and found a look-e-like cat rather than the original. But he was so gentle I soon sorted out with him that I was the boss.

    I wanted the other cats to know that I was the boss of them too, despite letting Missy wash my head, she knew I was the boss. But it wasn’t completely easy and to comfort myself I started licking my fur, again and again. And I had to admit, that as my tummy was expanding I was a bit bald underneath. But it helped me calm myself, as I was worried that I’d have to go again.

    The woman got me playing, chasing feather things around, and guess what, she got Kenny doing the same thing, in the same room, at the same time. She told the man it was ‘re-introducing us – Jackson Galaxy style’. And boy, is Kenny fast – super fast paws Kenny. He didn’t look like prey to me now, he didn’t even notice me, he is an amazing hunter, often bringing in 3 baby bunnies in a day into this new house – perhaps he is home sick for the other house at Bunny and is trying to tell them this.

    ‘Spirit Essences” I heard her saying to him again and again, not sure what this meant but every morning she would stroke me, making my fur a little wet, but I loved it and purred loudly. It smelt ok and I felt happier than ever before. I noticed the water at every drinking bowl had a tinge to it, as did our bedding and furniture, “Peacemaker and Stress Stopper” she would say to the nice man. I’m not sure what it meant but certainly our home, with all us seven cats, each with a different story of ups and downs, each with our own ways, and good and bad points, well now our home is a place of peace – for all of us. My name’s Jasper, I’m fat, old and ugly, I can be grumpy, a bully and greedy but for better or worse, I am loved forever.

  30. Cat moma of 8   January 13, 2014 at 1:05 am  

    My name is Maggie, I was 16weeks old when a park warden noticed me. I was out here for weeks. The warden told the guy at the gate about me I was tough to get so the next day he came out with his wife, My new buddy and founder and his wife picked me up and took me in. It was turkey weekend. Now I have 7 brothers and we play hard together. My favourite toy is a white mouse, catnip and playing with a toy that is connected to a stick, that I run a cross the room with and gets stuck and my toy flies back to where the stick is. My new founders love me and it’s warms and no wild life can get me, at night it was spooky with all the sounds. Where I was it was cold and scared. But lounging in the sun is the best. I stayed in their truck over night I was so scared they brought me to the vet where the doc said I had a cold and my eye was infected. They feed me can food and I ate it and it was all over my nose.

    One of my favourite brothers is mocha. My moma says I help my brother buddy to use the litter box she cleans them and I run and get buddy and we run back down the hallway together and he goes in. She says I’m a God send! I love it here it’s better inside watching the birds then being outside in the cold. Now I’m very warm and well feed. Thank you jackson. Lots of love Maggie,

  31. Lana Meisner   January 13, 2014 at 8:17 pm  

    Greetings Jackson. My name is Morticia. My mommy and Daddy sometimes call me Tish or Tishy. I came to live at my home on December 26, 2012. I was born in the evening to my kitty Mommy, Slinky. My other Mommy was so excited for me and my brothers and sisters. My kitty Daddy was taken by a mean man and disappeared. My people parents were very upset. My kitty Mommy loves my people Mommy so much she wouldn’t leave her side the two days before me and my siblings were born. She had a cozy little nest all ready in the closet, but she had to have my people Mommy in the closet too. When the time came for our arrival they were both so excited. After every one of us was cleaned, my kitty Mama, Slinky gave my people Mama a little head but anàr let her touch our heads. After about 4 of us were born, my people Mama was getting worried ’cause my my Mama, Slinky was getting tired. You can imagine how worried she was when it was finally my turn. I was number seven and my Mama, Slinky couldn’t hardly move. It felt like I was stuck there forever. The last thing I remember were these big furless paws gently gripping me. My people Mama said I wasn’t moving so she picked me up in a warm soft towel and talked gently and moved me. All of a sudden I remember moving and squirming so my people Mama put me in front of my kitty Mama and she started cleaning me. So I really have two Mama’s. I’m a little smaller than my brothers and sisters and I have long sleek fur like my Daddy’s, except I’m all black. I’m purrfectly healthy. My people Mama said my name is very fitting. Not only do I have long, black, sleek fur, she says I can be a little witchy ( in a funny way).

  32. Sandra Stewart   January 16, 2014 at 2:50 pm  

    My name is Miss Mittens also known as Little Girl, Baby Girl, Bubba, Murdercat and Kitten. I am the kind of cat who likes visitors of the person variety, loves my people and hates other cats and dogs. I was one of those Free Kittens you hear about and had a pretty good life until my people moved away and I ended up fending for myself on the mean streets of Hayward. Somehow they caught me and I ended up in a cage at the shelter. I really need lots of pettings, so I spent a lot of time rubbing up against the bars of the cage. Then these two people came by and I flirted with the man big time! It worked like a charm and I went home with them. I split my time between the two of my people. I get the food from the woman and the treats from the man. In return, I give the woman my snuggles and attention in the morning and I sit on the man’s lap in the evening. And of course I sleep in the middle of the bed. I am OCD and I really prefer to do things in the same order at the same time everyday. DON’T mess up my schedule or I will punish you!

  33. Jan Weierbach   January 16, 2014 at 5:04 pm  

    Hi Jackson, My name is Fred I found my new nana when she was out in the yard in her bare feet. I sat on her foot looked up at her with my pretty blue eyes and said Yow! The rest was history. My fur mommy was a black stray short hair and since my brother resembled a main coon in color, I guess I’m a mixed maine coon stray and black stray. My nana picked me up and cuddled me and showed me to my new pop (who called me Fred) although I’m a girl) and we’re a happy family. At the vet office I’m really Fredrika I was only 5 weeks old when I wondered out from the shed but and fur mommy was looking for me later the next day but Nana kept me and I grew up thinking I was a golden retriever, Jake was the best, we did everything together. I like to bite my Nana in her hands when we play but follow her around like a dog going into every room she goes into, we sleep together as long as she doesn’t touch me. We play together- she has taught me a lot of words that I know now and I taught her different cat sounds so we talk together, I fetch like a dog, bring her my favorite toy yelling my head off so she knows. I’m not a lap cat but when she eats yogurt there I am on the chair getting my share. We watch you on tv all the time so nana learns more about cats since she was always a dog person.

  34. Irene   January 17, 2014 at 4:19 am  

    Meow y’all! My name is Miu (LOL I can even pronounce it – meeeooo), I have a mom (kitty mam) who was a rescued from the street while me and my sis were in her tummy, but she was soooo stubborn to bring me and my sis into this world in some stinky street dump (where she lived like a street cat she was before), that she ran away from our purrfect home to be, where she had a plentyfull of love, food, toys, and everything.

    In that cold, windy and rainy night me and my sis smelled the world for the first time, luckily for us and our stubborn mum, our mum’s forever human, was looking all over for us, and we were soaking wet at the edge of death when she found us, and brought us back home. Where our other forever human, very old grumpy auntie cat and our BEST IN THE WORLD cat uncle waited worried sick if we’ll be back home safe. My mum licked everyone, and apologized for her foolishness. That night our mom was so tired that she just fell asleep, but there was our uncle to watch over us and he lied close to us and our mum to keep us warm, and our humans stayed up all night watching over us.

    Then after about 2 and a half months it became overcrowded in our purrfect home, and me and my sis didn’t have enough space to do all kinds of mischief, and there was our very old auntie who got even grumpier. So my sister decided to go to live with another forever human in another city, and I can olnly see her on Facebook. But still it was too crowded for me – I like to have a whole apartment just for me, in the end I’m the youngest and the most important cat in da house, at leas my humans and my uncle said that.

    And after a week my sis left a young and very strange looking cat (my humans claim that he’s a boy, I’m still pretty much sure that he’s a cat that strangely resembles a human) and his parents arrived in our home. The boy was sooo kitty-appealing that even my grumpy auntie came to check him out. And then something magical happened the young strange cat (boy) took me in his arms and cuddled me and talked to me – I just started purring and was in kitty haven, I wanted it to last forever.

    I’ll be celebrating my 1st birthday in a month, and I’m still with my strange young cat (boy) and OUR mom and dad, and I know I’ll grow old like my grumpy auntie with them. I love them all the most, and they love me more. And I have a whole apartment just for me. I learned to open windows (not just doors like my mum and uncle) and my forever strange young cat thought me to turn on the light in our room. They even take me to see my previous humans and my kitty family often, so we don’t forget each other – oh how I love those trips to my previous home. Grumpy auntie is still grumpy and goes to sleep in another room when I go there, my mom lets me watch TV by her side and I get to play with my BEST IN THE WORLD cat uncle, who helps my current and previous humans to save countless orphaned kittens from certain death on the streets. Maybe I will convince him to share his story with you.

  35. Paul Sattelberg   January 18, 2014 at 3:49 am  

    Hello Jackson,
    My name is Monkey. My human mommy and daddy gave me my name because they noticed that I love to climb trees. When I was born I fell and hit my head and it hurt very bad. My human mommy and daddy say it explains why I can’t really see too well in one eye. I don’t know my kitty mommy too well. I overheard my human mommy and daddy say she was snatched up by a big bird and taken away. I don’t know what kind of cat I am, only that my fur is black except for my mouth and nose as well as my chest, front paws, and my back legs.

    I met my human mommy first. She was so nice to me. I was wondering around in front of my nice owner’s house when this big thing on wheels pulled up and two humans came out. One was taller and older looking than the other. They both saw me and came down to pet me. The older one went inside to talk to my owner, the younger one stayed to pet me a while longer, then she went inside too. They both came out a while later and the older one got back in the big thing with wheels.

    I saw the younger one and knew she was the one. I told myself “this is my chance”. I ran up too her and rubbed on her leg and made noise. She bent down to pet me some more then got inside too. As they were leaving I ran after them. A moment later they stopped and the younger came out, I ran up to her. She told me to go home but I refused to move.

    She picked me up and talked to the older one, then took me in the big thing with her. It was so loud. Then we started going back to my owner’s house. I started crying and the younger one started petting me. They stopped in front of his house and got out. They talked to my owner for a moment and we got back in. I was excited, I have a mommy.

    I hear her talk about another human, someone called “Paul”, could he be my daddy?
    When we stopped my mommy took me inside a house like my old owner’s but it had wheels. She took me to a room in the way back and made me a bed. After a while she came in and said my daddy was home and she was going to talk to him. After a my mommy came in with another human. My mommy picked me up and turned me to face him. I heard her asking him If they could keep me.
    He looked at me for a second then instantly said yes while picking me up. He held me while they talked. He gave me back to my mommy, then left. A Short while later he came back with milk and food. My mommy said he walked 2 miles to get me food. I guess I wasn’t with my kitty mommy long enough to get the vitamins I needed. I was so happy.

    Ever since then my mommy and daddy take care of me and love on me everyday. According to my mommy If she hadn’t taken me home that day I could have died. But my mommy made me healthy and now I run around and play all the time. I know my daddy loves me because he tells me so everyday. And every night before they go to bed he makes me a bed on the couch out of a blanket and he folds it so I can go inside, and tuck myself in the way back where it’s nice and warm. Then he picks me up and we give each other kisses and he goes to bed with mommy and I tuck myself in my bed. I love my mommy and daddy.

  36. Helen Snyder   January 22, 2014 at 9:41 am  

    Hello Jackson,
    My name is Midnight Magic, but you may call me Magic. I’ve had a rough start in life, my ex was very abusive. I have scars that will never go away from that person. I was sentenced to death because I chose to fight back and started biting people. Then about 6 years ago just days before my life was to be over a young girl came into the shelter. She was playing with the other more friendly cats. I had seen it all too often, they would be chose, the fluffy one, the cute ones, the one;s who purr in your lap Not me. She came over to my cage and I backed myself into the smallest corer I could (which is saying something cause at the time i was 22lbs.). I showed my teeth and she laughed and called me Fangs. I don’t think she was very funny. She went and talked to staff, who told her I wasn’t a good candidate for adopting because of my biting. I thought I would never see her again. The next day she came back with crate. With the help of staff they put me in that tiny box. She talked to me the whole way to this new place. It was larger then the shelter. She opened the door to the cage, I raced out and found a place to hid. When I hid before my ex would find me and drag me out, She didn’t even look for me. Instead she went into another room and put of some food for me, she also fixed a litter box for me. She yelled that they were here when I was ready. I wasn’t fooled, I knew as soon as I came she would nab me and then hurt me. For weeks she would leave me food, water and clean the litter box, never hunting for me, never trying to pick me up. Slowly I started to trust her. I was even willing to sit on the bottom of her bed if she was willing to stay at the top. Then one day all the smells of my person changed. I knew something was wrong with her. I had to let her know, she had only shown me kindness in this time. I went up to her and started licking her. It was our first physical contact. The next day my girl was thrashing around like she was a fish out of water. I had no idea what to do. Strange people came into our home and took her away. I hid under the bed. Later that day she came back home smelling like her old self. I only lick her when she starts smelling. She tells me I’m a life saver for doing it. The strangers come in and use words like Seizures. I think that’s their word for flopping around like a fish out of water. I know know is that she gave me a new life, one without fear. I get to tell her when she is smelly, and it makes her love me even more. She tells me I’m special. That I’m a “service cat.” All i know is I get to travel with her, car rides are the best. We have a relationship that was meant to be. I don’t know any other cat that can say I actually pay back my new owner for my new life.

    1. LINDA EISENHAUER   January 23, 2014 at 5:19 pm  

      This story is so touching it brought tears to my eyes, What incredible devotion! It blows me away! Bless you both! Linda Eisenhauer

      1. Helen   January 26, 2014 at 9:52 am  

        isn’t wonderful that sometimes we think we are trying to save the animal but it is them who save us.

  37. Becca   January 26, 2014 at 3:40 pm  

    My name is Puck. I was found by a family at the local animal shelter after being left out in a box. I was a little scrawny, but still cute. This family adopted me and my sister. Like a lot of kittens who get stressed, I developed Feline Herpesvirus. Unfortunately, it gave me a really bad sore on my eye and my eye actually ruptured when I was 3.5 months old. My family brought me to the veterinary ophthalmologist where they were told I needed surgery. My family loved me a whole lot, but they could not afford to have my eye fixed or taken out. This nice vet offered to fix my eye if one of her techs would give me a loving home. That’s how I found my forever human. I had surgery on my eye the next day. I’ll always have a scar, but I see fine and only have some FHV problems now and then. My mom knows what medications to use to make it feel better. At some point in my life, things were rough. I tried to squeeze through a doorway and managed to break my sternum and my tail. Luckily, my mom knows how to hold me so nothing hurts. Last year, my tummy started to hurt and I didn’t want to eat and kept throwing up. After some bloodwork and an ultrasound (which really made me mad), it turns out I have Irritable Bowel Disease. My mom put me on a special food, which I love. Now I only have pain and vomiting every couple of months and I get medication and love from my mom to fix it. Last summer, my mom took in a foster cat because his dad was going to vet school abroad and couldn’t take him. We fought a lot, but we also hung out together and played. We got into lots of trouble! Mom always forgave us for it. He left about a month ago and I’m pretty lonely now. I spend my time following my mom and her boyfriend around and sitting on their laps constantly. I’m also a compulsive licker and they get baths from me regularly. Someday, I want to be famous…like maybe be in the kitty halftime show for the Puppy Bowl. I like dogs, so it could be fun. In the meantime, I’m working on my begging skills. It turns out giving high fives means getting a cookie!

  38. Melissa Allred   January 28, 2014 at 5:57 pm  

    My name is Pippen. I am 13 years old. I know that I was loved before I was brought to the shelter and left by my guardians. I don’t know why they could not keep me, and I lost hope and thought my life was over. But a week alter a very nice angel taped on the glass and I decided to give her a chance so I pawed and talked back to her. Soon I went home to my new furever home and it’s been taking me some time. My new mom cat and her mate love me for sure and talk to me and give me extra special attention and care; but I am still worried about my first family and I am confused why they left me. There is another cat here I know, because I can smell him but we have not met yet. My new mom cat says I have to have some check ups done first then maybe we can meet later, but I am very curious about this other cat and would really like to get in to the other room and meet him now. I have no teeth except one in the very back of my mouth that really hurts and I have itchy ears that my mom puts medicine in…I hate this very much!!. I was also de-clawed by my first family. My new mom bought me some cat litter that feels like I am walking on clouds. I am still so sad but I think that I can love my new home…maybe I will write again after I have spent some time here.

  39. Diana   January 31, 2014 at 4:39 pm  

    Hello? I’m being called ‘Tesla’. I am not sure where I belong. I lived outside, mostly, and vaguely remember having humanz that gave me some food and picked me up when I was small, but when this story starts they weren’t around and I was on my own.

    Shortly after all the humans on the block started hanging up colorful lights, I was watching some humans make a new walkway and hammer wood and stuff. It was really interesting, and all the commotion made the mousies and stuff under the house come out. Score! I sez. I went under the house for hunting and for a couple of nights it was cat nirvana.

    Then I heard a slam! and it got dark.

    The panel I got in through was closed. I scratched and pushed at it but couldn’t move it. I prowled around looking for a way out. I couldn’t find one. It stayed dark but I knew the sun was still coming up because it would get light through some of the cracks around the panel and in the wall. For a couple of days I didn’t worry. There were mousies and baby ratties I could chase and they tasted awesome.

    Soon there were less and less of them. I was only able to catch a couple of bugs, and I started getting really thirsty. Sometimes I could hear it rain outside but only a few drips flowed through the door panel and mostly just got the floor wet.

    I was hungry and thirsty and something told me that I really needed to practice being very still. I knew that made sense because if I moved around a lot I got really tired and even hungrier. Except for the noises that came from outside, it was very, very quiet.

    Outside! Oh how I wanted to go outside! Oh how sweet the smells were that slipped through the edges of the door panel. I would lie down and dream of hiding in the grass and pouncing on birds. I would lie down, but when I tried to get up it got harder and harder, I was so weak.

    Then scrape,, bang, step step! There were noises INSIDE the house. It was very very hard but I got up and tried to call. meow-croak. I barely had a voice any more. But a human heard me and opened the panel. I stumbled out and just shivered. The human took me in the house and game me a bowl of water and went away – she was back in a few minutes with FOOD from a little metal can. FOOD AGAIN! All my energy went into devouring that little snack.

    The lady let me outside and I walked around a bit – how sweet the air was! But now what? I laid down behind a wire fence across the street and wondered what would happen next.

    A car thing drove to the front of the house and another lady got out. She was asking something using the sounds ‘cat’ and ‘kitty’, which I understand mean my kind of creature. They talked a bit and then she walked around calling “Here Mr. Fuzzy, good boy, good kitty.” I understood ‘kitty’ and when she came near the fence I used all my strength and jumped to the top and let her take me in her arms. She carried me back to the house. They talked for a short time, then the first lady gave the new one some of those FOOD tins, and she put me in a crate in her car and took me to a place that smelled like lots of cats and dogs. Someone held an object over my shoulders and said ‘soory no chip’.

    The new lady took me home and put me in a big room with windows and lots of places to climb on. I could smell more cats. Five of them. Hm. But what was best I got lots more food and all the water I could drink. And a box to pee in! Ate and slept for days. Sometimes I smelled or heard another cat at the door, but for awhile i didn’t care.

    Then I started wondering? Were they safe? Would they hate me? Would they bite me? I decided to let them know I was no push over, and as soon as one of them looked through the glass in the door I would hiss and growl and throw myself at it. Usually the other cat would run and I’d relax. A little. The thought of them outside my new space really scares me.

    Except for one, a big handsome tabby the Lady calls ‘Bandit’. I knew him from my ramblings in the neighborhood. She let him in once or twice and even though we both pretended the other wasn’t there, it felt good to have the company.

    The other 4 cats are Bandit’s family. Misty is his lady friend and the other three are their kittens. I don’t like any of them. I want to go outside!

    A few days ago the Lady took me to another place that smelled of a lot of cats and dogs. It wasn’t too scary and I kind of liked the car ride and didn’t mind the carrier. They poked and prodded me and put some stuff on me and in my ears and it was such a BOTHER. But today my ears don’t itch and there’s no fleas on me so I think that had something to do with it. SO much better.

    I’m very strong now and I want to go outside! But I’m scared those cats will beat me up.
    I get lonesome in this room and wish the Lady would sit with me but she’s not always here. I don’t know why but when she is I sometimes just get too excited and I stop purring and bite and scratch her. She brought me toys and plays with me with a bird toy, but when I see or hear the other cats at the door I have to stop and run at them. They have to know how tough I am!

    I want to go outside! I am really lonely though and wish they were my family, not just Bandit.

    My Lady has brought some other people to meet me but they go away and don’t come back. But she brings me food and water and toys and she sits with me or plays with me until I get too excited.

    She calls me ‘little panther’ (I like that) and ‘Tesla’ (something about because I seems electrified all the time). I like when she closes her eyes at me because it makes me feel safe. Last night she played with the other cats outside the door and Bandit just sat there and gazed at me. I felt a bit like joining them, but I think they’ll eat me. I still run at them but for some reason i don’t feel like hissing and growling anymore.

    I guess I’m lucky the Lady took me home. She was looking for another cat friend she had, who did not come home one day, and instead she found me.

    The Lady says to me ‘I’ll keep looking for your owner for another couple of weeks’. She says ‘You could live here if you’d get along.’ But I’m scared. I don’t know if I can live here but where will I end up? Why can’t I stop being angry and scared?

    It is late and she is not home from ‘work’ yet. The other cats come look at me though the door. I hope she’s back soon. I don’t know if this is my Forever Home, but it feels like she won’t let me down.

    Meanwhile, I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE! MEOW.


  40. Floyd Fisher   January 31, 2014 at 4:51 pm  


    My name is Maggie (short for Magnolia, which is my original name). I’m a 3 year old. giant gray and white domestic short hair.

    Sometime or about July of 2010, I was born in a drainpipe on the side of the road from a meowmie who was abandoned shortly before I was born. My meowmie was sure her guardian would come back for her, but never did.

    A few weeks later, someone called the CNY Cat Coalition, and the wonderful people from there took me, my brofur, and my meowmie to a foster home. It was there that a very nice dog and her young owner decided to help meowmie raise me and my brofur…this kind act taught me dogs and kids as well as other cats are my friends and here to help, and later I would return the favor to others.

    After a few months of work on my socialization, I was ready to goto my forever home. They took me down to Petsmart, where a kind purpur named Floyd was looking for a new companion to keep him and his dog Hansel company (and control the mice in the house). After a few minutes of playing with me, Floyd decided I was the one for him and Hansel, and he filled out the application, and a few days later took me home.

    Floyd at first tried to apply the techniques CNY Cat Coalition gave him to introduce me to the family, but I was having none of that, and took it upon myself to breech the barrier, and begin bonding with Floyd and Hansel. As soon as me and Hansel met, it was love at first sight, and I not only became his buddy, but I repaid the favor my first dog did for me, and helped Floyd take care of Hansel.

    This went on for two years, then another cat named Mittens was thrown away by her owner, and came to live with Floyd, Me, and Hansel. This time, Floyd did things by the book, and it worked beautifully. 3 month old Mittens became a good friend to me and Hansel.

    A few months after Mittens arrival, Hansel began to go downhill. At first Floyd just began doing more to care for the old dog, but soon Floyd noticed Hansel was not holding down his dog food anymore. At this point, Floyd took Hansel to the vet to find he had stage 4 cancer…shortly thereafter, Hansel was put to sleep, and died in Floyd’s arms.

    When Floyd came home with the dog carrier, but no Hansel, I became depressed. For several months thereafter I climbed into Hansel’s dog carrier, and sat there wallowing in his scent and remembering all the good times I had with the old guy. Floyd and Mittens both understood, and just gave me the space to grieve for my old friend.

    Today, me, Mittens, and Floyd are a happy trio that cuddles together, plays together, and flat out enjoys life as much as humanly possible.

  41. Gail   February 13, 2014 at 1:01 pm  

    Hi Jackson!

    My name is Pretty. I am a Snowshoe cat that has spent the first 18 months of my life living in a cage because I was used for breeding purposes. There was a guy would come in to check me and he would always haul me out of my cage by the scruff on my neck. No one ever petted me, or gave me treats, or played with me. I was found by my parents in a a pet store that takes in unwanted animals for adoption. Someone took me to their house once, but they had a dog and little children so I hid for five days. After those five scary days they took me back and complained that they never saw me the entire time I was there. My parents brought me home and let me out of the carrier–that was pretty scary for the first week! I hid a lot, behind the toilet, in the shower, in the closet, under the bedroom furniture. My mom and dad were very patient with me, making sure to speak to me each time they were in the room, and to pet me before they left. They took me to get spayed which I didn’t really like, but I am glad to no longer be dealing with raging hormones. I’m trusting my parents more now. I decided two days ago that I can come out of the bedroom and start exploring the rest of the house. The bedroom door has been open the whole time, but I didn’t feel safe coming out. My parents bought me some toys and they are trying to teach me to play. I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do but they keep trying and they give me lots of treats so I don’t mind it at all. I have decided that I like it here so I’ve started rubbing my cheeks on the corners and furniture in the bedroom and bathroom to make it mine. I like not being caged up anymore. Napping on my parents bed during the day is pure heaven, and being able to walk around wherever I want whenever I want is such joy. I never knew the world was so big, or that I would be so happy when my parents pet me that I would want to purr. I never want to live in a cage again and my parents promised me that the only time I would be in a cage is when I have to be in the car to go to the vet. I was so scared at the store when my parents met me, but I’m glad they saw more than the scared cat I was three weeks ago.

  42. amina   February 22, 2014 at 10:47 pm  

    My name is Cleo, I am very affectionate, vocal, need lots of attention and reassurance: however, I can’t hide my feelings, but I want to hide when I am stressed out. I used to sleep with my human, but now that there is another foreign cat in the house, I am stressed, hide, pee on the sofa, or bed. I just want to to get away from the intruder. I feel a little better these days, but I still hiss at that new four legged new comer. She smells weird and chases me. But I get jealous and territorial. She won’t stay out of my space. She loves and wants to play, but I now stay on top of the refrigerator all day and night, because I feel safe here. That new comer stairs at me, chases me, hangs out by the bathroom when I am in it and the door is closed; but, she won;t leave me alone. I miss my Mom and call for her all the time, she visits me, pets me, hugs me, plays with me. But we don’t sleep together anymore. I liked being the only kitty and tolerate this new comer. I am never going to leave my tree- the refrigerator. It is the one place where I feel safe. But life has been a big adjustment for me and I miss laying as close as I can to Mommy. I am still a naturally scared cat, but when Mommy reassures me everything will be okay and touches me, I still growl a little, but feel less stressed out. I am very needy and wonder why she ever recused other cat. I hope she does not love her more than me. Today, Mommy put the new cat near me and I sniffed her nose. The new comer seems scared, I need to let her know this is my space/ territory. I may never like her and she will just have to deal with it. Most of the time the new comer just wants to be near me, I don’t know why and other times, she chases me. Mommy plays with her alot. The new comer is very sociable. Mommy, has tried expensive phemo plugins to distress me, but it has not worked. I hope that I can some day come off the refrigerator/ my tree and roam through the rest of our small apartment. I wish someone understood me and that I liked being alone. Mommy is not going to rehome the new comer. It has been almost two years since the newcomer has been here in my home, I routine has changed. Will I ever feel less stressed out and come down from my tree?

  43. kelly h   February 23, 2014 at 6:36 pm  

    My name is Simba, I’m 10 months old and I live with my cat mommy in our apartment. My momma says she knew I was going home with her the moment she first held me, the morning after I was born. Of course my birth momma had to nurse my sisters and I, and teach us cat manners, for quite a while. When I was old enough, momma took me home and let me explore, showed me all my new toys, and introduced me to her boyfriend (we get along quite well now, after she had to put him in line a couple times!). I’ve only had to go to the vet once, to be neutered and vaccinated, but it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, once I got back home everything was fine but those funny shots the doctor gave me made me very sleepy for awhile! My momma loves me so much, she feeds me good food, plays with me all the time, trims my nails and brushes my long hair, gives me treats sometimes, and she even cleans out my stinky litter box (now that’s love!) I am a happy, healthy kitty with a long life ahead of me.

  44. absolutejan   February 26, 2014 at 12:54 pm  

    Hi Jackson,

    Greetings from England. Yes we get animal planet too! You have a growing Fan base in the UK. I hope that you are thinking of coming over sometime soon.

    Here’s my little tail.
    Hi my name is Silver although I’m not now silver in colour now I was as a kitten. My story starts by being found with my mother, brother & sisters under a garage that was being demolished. Not the best start to life. We were all taken to a one –man animal rescuer who was being over -run with cats & kittens, but who’s kind heart took is all in even though he didn’t have room for us. He told his plight to the local paper put the story on the front page along with a photo of my family. (this is the first time in the local newspaper, but not the last!)

    Before long my photo was seen by my new human family. They came to see me at the rescue centre after two visits the rescue centre said that I had a new home & Family to join. The following day I was taken to my new home. Little did I know that other new friend was waiting for me, there. I as so very scared, small and helpless yet I had to cope with fitting into a whole new human family and making friends with an older female cat called Oscalina. I started off by spending a lot of time on a shelf in the corner video unit, but soon started to sleep in a cardboard box. Slowly I started to sleep near my new friend Oscalina.
    I took a lot longer to get used to my new human family I started to want to be near them too. So I sat next to them on the sofa. I found out that not all humans are bad and that my new family wanted me and understood me too.

    This would have been the happy end to my story however when I was out hunting one day I was shot in my spine by an air rifle. Luckily I made it home and was rushed to the vets. Once the pellets where removed ( I was shot 3 times). I could return back home to fully recover. I did make a full recovery.

    After 1 month I went back out hunting, when I was once again shot, this time by a shot gun! I managed to crawl home, where once again I was rushed to the vets. This time because the weapon was a shot gun, the police were involved. I was to be put on the front page of the local newspaper, this time for all the wrong reasons. My humans had enough. I was now a house cat.

    They built a cat run outside with climbing trees and access to grass so I and Oscalina would be outside but safe. This is now that happy end to my story. I’m happy and loved very much by my human family, which has now expanded to include two young boys, the children of my human parents.

    I’ve learnt that little humans can be noisy, which I don’t like, but I also know that they have been taught to understand my body language and how to treat and look after me properly. On balance they are lovely especially when they go to school and get some peace for a good long nap! I’m now a very old cat of 17 years, despite a shaky start, I recon I’ve been very lucky. I had a great cat friend in Oscalina and I have a good human family who take care and love me for who & what I am.

  45. helen ali   March 4, 2014 at 9:48 pm  

    Hi, I’m Mia, I was born in 2010. My brother is Scuddy, he’s my best mate. We lived in a house full of cats and 3 dogs. I remember my old owner telling my now mother, I will just call her Mom, that there were 9 cats. I can’t count, but I think there were a lot more. My old owner wouldn’t let my Mom know where we lived and come in to see us. She said that when strangers entered their house all the cats hid, and that you would never know they had cats. We were all scared of strangers. We were wild, very wild. It was fun, nobody touched us or played with us, we just did what we wanted in that house.

    We were six months old, and neutered when we met our mom. She had wanted to see us, to see if we were compatible. So our owners put us in a carrier and took us to her and dropped us off. I don’t think that was what my mom had in mind, but she kept us anyway. I loved our new home. There was an older cat that died a few months after. And lots of places to hid. But my mom was always trying to put her hands on us, and she wanted to hold us. That was really scary. I remember my old owner telling mom that when they decided they were going to give us away, they knew they had to socialize us. So they would catch us, my brother and I, and then hold us until we quit fighting and gave up. I don’t think I will ever want to be held again. My mom even changed our names. We were called Zoe and Mojo. We would run and hide when we heard those names.

    I was always hungry. I was smaller than everybody else. Even though I didn’t look like it to humans because I got the long hair domestic cat part of the manx/reg cat breed. But my mother noticed right away that my long hairy tail had no meat on it, and was like a hairy toothpick. I could never nudge my way to the food in time for there to be any left. I was so hungry, all the time. Thats what I first loved about my new home. Now there was only me and my best mate, and food! I would beat him to the food and we would eat together, and then I would be last to finish. I always came back a few minutes after to make sure everything was gone. My mother made sure there was that extra bit left just for me. She even put us on a special raw meat diet for cats when she realized I was all hair!

    It took a long time but I kind of started to like my mother a little, but my brother who got mostly the manx part, started getting really bossy. He was what my mom calls ‘dominant’. He’s why my old owners gave us away, because he was bossing all the other cats around. He wouldn’t let me out from under the furniture when my mom was home from work. And when my mom gently put her hand on me he would punish me. I got really sad. In fact for what seemed like a long time I was really really sad. I didn’t even want to lift my tail up, or play. My mom read books and contacted No Kill Shelters for advice and got some Feliway stuff that settled my brother down. It took over 2 years, but now my mom is the alpha cat, and my brother, well, he’s still my brother. We have our spats and I’ll run to a safe spot where my mom is, as she firmly tells him ‘no!’ So he has quit being mean. My mom doesn’t let him get away with it at all. Now I know I’m important and don’t hide under anything anymore. I hold my tail high!

    It took a long time to trust our mom. We would start to get comfortable with her touching us both, and we could lay close to her, and then she would have to catch us and take us to get our nails clipped. I will never willing let anyone touch my paws, and neither will my brother. Although he got to where she could clip one sometimes in a week. She would gently play with his paws to make him comfortable with her trying to clip them. But for some reason, even though she would only clip one or two at a time, he let her do it less and less. But nobody will touch my paws! Not if I have anything to say about it! They used to hold us down and do that, we fought with all our might and hearts. My mom never did that, she would take me to a groomer, but my brother got to go to a vet because she thought that was safer for him.

    We didn’t want to have anything to do with our mom for a few months after each of those trips. And just when we would start to trust her again, our claws would start catching on the carpet and off we would go. I hated those trips. She hoped that when we scratched through her favourite chair to the wood that it would be hard enough to naturally trim our claws, but no. She bought all kinds of strange things for us to claw on. They were weird, even with catnip. We didn’t like any of them.

    One day I heard my mom talking to herself. She was telling herself that none of her cats lived over 14 years. And if that was us, and she didn’t have a relationship with us after 2 and a half years, another 2+ years would be a good part of our lives. She said that she thought that stopping those trips to get our nails clipped would stop us from being ‘terrorized’ every so many months. And that we would finally feel safe and relax and she could get us to trust her. She felt really bad. I guess she had had the nails removed off her last pair of cats and wasn’t happy what it did to them. One got arthritis. And she missed the way they had so uniquely used their claws to do things and pick things up.

    I wish she had known you Jackson cat man. Maybe you would have helped her figure out a way for us to keep our claws and feel safe. She took us out again. This time to a vet and dropped us off. It was so scary. It was like the last time I was at the vet. I was put to sleep and woke up in a lot of pain. My paws hurt so much, and there was all this noise, and people around. My brothers paws hurt too. He also had 3 teeth taken out because they were rotten, so he was really hurting. He was on the other side of the bars next to me. And there were cats I didn’t know, all scared, or hurting, or sad. I heard mom talking to the vet. She told him about us. So the morning after my brother and I woke up, the big shiny headed man put us together. I was so glad to be with my brother again. Suddenly there was a large blanket over the front of the bars and we were safely hidden from everybody. We curled up close together and comforted each other like we did when we were kittens.

    Things have really changed since our human sister told our mom about you. Mom doesn’t have a TV but is on a computer with a ‘tube’ all the time. And my sister showed her where in this ‘tube’ your shows are. I think my mom watched every one of them. She plays with us everyday now, and not just once but a couple of times. She doesn’t feed us as often, I don’t know why you would want her to do that. But everyday she throws dried food all over and we get to chase it to eat. That’s fun. We have lots of toys, and fresh grass to eat anytime we want. And because of you we have a really big cat tree that we jump on. We would have a lot more fun on it if we had claws, but its still way fun! My brother fell off the top once, he forgot he didn’t have claws . My mother chased him all over the place until he finally stopped and let her comfort him. He kind of liked that. We are more careful now. And we have our own ‘cat TV’, that has live fish to watch. My brother has to check them out first thing every morning.

    Well, thats my story. I’m Mia.

  46. Lucy B.   March 8, 2014 at 5:40 pm  

    My name is Lucy, I am 15 years old. For most of my life I lived with my dad Charlie Bechtold. He was always awesome. I was born in that house, because my momma lived there. He set up my house so it would be a cat haven. We always had houseguests. Charlie would feed the neighborhood outdoor cats every day, and protect them from scary dogs and people that are sometimes mean to cats for no reason. A few years ago, my momma cat passed away. I missed her, but Charlie was a great help, keeping me cheered up

    A year ago, my dad passed away. We had 2 kitteny houseguests at the time and they were really freaked out. Charlie was not home, and so Murphy and Diane, from next door came over and fed us and tried to cheer us up. Everybody was sad, because Charlie wasn’t there. Diane and Murphy found a nice family to take the kittens in, but they said they hadn’t found a nice enough place for me, yet. I spent a couple of lonely nights, all alone in the house. It didn’t feel like such a haven after a while.

    Then Helen and Wolf asked if I wanted to go live with them. I had known them for about 10 years, because they had been friends with Charlie. I asked if I shouldn’t maybe stay in the house because Charlie would need me if he came home. I was his only cat even when we had visitors, I was the only important cat. He told me that all the time.

    Murphy, Diane and Wolf and Helen somehow found out that Charlie was not going to come back, because passed away really meant dead. I know about that because I am a smart cat. They all seemed worried about my eye. They thought I had a cat-a-rack, but if they had asked, I could have told them one of the kittens hooked me in the eye accidentally. People are not very good about asking a cat what she might know, all the time.

    I rode in a carrier to Helen and Wolf’s house, which was smaller than Charlie’s cat haven. It also had an ENORMOUS cat already in residence. This was awful. How could I be the only cat? The enormous cat’s name was Rocky, and she was not entirely friendly. I didn’t know where I could be safe, and I didn’t know where I was not supposed to be. I left poo and pee all over, because I wanted to feel safer.

    One day, I changed the channel on the TV and found Jackson Galaxy’s “Cat from Hell” show, and had Helen watch it. He was explaining exactly what I was doing, and immediately, I got my own room, with food water and litter, and Wolf started using it as his office to write and work on a computer.

    It took a little while, but I got used to sitting on his lap all day when he was working. He was a quiet and gentle person after all. Surprising with a name like that. I learned to sit on his lap for hours and hours to help him do something called homework, whatever that is, and after a while, I could sit other places and he was not anxious about it. Helen comes in the office to make sure Wolf and I are eating enough and to pet me and brush me with a soft brush.

    Pretty much as soon as I had my own safe place, I quit pooing and peeing outside of the litter box. These days, Rocky sometimes comes into the room and we don’t always have to hiss at each other. Maybe someday, we will be friends. Charlie has been passed away for a year now, and I miss him sometimes. Wolf and Helen love me and I don’t really mind that.

  47. Celia Friedman   March 9, 2014 at 12:46 am  

    My name is Tasha, and I am a tiny (6 pounds) Maine coon mix, part brown tabby and part white. The first 12 years of my life were happy ones. I lived in a household with 10 other cats and a guardian who adored us, and I spent every day running around with playmates and snuggling with my mom. But she was pretty old, and one day her son decided that all the cats had to go. He said he was allergic, but I think that his mom was getting sick and he just didn’t want to help care for all of us.

    So all 10 of us wound up at the shelter in Winchester, Virginia, at the same time, but in separate cages so we could not comfort each other. I was so scared. For 12 years I’d been surrounded by cats and people who loved me, never alone for a minute, and then suddenly there I was, alone in a metal cage, with no one to comfort me. I didn’t understand why I had suddenly lost my home, or where my beloved person had gone, or what was going to happen with me.

    Lots of people came to the shelter, but they were coming to adopt cute little kittens. No one wanted to adopt a 12 year old cat. I knew I should go to the cage door and try to be friendly, maybe paw at the people passing by and put on a good show, but my heart had been broken, and there seemed to be in point in even trying. I just huddled in the corner of my cage, wishing my beloved person would come back and rescue me from this terrible loneliness.

    Then one day a visitor came who wasn’t there to adopt cats. Apparently she used to live in Winchester, and when she came through on business she would stop by the shelter and visit the cats, so they could have some company. The staff called it “socializing us.” I was hungry for attention, but so depressed that I could not come forward and beg for it like all the others were doing. I just huddled in the corner of my cage looking miserable, hoping she would notice me.

    Then she came to my cage and her eyes met mine, and I knew that she understood what I was going through. She read my card, where it said that I was incredibly friendly and got along with everyone, and then asked if she could hold me. I was so frail then, because I hadn’t been eating well, but the feeling of being held again was so overwhelming I just grabbed her with both arms in a big hug and purred and purred and purred, and I would not let go, because I just wanted to stay with her forever.

    She laughed and said something about needing a third cat like she needed a hole in the head, but I could see that she understood how sad I was, and it was breaking her heart. She said that she thought the saddest thing in the world was when a cat who had lived their whole life in a loving household was suddenly abandoned, and had to spend its last hours in a lonely cage, not knowing why it had lost its home and family. The shelter said I was pretty old and it would be hard to find someone to adopt me, and she said that the least she could do was take me home and make sure my last few years were comfortable.

    So I wound up in a beautiful townhouse with two other cats. There were cats beds in front of every big sunny window and a fenced yard where we were allowed to go when the weather was good, to chase butterflies and nibble grasss in the sun. Best of all, I had so much love! I snuggled with my new mom every chance I got, and when she had guests over I went up to them one by one and meowed at them until they understood that their primary job when visiting was to pet me. At night I would snuggle up against my mom’s cheek.

    I guess the love gave me a new lease in life, because so many years passed that people started being amazed by it. I did have some health problems. When I was 18 the vet said that my kidneys were failing, so I had to eat special food. I hated it when I had to have hydration shots, so I promised my mom if she got me a water fountain which was like a little waterfall I would drink enough to stay healthy. I didn’t feel sick at all, though, unless mom gave me medicine. I hated medicine; it made me throw up. Later, when I was 20, the vet saw something on my Xray that concerned him, and mom brought me in for an ultrasound. It turns out I had lung cancer. The vet said that I was too fragile for any kind of operation, but there were other treatments we could talk about.

    So mom had a heart to heart talk with me that night, and I told her how much I hated medicine and shots and being sedated and stuck under noisy machines at the vet. I was going to die pretty soon one way or another, and I would much rather have six happy months with her than 12 miserable ones. So mom said okay, and she started letting me the food I loved once more, and only gave me medicine to keep me from feeling sick. i was really happy, I got to eat my old treats again and do anything I wanted!

    The doctors had said that if I was lucky I would make it a whole year. But I made it four more years. Up until the last week I was totally happy, and never showed any signs of feeling sick. Mom called me her Miracle Kitty. In the end, though, I got very weak because my lungs weren’t working well, and my beloved mom kept the promise she had kept to me years ago, that she would let me go to the Rainbow Bridge before the kidney disease progressed to the painful stage. She cried and cried and cried when it came time to say goodbye, but it was a good promise to make, and I really appreciated that she kept it.

    She had adopted me in my senior years, out of compassion, so that hopefully I could have a few good years at the end of my life. But I lived to 24, and had as much time with her as I had with my first home. I’m writing this to encourage everyone to consider older cats for adoption, because there is a lot of life left in us, and tons and tons of love.

  48. Anna   March 9, 2014 at 7:59 pm  

    My name is Buster. I am writing this covertly from under the couch. I was living with my family until 3 weeks ago. They left me outside of a church with a note. “My name is Buster. I am 7 years old and neutered. My family is living in a shelter and cannot keep me anymore. Please find me a nice home.” I’m sure they were sad to leave me, but I was so scared. I sat out there all night with the cars whizzing by. In the morning, a lady came to the church and brought me inside. I didn’t want anything to do with her, what if she hurt me? I stayed in a little room for a few days, then the pastor took me home. I didn’t want anything to do with him either. He had a loud, booming voice that I didn’t like. Then he took me to the vet and I got stuck with needles. I was so scared I just froze. I lived in the bathroom for a few days, then they let me out to explore the house. There are other cats here. I can hear them, but so far I’ve managed to elude most of them. One of them hissed at me. She seems like a cranky old lady. And there’s a BIG DOG! Don’t know what to make of her yet. The people here keep trying to be my friend, but I won’t speak to them – NEVER! I only yell obscenities at them. I’ll just sneak out when they’re all asleep to eat and pee. Then back into the couch. I hear them talking about me. They talk to the other cats a lot, they call them silly names. The dog too, geez, do they ever talk to the dog! Maybe I’ll give them a chance, someday. Just not today!
    ***Here’s hoping Buster will let his guard down a little and join the family. Hopefully there will be a happy second chapter to Buster’s story!**

  49. Gail   March 9, 2014 at 8:21 pm  

    My name is Kitska (that’s Ukranian for “kitten!” I am a 3 year old Birman. They say I’m mixed, but I don’t know, I’m pretty perfect. My first memory is living in a house with a lot of cats. There were mostly young kittens, but some older cats too. Some of them would play too rough with me, and it scared me. I mostly just hid. Then, one day, a lady came with her father, who was a very old man, and they said they wanted me. Me? What did they want with me? Oh no! I have to hide. I had the perfect hiding place, they’d never find me: underneath the fridge! They were very determined. The lady that lived at the house moved the fridge and scooped me up. The lady and her father took me home. It was a long car ride. When I got there I knew I had to find a hiding place fast! The lady was very nice, though. I slowly came out and let her pet me. She gave me very good food. Her father would sit and pet me too. Sometimes I liked to play on him while he was sleeping. The lady’s husband did not sit still long enough for me to come to him. The dog wasn’t too bad either. There was something wrong with her legs, so she couldn’t chase me. Then, their daughter moved in with us. She brought her 2 cats with her. Penny is very cranky and doesn’t like me. But, then I met…Oscar. He was so handsome and sweet. An orange tabby prince! He ignored me a lot, but that made me like him more. I just had to be near him, so I followed him everywhere. He was a very old man too. He died, he did have a lot of health problems. I miss him so much. A year later, another orange cat came to the house. Ashby! It was like Oscar had sent him so I wouldn’t be lonely! He does so many things that Oscar did! We play and chase each other around the house. We lounge outside on the screened in porch. Sometimes I almost forget that I used to be scared. I don’t hide much anymore. I still only really like my mom, but sometimes I will let other people pet me. There is a new dog in the house. She has really long legs and can run really fast. But, she doesn’t chase me. She’s actually not bad. Penny is still cranky. I’m just glad that I have Ashby and my tuna. Things are actually pretty good!

  50. Lina   March 17, 2014 at 4:23 am  

    Hi, I am Elka, a 7-year old female feral cat and that’s my real story. I was living on the streets of Varna, Bulgaria until a year ago along with hundreds of thousands of other feral cats. Hunger, diseases, torture, every kind of suffering you can imagine, we the feral cats have seen it all. Did you know they found a feral kitten in Bulgaria with all four paws cut off, and left to die? Unfortunately, out paws look a lot like rabbit paws and some people believe rabbit paws bring luck. So we get our paws cut off and put on a keychain and sold to tourists and ignorant people as rabbit paws. Poor us (and poor rabbits)… We the feral cats also get hit by cars… our litter gets put in bags and drowned… we get poisoned… we get stoned all the time and… we get shot. Yes, SHOT. That’s what happened to me and I am one of the very few who have survived it to tell you my story.
    Until recently, there was a city by-law in Varna that probibited giving food to any street animals. There was this lady who would come after midnight (so she doesn’t get caught) and bring food to me and a whole bunch of other feral cats.
    When I got shot by the “bad” people, they got me in the neck- but they missed the skull and the carotid artery so I was going to die a slow and painful death. I knew if someone was going to help me, it would be that lady that feeds us at night. But where to find her? I followed the scent and crawled and crawled… it turned out she doesn’t live close… but I kept crawling and finally made it to the front door of her apartment building. People came in and out of the apartment building all the time and noone helped me. Luckily, noone kicked me either- I was all covered in blood and dirt and they didn’t want to make their shoes dirty. I prayed to make it to midnight when the lady would come out… but God is merciful and late in the afternoon, there I saw this lady coming. I kept going in and out of consciousness and the next thing I remember is a man with kind hands and green gown (later I learned they call those men “vets”) giving me an injection…
    I am telling you this story while I am curled up in the lap of my human mommy that saved me and then adoped me. I am an old feral cat and it took me eight months to learn how to purr. I still purr real quiet…

  51. Adrian   March 31, 2014 at 11:24 pm  

    My name is Tiggy and I am 4 years old. I am a spotted tabby with a silver shinny coat and I know I’m spoilt loved and the only child around.
    I love my mommy and daddy loads. They are my best friends and have been with them ever since I was two weeks old. Mommy use to wake me up to give me bottle, rub out winds, help me to do no. 1&2 and clean some more. I use to enjoy every moment of it even if my claws came out grabbing on to the bottle.
    We travel a lot due to daddies work. I love watching cars and at night the blinking lights. I will have my own special bed made up for me that towers behind mommies neck when she’s driving. I am well behaved and do not bother her.
    Now I believe it’s time to assist around the house at times. I’m the best alarm clock in the world. Tender nose kisses against the cheek or a head rub on the forehead works every morning at 5am…..That last feeding clock stuck with me a bit. Mommy or daddy will get up to feed me my meaties and fresh biscuits before my morning hunt begin as this is also the time they get up.
    When daddy goes to work I will go and say goodbye with a rub and a tight bumm hug. He laugh when I do that.
    Mommy and I will play for a while. This will include running through my tunnels, tag, hide and seek or playing with my toys that I love scattering all over the lounge floor.
    Normally I am a bit tired after our playing session and might dose of in my kitty corner or find a lovely looking buch to sleep under…., normally as close to the bird feed as possible. Love lying on my back with my legs spread wide. This is also a perfect view for the ones flying past.
    I do go and hunt some times for mommies gifts. She’s so proud of me and let me take them to my room for safe keeping after showing her. The only thing is that they sometimes escape from my room and then I’ll go back and get a new one.
    Mommy loves nature and I know I’m not allowed to kill birdies nor mice. Got a big one the other day and carried it gently behind the neck like a baby. Mommy got tears in her eyes while I gently tried to clean the baby. He wasn’t as friendly, tried to bite me with every lick. Have to say, he doesn’t taste like my katnip one inside the house. Mommy took him away from me after she recorded me loving him. She took me inside and I got rewarded for being such a good boy.
    Every afternoon after feeding time I’ll go and play outside for a while. My clock in time is at eight. Don’t know why, but mommy have this thing. She investigate my ears and give me a quick brush or massage every time.
    Play time is important for me. I’ve got some kind of Egiptian breed blood in me and require play before sleep. I’m loving every moment of it. Even mastered the art of making front rolls threw my front legs just like mommy.
    She’s proud of me and spoil me with treats when I get something right.
    Sleep time now. Cuddle up on mommies lap for a while. Of cause on my back for that last tummy tickle while I deside if I’ll pick the play corner, my room on my single bed with the big fluffy pillow or spooning with mommy later.
    Anyways, gotta go.
    Thank you so much for getting to know me better.
    Lots of love Kat Daddy !
    From, Tiggy the Great.

  52. Sarah   April 22, 2014 at 6:48 am  

    So I just got a 8 week old kitten off CL 3 weeks ago and he is a bundle of play. He is super crazy in the morning and will walk up and swat you like crazy fro the first few hours and will swat a human over a toy hands down. But my concern is mostly that at night if he is in bed with me he will come over and suckle on my ear like he was trying to get some milk. As cute as it is that he is displaying this behavior with me like I was his mom it is slightly painful and fairly disgusting to have an ear sucked on. What do I do to curb this little habit.


We regret that Jackson does not answer questions posted in the comments. This is due to his demanding schedule and the high volume of requests he receives. But most importantly, since he has not met your cat, it would be contrary to his approach for him to give specific personalized advice for your specific situation. That being said, general questions and issues are addressed throughout this blog, in his book Cat Daddy and of course, the show My Cat From Hell.

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