Jackson has been in the news a lot – check out some of the recent articles and videos below.

New York Times – “Television’s Men of Substance, Not Decoration”

Mr. Galaxy — shaved head, arms full of tattoos — seems physically at odds with his gentle voice and gentle approach to animals. The guy has flair: he carries his cat-wrangling supplies in a guitar case. But though he may be dealing with humans who have been terrorized and even bloodied by their out-of-control pets, he’s a model of consistency. The cats, not the people, are his No. 1 priority. He’ll have humans change their habits, rearrange their furniture and more to try to address a cat’s issues. Mr. Pussycat, as it were.

New York Times – “And You Used to Think Hairballs Were Bad”

Mr. Galaxy — yes, it feels ridiculous writing that — looks like a Hells Angel, but his love and respect for cats seems genuine, and his advice appears actually to help the clients, most of whom are couples whose crazed pets are affecting their relationships. Some of these people are downright terrified of their cats.

Yahoo! Music Blogs – “New Favorite Show Alert: ‘My Cat From Hell'”

He’s the kind of magic man who can lull a shelter’s roomful of ferocious felines to sleep, and I imagine that if he didn’t already have a girlfriend (who shares his living quarters with five kitties and two dogs), and if Best Coast’s cat-obsessed Bethany Cosentino wasn’t still going out with that dude from Wavves, Jackson and Bethany could be the cutest crazy cat couple in rock.

Layla Morgan Wilde – “Animal Planet’s Latest Star Is The Cat’s Meow”

At first glance, Jackson Galaxy is the quintessential, bearded, tattooed L.A. hipster musician type with a laid back tone and a mellow voice; but scratch the surface and you’ll find a 45-year-old, Jewish New Yorker who happens to love and understand cats like no other.

New York Post – “Galaxy’s quest ‘Cat listener’ Jackson Galaxy allows owners to understand kitty’s mind and beyond”

With his goatee and tattoos, not to mention his custom-lined guitar-case-turned-pet-supply-kit, Galaxy might not seem like a typical “cat person” — but who better than a New Yorker inked with images of cats and his own set of whiskers to mediate between a fussy feline and its guardian?

AOL News – “LA Cat Expert Jackson Galaxy Vows To Save Each ‘Cat From Hell'”

If you have a cat from hell, Jackson Galaxy may be the guy who can get little Mittens to start acting normal. Well, normal as a cat can be, anyway.

Gawker – “Cat Whisperer Cures Cat That Pees in Owner’s Mouth”

Whereas Cesar Milan’s clients pee on the carpet, Jackson Galaxy’s clients pee directly into the mouths of their sleeping owners. (When they aren’t drawing blood and sinking their fangs into children.)

Daily Breeze – “Behaviorist knows how to handle `Cat from Hell'”

Galaxy gets to know the cats, the family dynamics and the environment and then uses his experience and instincts to find a solution.