#RescueCat Photo Contest

UPDATE: Winner Announced!

Big congratulations to our winning cat, Jameson Zane of Wisconsin!  This adorable guy is going to have his paws full real soon.  His guardian will be helping him to pick out $100 worth of products from The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate!

But...why is he wearing pajamas?  Scroll down for his story, which includes the answer....

His guardian, Beth H., did a great job of summing up his story.  Here it is.

Jameson Zane, left for euthanasia at a vet's office because of incontinence and Spina Bifida, my friend who works in rescue was present and took him home...after hearing about him, I asked to adopt him and another friend who is a flight attendant volunteered to fly him from North Carolina home to Wisconsin! He is now my beloved baby and I can't imagine life without him!

Congrats again to Jameson Zane.

And a big THANK YOU to everyone in #TeamCatMojo for participating, voting, commenting, and most of all...rescuing and helping shelter cats!  Even though the contest is over, it's still totally worth it to scroll through and read people's entries.  The power of #TeamCatMojo is all over this thing.  (Yes, that means you and your #TeamCatMojo community!)

Whether it's through being a voice of support and awareness in the public at large, adopting, volunteering with a shelter, or stepping up to offer resources when your co-worker tells you "My boyfriend found a cat....."  You are the change-makers.

From Jackson, Petmate, and the cats: THANK YOU.


Win $100 Worth of Jackson Galaxy Cat Toys

Hey there #TeamCatMojo!  It feels like it's time for a photo contest :) And we want to let you know about this one!

The Big Picture

Jackson's work as The Cat Daddy is all about one thing --  to help save the millions of cats that die in shelters each year.

If you're reading this, you've probably helped to save a shelter cat.  Which makes you part of #TeamCatMojo and making that mission a reality.

Now for the smaller picture that could help you win big.

This Photo Contest is for You

Enter your photos of your Rescue Cat and share your story right here.

The winner will receive $100 worth of cat toys from the Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate!

Prize products may vary from what's shown in the photos, but here's a look....

Petmate GOFISH

The Jackson Galaxy Collection

The Jackson Galaxy Collection brings together insights from Jackson’s decades of experience as a trusted cat behaviorist and Petmate’s 50+ years of leadership in the pet industry.

The deadline for entering is June 4, 2015, so head over now to enter!

How to Star in Jackson's New Book

The Back Story

If you've been part of #TeamCatMojo for a while, you know about catification.  Not just the concept of building spaces for both you and your cat (cat shelves, catios, and the like) but also about Catification the book.  Catification: Designing a Happy & Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) became a New York Times Bestseller!

Things As They Stand Now

Well now, Jackson and his co-author, Cat Style Expert Kate Benjamin are looking for the stars of their next book, which is still in the works.  Here's how it's gonna go and how you can be immortalized in print for the worldwide legions of #TeamCatMojo.  Jackson, take it away...

Get Yourself In The Books

Go here to prove your catification skills to Jackson & Kate and get yourself in the pages of their next big book.

Will it be another New York Times Bestseller?  Only time will tell.

Will you be in it?  That's up to you....

"Bad Cat (Theme from 'Cat Mojo')"


Well hello #TeamCatMojo.  The Cat Daddy wanted to have a little fun.


Music and Cats and You

How about a digital download of the song Jackson Galaxy wrote about cats?

Bad Cat (Theme from "Cat Mojo")

The theme for his series of "Cat Mojo" videos is now ready and waiting to be downloaded as an audio file.  And as a ringtone.

Proceeds go to The Jackson Galaxy Foundation

The download is available for those who make a contribution to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation using this page.  All proceeds are going to better the lives of sheltered animals by transforming the places they live and helping the people who care for them.

Bad Cat song download bundle
Bad Cat song download bundle

Bad Cat BUNDLE -- includes 3 audio files

  • full-band studio version (0:51) of "Bad Cat (Theme from 'Cat Mojo')," written and performed by Jackson Galaxy
  • (0:16) length version, ideal for use as a ringtone
  • (0:16) length version as an .m4r, the format required for use as a ringtone on Apple mobile device
GetItHere button
GetItHere button

Catify The World: Show Us Your Litter Box!

ShowUsYourLitterBox Not to get too personal, but...

Show Us Your Litter Box!

We hope you’re enjoying the new book Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!).

The goal of Catification was to inspire you to catify, so of course -- we want to see what you’ve done!

Show us your Catification

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be asking about specific projects in your home.  They might be things you’ve worked on since reading the book, or they might be bigger projects that you have yet to tackle.  No worries! We want to see it all!  The more we share ideas with other cat guardians, the more we can help each other to create awesome environments for our cats and build our community.

First up: Litter Box Catification

Please click the link below to fill out our questionnaire and upload some photos to show us what you have going on. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve got for us!





2014 Video Scrapbook: Catification Tour


What a Year

It was a big year for us, #TeamCatMojo.

A new season of My Cat From Hell, a new book that hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list (co-authored with Cat Style Expert Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther.com), The new Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate, and the launch of The Jackson Galaxy Foundation, including a holiday donation of $20,000 of pet food from Wellness Natural Pet Food for Dogs and Cats.

The highlight of it all, though, was getting to meetyou face-to-face.  Most of it happened during the Fall, on the book tour for Catification: Designing a Happy & Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!).

Thank You

Thank you for coming out to hear me and meet me.  Thank you for making me smile.  And thanks for being a reminder of why I do what I do.

Here's a Video Scrapbook

As we look back on 2014, I just wanted to say thanks for the memories!

Here's to more great things for the kittens, cats and people of #TeamCatMojo in 2015 and beyond!

#adoptdontshop #spayneuter #TNR #catify