Students and Teachers

Zeke and JXN Today I’m thinking about how being with animals reminds me that it’s possible to be fearlessly in the now, connected to source and be alive inside every moment.

I seem to have the attention span of a fly. When I sit with a cat friend I’m reminded that there is stillness of mind that I aspire to, that I’m sure I can be taught.

According to this interesting study, the thing we thought cats do all day while we’re gone, sleep, actually comes in a distant last to the number one activity, looking out the window – a study in determined stillness and a touching of the true Buddha nature:

As must be true for so many people in the business of caring for animals, it’s the ones that aren’t in that present, strong, free space that I’m magnetically drawn to, that I need to be and to work with.

By nature it seems, I’m a “fixer”-it drives my friends crazy. Not that I could hang drywall or take apart anything that requires a screwdriver, but when I see or feel something inside the human or animal world that feels to me like bone-on-bone, I just want to get down to business and, well, fix it.

One of the great things about getting older (did I say that? I meant more mature) is that I’m becoming more patient with the universe. I also am OK looking at all of the bone-on-bone within myself. I’m only as good a teacher as I am a student. Quiet moments spent with cats who have been thrown out of their Buddha nature reminds me that we can heal one another and inspire one another to take that next step back towards wholeness. Nature made us whole, made us fearless; circumstances may have set us adrift but it’s a true blessing to have company in the lifeboat. Together we, along with the lifeboat and the water we drift in, will do all of the fixing.