A Bad Case Of Writer’s Blog…

OK, I’m still relatively new to the blogoshpere – both reading and writing. It seems more often than not at this point, trying to post something ends in a big steaming pile of frustration. It’s not because I’m dry on ideas – quite the opposite. My ideas come to me like divebombing swallows. It’s catching the unruly things that becomes an exercise . An hour after first thinking of something huge, I’ve got a squeaky toy in hand, on the carpet trying to remember what happened. I know myself well enough; if I’m on the floor for an hour with the animals, I was definitely abandoning the idea ship in favor of the next shiny (or squeaky) thing.

That’s why my blog posts have come so infrequently. I’ve come to think that just having an idea that relates to the cat life is not enough. It must be (dramatic music…) the perfect post.

I’m reminded of the late, great Spalding Gray in his filmed monologue Swimming To Cambodia. In it, among other topics, he maniacally riffs on “the perfect moment.” No matter where he traveled, he couldn’t just experience the trip. It had to end in a perfect moment, one so rattling and hallucinatory that he could put a period on the sentence, the cherry on top of his experiential sundae. That’s what I’ve come to with my blog – if it doesn’t contain a perfect moment then why would I bother?

I’ll tell you why…

This is a picture of George Balanchine, possibly the most influential choreographer of the 20th century. And his cat, Murka. Although his encyclopedic knowledge of human movement must have informed many breakthroughs that resulted in his co-founding the New York Ballet, I can tell you that Balanchine learned something about grace, fluidity and the pursuit of the perfection of form from his cat. And he must also have thought, from time to time, as I think now – that watching Murka sail above the living room boiled all of the “big ideas,” with their lofty discourse and furrowed brows, into moments of pure, joyful dance.

In tonight’s attempt to break this nasty case of “perfect momentitis,” or “writer’s blog,” I wanted to start simply sharing – there is no revelation here, and no big ideas; just a picture that I dig so much that I blew it up and put it above my desk. So…I wanted to take my ideas down from the mountain, so to speak, and simply… share. So, here, with love. Have a cat-tastic Thursday!