Getting ready for the premiere of my new Animal Planet series "My Cat From Hell" has me reflecting a bit - it's been a long long road, a lot of cats and a lot of people who thought that said cats hated them for some reason known only to them. Gotta say I still get a kick out of seeing the light go off in people's eyes when they realize that there's no reason to buy in to the cycle of who-hates-who. I've devoted my life to teaching the cat's eye view, and those moments pretty much make it all worthwhile (well, and also everything the cats have given me!) - I'm not even sure how I found out that Superchunk's new video for "Crossed Wires" was the perfect "Cat From Hell" moment. Just the thought of Superchunk and a cat video made me do a little dance. But on top of that, this song is fantastic - one of their best after all these years!

But, of course, the cherry on top is that from now on, when my clients tell me their cat-mares with the accompanying fantasy of their cats' agendas, I can just cue this bad boy up. Consider my weekend made.

Hey, and don't forget, let me hear what you think about the new show. Premieres Saturday night at 9/8 Central. Even if you don't like it, let me know. Course I'll be a lot happier if you do! Spread the word, and let's make it a regular part of everyone's Saturday night!