The Secret Life of Cato

This is Cato:

Now, Cato would like you tho think that he's "just another cat," staring out the window like he's got absolutely nothing else on his mind. Cato would LOVE for you to believe that he just sleeps, bats toys around, and lavishes attention on his people Mike and Tami and their son Benny (oh and the dog. Cato loves him some dog).

It's a ruse, people! Just a little private detective work in the age of Google, and I found it. I knew something about him was just a! All I'm saying is you should've broken out that checkbook when you had the chance, Cato. Now I have to show the world...These!

Music, crime fighting, and lastly...Political idealogue!!

...I'm just saying people, you may know who you live with but do you? Obviously not. Do your background check now - you'll thank me later!