Laser Toys: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Part 2

Part Two: More about The Good

In my previous blog post, I showed you how a laser pointer can be put to great use for a complete and healthy two-phase play therapy session for your cat.

But there's another great use for laser pointers, and it doesn't have to do with play, directly.

It has to do with introducing momentary distractions, and those momentary distractions help when dealing with multi-cat problems.

Because of my distaste for aversive reactions or punishment, I look for more proactive, positive approaches whenever possible.

Let's take, for example, the bully cat, always stalking his victim. Of course we have to read the body language of stalking in the first place, but once we see that, we can act.

Here's how it goes, right?  Bully gets into a low crouch and begins to walk around the room, belly almost touching the floor, and hiding behind table legs and such.  Because laser pointers these days come with a belt loop attachment, you can have it on you at all times.  When you see this behavior, "POW!"  Laser time.  Suddenly, there’s a much more attractive "victim," shining in the bully’s peripheral vision.  With a little laser dancing, you can probably get 'bully cat' to pay enough attention to it to praise them for doing something right, as opposed to yelling and screaming when the impending cat fight breaks out.

So, that's another positive user for laser toys.  But, honestly, as opposed to many other of the toy options out there, the laser does have limited uses by comparison.

You'll see what I mean in my next post: LASER TOYS: THE BAD

Until next time, take care out there in the cat lovin' world.

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