Exboyfriend Giveaway!

Time for a contest!

Jackson's been filming the next season of "My Cat From Hell" for you.  (That's him on location up there in the pic, with his buddy Fuzz Aldrin.)

We've been quietly re-decorating the site.

You've been waiting patiently.

So here's your payoff –

mega-giveaway from Jackson and Exboyfriend.

Here's the prize package o' stuff:

  • Fuzz Aldrin T-shirt in your size

  • Fuzz Aldrin Art Print (Astro Camp power!)

  • DJ Kitty Belt

  • Groucho Barks/Pirate Kitty Keychain Bottle Opener

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post.

The winner will be drawn at random and announced here on the blog, on the morning of Monday, April 23, 2012.

Hope this funs-up your week and weekend!

Check out all the cool stuff at Exboyfriend - they even have a freebies page of gift tags, bottle markers, cards and gift card sleeves that you can download right away.

Good luck on the contest, and happy commenting!