Spirit Essences Report: Mufasa • Olive & Pepper


Just as we did during the last season of "My Cat From Hell," we'll be presenting an on-going series called the Spirit Essences Report.  This series will give you an inside look at how Jackson puts to use the holistic remedies he created with Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve over a decade ago.  This is how Jackson helps the cats (and their guardians!) you see on the show...off camera.

Spirit Essences are not essential oils.  They are holistic remedies, and the only veterinarian-formulated line of its kind in the world. Jackson has developed and refined the remedies based on his over 15 years of experience and the needs of his clients.  They have been extremely successful, even in very difficult situations.  For more info, check out www.SpiritEssences.com

And now, presenting this season's first installment of  The Spirit Essences Report.

Issue: this young male bengal demonstrated two main issues shown in this episode, and one that you didn't see, but you'll soon read about.  1) he stalked and attacked his guardian Suzanne like clockwork every night. 2) he urinated regularly on the hardwood floors in Justin and Suzanne's home.  For issue number 3, keep reading...

Jackson says:  "For Mufasa, we used Safe Space for Cats and we used Happy Tummy.  Mufasa was having major troubles in terms of territorial marking.  As seen on the show, Mufasa was having issues with the neighborhood cats outside his window.  So to help him feel more grounded and also to help him feel braver when he went outside to meet the cats, we used Safe Space for Cats.  Mufasa was also born seemingly, with serious digestive issues.  When I met him, he had never had a solid poop in his entire life.  And he was two years old.   Along with changing his diet to a raw diet, we used Happy Tummy, and were thrilled that by the time I left him, he was actually having solid poops for the first time in his life."

Spirit Essences Jackson put to use

Olive & Pepper

Issue: Olive earned the nickname "General Olive" because she was constantly 'on patrol' and unleashing her feline-fury on the other cat in the house, Pepper.  The situation was made doubly terrifying for Pepper because the layout of Mike and Emilie's apartment was full of dead-ends where Pepper had no escape route.  The problem was solved with a combination of behavioral, environmental (see the 'Catification' section), and holistic medicine approaches.

Jackson says:  "Olive and Pepper demonstrated a classic bully-victim dynamic.  And Ultimate Peacemaker was used to help smooth things out and redefine the relationship while we worked a step-by-step course of behavioral action."

Spirit Essences Jackson put to use