Training Your Human to Play with Your Cat

Sphynx cat
Sphynx cat


In season 3, episode 3 of My Cat From Hell, Jackson helped Travis and Diane – and Oscar their Sphynx cat – just get along.

Travis had some ideas about cats that weren't helping their situation.

To explain, here's Jackson:

What I wound up doing with Travis was, he had grown up on a farm and he didn't know anythingbut running around watching cats outside.

He didn't have an indoor cat in his life.  So now, not only does he have an indoor cat but it's a Sphynx.  So he has to bathe the cat once a week, and there's just a lot of grooming that goes on with a Sphynx.

But in terms of getting Oscar's energy out of him, I gave him toys to use with Oscar, because having it would approximate what he had seen on the farm, which was: cats chasing mice.

And these cat toys actually worked perfectly.

With proper play therapy works wonders.  You can find specially designed cat toys and a whole bunch of other tools that Jackson uses and recommends for his clients, at his online store: