Catification: DIY Mini Cat Staircase

Elieen from Madison, Alabama submitted these fabulous cat stairs for our Catification column. Here's a little bit about how Eileen and her husband created this wonderful walkway for their cats:

"Inspired from seeing various catification DIY projects I thought it would be great to increase the vertical space available to my cats by providing them a mini staircase. With the help of my husband, Keith, we designed a staircase using poplar wood. We wanted to achieve a floating staircase appearance so the tricky part was designing the staircase so that the rises lined up with studs in the wall (to provided adequate support) without having too steep of an angle. Keyhole hangers were used to hang the completed staircase onto screws that were drilled into the studs. The staircase was painted and felt pads were attached to each step with Velcro strips to prevent slipping. We chose to place the staircase in a corner of the room that was empty and could benefit from a unique form of cat art. The cats can go up the stairs and rest on the platform that is at the end of the stairs. Since we have the measurements for the staircase we could make another one and place it in the other direction so the cats could climb higher and hang out above the nearby window. But for now, I think the cats are pleased to have this new vantage point from where they can watch us."

Notes from Jackson: I completely agree that cats are the perfect form of art and you've created a wonderful way to show them off! I'd like to encourage you to use this as a starting point and consider extending the shelves and walkways around the room. In a multi-cat household, it's important to avoid any dead ends where an ambush could occur. Really beautiful work here!

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