Q&A: How To Help Your Cat Not Be Afraid of Strangers


Jackson answers your questions via video.

 "How do I help my cat not be so afraid of strangers?"

Jackson shares really simple but effective tips and tricks on how to help scaredy cats become braver cats.

Long before Jackson got his own T.V. show...

Jackson co-developed and started using his own line of holistic remedies for animals (not just cats, but for cats, dogs, horses, birds...even dolphins, donkeys, pigs, and spiders have used the remedies!  NOT kidding!)  Holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve was the other co-developer.

The remedies go by the name Spirit Essences.  (They're not essential oils, they're not homeopathic remedies.  They're essences.  Essences are a separate modality from oils or homeopathy, though they are considered part of the holistic health field.)

Among Spirit Essences' bestsellers are remedies especially to help cats who are afraid, shy, and in need of a sense of security.

Jackson named all the remedies himself, and uses them on almost every single case he works with, to this day.

He named one of the bestselling remedies Scaredy Cat.

Another, Safe Space for Cats.

Here are their descriptions:

Scaredy Cat

This is for the closet cat or the one who runs or cowers from touch, even from loved family members.  If your friends have never seen your cat, this is the right remedy for him or her!

Safe Space for Cats

Safe Space for Cats was formulated to help construct an energetic "bubble" around your cat.  In other words, this remedy helps reassure the cat that his territory is safe and protected from intruders from within and without.  You will notice a drop in urine-marking, aggression toward other animals, and increased self-confidence.