Catification: Creating a Cat Loft

Jeffrey from Aledo, Texas wanted to give his older cats access to an existing space above a set of double doors so they could get away from the new kittens. Using Ekby Jarpen shelves and Bjarnum brackets from IKEA (a popular DIY cat shelf combination), he created a staircase leading up to the new cat loft, which is now carpeted for everyone's napping comfort.

The Jarpen shelves are 4 feet long, so Jeffrey cut them in half to make smaller shelves. He also cut up an area rug, covered the edges with Gorilla tape, and stapled the carpet pieces to the tops of the shelves. He used wall anchors to secure the brackets to the walls, so each shelf can hold up to 70 lbs.

The shelves are spaced 18 inches apart, and the kittens can't reach the bottom shelf to climb up, so the adult cats now have their own private area, where they can watch the kittens playing from a safe distance.

Notes from Jackson: Jeffrey has a really adventurous sense of territory. His shelving not only gives clear access to main destination points, it creates many different lanes for his cat superhighway. What I love is that this is the cat equivalent of a human rock climbing wall, offering endless possible routes for climbing -- something I’m sure the cats will appreciate!

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