Trap-Neuter-Return on My Cat From Hell

Jackson Galaxy on TNR, as seen on My Cat From Hell.

As for the Trap-Neuter-Return piece of the Finn episode (season 3, episode 4), we did go out by her house and we did trap a cat.

It didn't seem feral, that's why we call them community cats, because whether they were quote "owned" by somebody, of it they're free-roaming, they're still out there and still our responsibility.

As with all of the cats you see on the show, we will send any un-neutered or un-spayed animal to Fix Nation where they graciously fixed every cat that we've sent their way, as they have for all of Greater Los Angeles' strays.

We used the Havahart Trap.

It does highlight the issue that Lara didn't believe there WAS a cat outside her door.

Not only is there one cat, there's a whole COMMUNITY of cats out there.

They strive for invisibility.

One piece of the puzzle that we didn't really talk about was that Lara had at some point, lost a cat to a coyote.   In her life and up in the Hollywood Hills, that was a very really possibility of that happening again.

So it was important that we round up these guys out there, as important as it was for us to keep Finn safe and inside.