Catification: Joy's Easy to Install Cat Climbing Shelves

Joy knew she needed to add some vertical space in her home for her seven cats to enjoy. She made it easy on herself by finding pre-made shelves at a home improvement store, which she installed to create this terrific cat superhighway. We really like how the cats can access the shelves from the sofa, and then get down at the other end via the chest of drawers. In a multi-cat home, it's important to make sure your cat superhighway includes both on- and off-ramps.

Here's what Joy has to say about her cat shelves:

"I wish I could say I made them, but the shelves came from Home Depot. After watching My Cat From Hell one day, I went on the hunt for shelves to see if things would improve in this very full household, and they did. Of my seven cats, four of them LOVE the shelves!!! We have shelves in two rooms now.

They were very easy to install. I used heavy duty anchors (2 to 4, 75 lb rated anchors per shelf) because I have some heavy weights! The shelf slides on to a steel bar, to give it the floating look. Even my 13 year old Brittany LOVES them and goes up on the 11 foot high shelf.

I bought carpet stair treads and industrial-strength Velcro for the top so kitties won't slip. I put baby blankets on lower shelves and beds on corner shelves."

Notes from Jackson:

Joy shows us how to seamlessly integrate cat climbing shelves with her personal aesthetic. It’s obvious that she didn't compromise her sense of style -- the shelves look like they belong with the art on the walls. I also love the ease of movement from shelf to shelf and love the fact that the corner piece provides an escape route if necessary, instead of “cornering” a cat.

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