Destination Feel

On last week's new episode of My Cat From Hell, you saw Mufasa (a female Norwegian Forest Cat) go from being a real bully to living peacefully with her guardians Rudy & Andrea.

There was a lot involved in the transformation, and there always is, because each situation is unique in terms of the history and habits of each pet and pet guardian.  (More on how that transition was made in future posts.)

But Jackson has some super simple insights and steps you can take to create a more peaceful home for you and your cats.

Here's Jackson:

What we had Rudy and Andrea do was basically rearrange their whole house to accommodate Mufasa, because that place could fit in a shoebox.  It was the smallest apartment!

And Rudy and Andrea used to live in a big place before they moved from Boston.  So it was a real bad transition for Mufasa.

That's why I was so insistent that they open up that closet space for her.  Remember in the episode, I was pretty insistent – and they were pretty resistant – so I spent the entire time just trying to get them to open it.  When they finally did, I was just happy they had done it.

But we could go a step further pretty easily.

And that is: make the space more of a destination.  See, what they didn't do was actually create a "destination feel" in the closet.

Remember, they said that Mufasa went there to self-regulate her anxiety. It's exactly what I suspected, so in that case, we would want more beds in there.

More things for her to own, more things she can get her scent on.

Remember in that short shot that you might have seen, there was just a cardboard box that she was laying on.

Why not make it something where her scent can be strong?  So she walks in there and feels a sense of belonging and ownership, which is something Mufasa wasn't feeling.

That's a step we didn't see on the show, and I would have loved to have seen it.

It's an easy thing you can do for your cats.