Does Your Cat Pee Outside the Litter Box?

This might be a factor.

Jackson talks about what you didn't see on the most recent episode of My Cat From Hell, when he worked with Mufasa (a female Norwegian Forest Cat) and her guardians Rudy and Andrea. Here's Jackson:

So, this is something that can be fairly obvious to me and not obvious to the people I work with.  Which is: certain litter boxes themselves can sometimes be really inconvenient and really uncomfortable for a cat.

In Rudy & Andrea's apartment, there was actually a very small litter box tucked into a corner, with a liner in it.

And Mufasa was peeing almost in the pockets of the liner.

When you see your cat going not inside the box...

but getting the perimeters around it, it indicates sort of a dance around litter that is indicating discomfort.  Not just physical discomfort, but spacial discomfort, that "I don't fit here" feeling.

And Mufasa's a big cat.  Norwegian Forest Cats are big and they're fluffy.

There's a whole vibe with big fluffy cats...

It's why we always remove the lids of litter boxes with these fluffy cats.

When they walk into the litter box, all that fur can create a static charge.  They hit the liner or lid and they get zapped.

If you get a zap, why would you go back there?

Nobody goes back to places they get electric zaps from.

So that's why I really made them

  • take the liner out and also
  • get a much bigger box.

Here's the funny part about people who use liners and are fairly quote-unquote "immaculate" about changing their litter boxes.  This wasn't on the show....

These guys were going through 25 pounds of litter a week because they were taking all the litter out.  Not just expensive, think about the landfill consequences!  Twenty-five pounds a week.  One cat.  Using clay litter - that remember folks - does not decompose.

That's crazy.

That just tells you again, if you're using liners, for the most part: don't.

You're using too much litter.  Your cat's claws will get stuck in it.

For more rants on this see my video "The Politics of Litter."