The Fascination Factor

Jackson speaks about a huge factor in human/cat relationships.

Here, he refers to episode 5 (season 3) of My Cat From Hell.

Here's Jackson...

The episode was much more about Ruben the human than Roscoe the cat.

Ruben needed a lot of work to get to the point where he was not just a guardian but a friend to Roscoe.

The day that switch flipped inside of Ruben, where he said...

"Wait a minute, I'm kind of fascinated by this cat…"

...that's when the corner is turned.

As soon as fascination clicks in, then the whole relationship is saved, in my opinion.

When they go from being a pain in your ass to something that you're really fascinated to watch, interact with in the space, and with you, then from fascination comes a deeper bond and that definitely happened with Ruben and Roscoe.