Escape Artists

My Cat From Hell shows you a lot of what happens when Jackson rescues cats and their guardians from a hellish situation.

But it can't always show everything.

When Jackson went over to help Roscoe the rambunctious cat and his guardians Danielle and Ruben recently (season 3, episode 5), something happened that spurred Jackson enough to make sure he told you about it.

Here's Jackson:

We didn't show this [on the T.V. episode].

They [Danielle & Ruben] were talking to me about how Roscoe gets out all the time; he's an amazing escape artist.

I said okay tell me about it, and as they were telling me about it – I had been in the house for five minutes – Roscoe reached up, opened the sliding glass door of their patio, and was gone.  Like, out onto the patio balcony and was gone; luckily they were on the ground floor.

We got him back pretty uneventfully.

And that's number one by the way:

Cat escapes – don't run after them.

You run and start screaming their name and they will keep running.  If you just walk outside, and you breathe and you call their name very gently (even though you're panicking) they won't panic, and you'll be able to swoop them up most of the time.  Which is what happened with Roscoe.

But the second thing is this: Roscoe had no collar on.  Not only did he have no collar on, this is a chronic escape artist: no collar, no tags, no microchip.

And they didn't have a great picture, a current picture of Roscoe.

These are three major things that have to happen with your cat...

...especially if they're escape artists, but with every cat really.

  • First of all, even if your cats are 100% indoors, they should have collars on with tags saying at the very least your phone number.
  • Secondly, all cats should be microchipped.  Not just for the obvious, which is that if they get picked up, every shelter in the U.S. at this point has a scanner.  They will scan, and get your proper information.  Also by the way, Ruben and Danielle had just moved.  So you have to make sure that the address information that's registered to your microchip is current.

And also this is crazy but true: there are people who drive around and swoop up stray animals.  And those animals can be used for laboratory testing.  If those animals have microchips, legally they can't be.  So that's "kind of important," too.

  • Lastly, they didn't have a current picture of Roscoe.  If your cat goes missing, you put up a clear, frontal current picture of them.  Showing features on their face, the length of their fur, their color...then you make as many flyers as you can saying "This is Roscoe, he's missing, here's my number, call me."  If it's a fuzzy picture, if it's one from when he was a kitten – not gonna help you.

So, to sum it up, make sure your cats have a collar and tag, microchip, and clear picture for flyers in case they get lost.

That's what Roscoe was missing.