Catification: A Modern Cat Living Room

Krissa and John from Oregon enjoy a more modern aesthetic, and they wanted to create a living space that they could enjoy with their cats. By carefully selecting items and finishes, they created a beautiful and functional space that everyone loves. Here's what Krissa has to say about the project:

"We were inspired by Jackson' s show "My Cat from Hell" to put together a modern living area that is fun for our three cats.

We got the Baobab cat tree from Square Cat Habitat, located in Portland, OR. We picked out the carpet pieces and chose the color of the fiberboard laminate. For fun, we added a dangling catnip toy, too.

We purchased the large ODDA cabinet from IKEA and we used three L-shaped brackets to put it on the wall. We bought additional coordinating carpet pieces from Square Cat Habitat and used velcro to make what looks like a landing strip on the top of the cabinet. We got the long LACK shelf from IKEA and attached it to the adjacent wall using our own molly bolts with provided brackets.

There is a cat hutch between the Baobab cat tower and the couch, it's from The Circa50 Collection by Modernist Cat. We picked out the wood and the top and inner cushion colors. It's great for the cats because they can lounge on top, run across it, or go through the holes in the sides.

In the kitchen, we have the cat's carrier set out so that they are comfortable with being in it as well as using it to get onto the window ledge. We built the island specifically for the cats to have their meals and water on, then on the bottom level they can use one of their multiple litter boxes. On the windowsill we have two cat grass plants and in the middle a catnip plant. Our cats love to mosey over to their garden and sniff or sometimes chew off parts of the plants. We sometimes trim the plants and mix it in with their canned food.

Our cats love lounging on the cat tree, perching on one of their shelves, chasing their toys, running up and down the different towers, lying on and scratching in their Scratch Lounge, and eating on their own island. They have so many toys, towers, and scratching posts they are always content and have never inappropriately chewed on any of our other furniture, curtains, etc. They feel content in their space."

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