Catification: Tracy & Simon's DIY Cat Climbing Tower

With the help of her dad, Tracy, from Northern Ireland, transformed a regular storage shelf into a fabulous custom cat climbing tree for her new kitten, Simon. They started with an inexpensive pre-made shelf and cut holes in the three upper shelves, large enough for Simon to climb through. They covered each shelf with carpet scraps then Tracy took the sisal rope off an old scratcher and wrapped one of the legs. She plans to continue wrapping the legs with sisal to create more scratching surfaces. Tracy added a few toys and a cozy bed, and Simon now has the best custom cat tree ever! Check out this video that Tracy made of the whole process, which only took an afternoon:

Notes From Jackson: I absolutely love this project for a few key reasons. First, Tracy and her dad show how just a little imagination and a little elbow grease can make something that will no doubt benefit Simon for the rest of his life. He learns, at a very early age, to appreciate the vertical world and use it as an extension of his territory. He gains confidence at a time when his social skills are developing at the speed of light. And, as she demonstrates at the end, she becomes an important cog in the learning machine, creating a bonding exercise and showing him that love and reward comes from accepting challenge. And to top it off I just love Tracy. Her optimism is so contagious. Great work, Tracy, and welcome to Team Cat Mojo!!

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