Catification: Re-purposed Cat Climbing Shelves

You don't have to spend a lot of money to catify! Check out this inspirational project from Jessica in DeKalb, Illinois. She and her husband used some leftover shelves to create this awesome kitty climbing wall.

"My husband used spare shelves from a bookcase/entertainment storage case and some brackets from the local hardware store to build a lovely climbing wall for our Josie.  I've wanted a climbing spot for Josie for a long time but my husband never liked any of the climbers we could afford so he finally decided to make one on his own."

Notes from Jackson: This is a great start! I have a few observations that could really take this design to the next level. See the dead end at the uppermost shelf? Add a few more shelves, extending across the top of the doorway, and this becomes a cat superhighway, not just an isolated climbing wall. I notice the stroller in this pic, which tells me that there's a toddler around -- or else there will be one soon. It's already a great idea to move your cat up into the vertical world, but it will be an even greater thing to provide the superhighway so your cat can avoid the toddling, tail-grabbing "Kidzilla" phase!

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