A Few Words About Pump

Hi to all Cat Mojo-ers,

Pump's storyfrom last week's episode of My Cat From Hell was emotional for all involved, and judging by the unbelievable outpouring, for you as well.

Like all of our stories on the show, it's about keeping cats in their homes.

In our show, simply, the cats tell their story.  I work with that story, and we all work with our clients towards an organic and positive outcome.

The frustrating resistance, as well as the inspiring gains we made in forging a relationship between Candice and Pump were incredible and real - have no doubt about that.  The reactions Pump had from the healing energy in that room was revelatory to all three of us.  When we wrapped that story, I felt clarity and a true sense of my job being done.

Often the complexities of relationships go well beyond what we can address on air, and of course life goes on after the cameras turn off.

In this particular case, the couple apparently believed there was a better place for Pump, yet still within their family.  Pump is at home with Lucas' mom, who truly does love him.

You guys know my story by now.  I've advocated for, comforted and loved more animals than I can possibly count.  In the shelter and rescue world, we daily see unspeakable cruelty and neglect.  Pump is loved and is in a loving home, and that has to count for something.

In the past 3 seasons of My Cat From Hell, I've begun to see a dream realized: we are millions of people who love and live with cats, and we're making our voices heard in serious ways.

This community -- "Team Cat Mojo" -- has real-world potential.

We can take the passion I'm seeing beyond the four walls of our home and into the streets of our communities.  We can take this mojo and help realize the day in the near future where no animal dies homeless.

However, while many of the comments I'm seeing are based in love for Pump, the reactions also are counter-productive to our ultimate goal.

It's easy to succumb to the emotions of condemnation; much harder to expand our circle of love and access the bigger picture.

I'd like to ask that we put this behind us; please refrain from any further personal attacks on Candice and Lucas.

It serves no greater purpose, and Pump is, after all, in a home with a loving guardian.

I believe in Cat Mojo, which is to say I believe in compassion and education.

Please help me spread it.

- Jackson