Your Rescue of the Month Deal from Exboyfriend Apparel

Kitten Associates is Spirit Essence's Rescue of the Month for September

And ExBoyfriend has stepped up to give Kitten Associates some love!

This is the last week you have to swipe up cool cat gear from Ex-Boyfriend AND have your purchase help cats. 

Kitten Associates is getting $5 for each time

any apparel (long or short sleeve T or sweatshirt) with these 3 designs is purchased.

You've got 3 cool designs to pick from:

¡Fidel Catro! Catnip Freakout! Fuzz Aldrin

Read about why Kitten Associates is the new breed of cat rescue below. You can check out some of their adoptable pets on the Spirit Essences blog or at

Kitten Associates serves the Connecticut area.

Why Kitten Associates is the NEW Breed of Cat Rescue

One of our core foundations is that all cats require species appropriate nutrition to thrive. Our kittens have glossy coats, bright eyes and loads of energy that will carry on into their adulthood.

We require all adopters to continue our good feeding habits by NEVER feeding dry kibble of ANY KIND to our cats. We realize we may lose out on adoptions, but education is part of our mission. If people understand why kibble isn’t part of a wholesome diet, most often they’re eager to make the change.

The other reason why we’re the NEW Breed of Cat Rescue is because we help OTHER rescues do a better job at what they do.

We know we can’t save every cat out there, but we sure as heck can provide robust communication tools (via a custom-crafted database savvy web site) that give rescues the power to do more—and we don’t just help cat rescues—whoever rescues animals and needs help we want to be there for them.

Our fee? Free.

We offer free services by seeking out corporations and private donors to provide grants or sponsorships for our Kitten Associates CarePackage. It’s a GREAT way to give back to a community and empower small rescues.

We’re really proud to be able to offer these services and support, but our heart’s goal will always be to continue helping rescue cats and promoting legislation for spay/neuter programs throughout the United States.