How To Use Multiple Remedies

SE How To Use Multiple Remedies When looking at Spirit Essences and their descriptions, you may find that more than one remedy applies to your animal companion. This is quite common. After all, every animal is as unique as we are, and the combination of their inherent personality, life circumstances (past and present), and physical condition present a picture that is often difficult to address with a single set of essences.

For instance, let’s say you have a senior pet who is also recovering from what has turned out to be a lengthy illness. Feeling not himself, he has also begun to isolate from other family members. Other animals who he once tolerated very well are getting swiped at with increasing regularity. He is sore, physically not himself and it has turned him grouchy and somewhat despondent.

The answer in this case lies in two Spirit Essences Remedies: Healthy Helper and Graceful Aging. These two together will ensure we’re hitting his condition on all cylinders: behaviorally, energetically and physically. The question becomes, then: how to administer these two remedies?

We have to remember that each Spirit Essences remedy contains an average of 15-20 essences in them. Mixing them into one application would just be overwhelming and, honestly, cancel out the singular effect we’ve worked so hard to achieve.  The best way to approach this is by splitting out the application methods.  One remedy can be considered the “base remedy,” or the remedy that will stay on board for the long haul. The second, or complementary remedy is there to support the animal through its current problem.

In this case, Graceful Aging will be our base remedy, and Healthy Helper will be our complimentary remedy.

The base remedy gets put in water and wet food every day, so it’s available most often.

The complimentary remedy, then, gets applied topically or orally up to four times daily.

As an added application, the complimentary remedy can be administered by putting 2-3 dropper-fulls into an 8 oz plant mister and spritzing socially significant areas like beds, condos, sofas, etc.

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Spirit Essences are not meant to interfere with or replace the advice or treatment of your veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.