How To Use Essences

SE How To Use Essences Spirit Essences are not meant to interfere with or replace the advice or treatment of your veterinarian.  Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes.

Store Spirit Essence remedies out of direct sunlight and away from strong odors (cosmetics, medicines, spices) or electromagnetic fields (microwave, refrigerator, stereo).  In other words, a cabinet is best.


But no matter which method, always do this first: Tap the bottom of the bottle against the palm of your hand approximately 5 – 10 times before administering.  This activates the essence remedy and should be done each time immediately prior to administering.

  • Put a few drops in your hand, rub hands together and pet your animal’s head, body, ears, and/or paws.
  • Add 3-5 drops to water and food (Remember more drops does not equal better results)
  • Use our optional spray top to mist a room, carrier, bedding, car interior, litterbox area, stall, trailer, or other specific problem area. Misting the house or apartment is a great way to treat the whole household (Do not mist the animal directly!)
  • Apply a few drops to or mist a favorite toy.
  • If they resist touch, let the drops fall directly on fur, top of paws, etc.
  • Give directly by mouth.

Spirit Essences are not like medicines or drugs and need not be swallowed: once the drops contact the animal, they are doing their job. In this vein, your animal companion should think of receiving the remedy as a good thing, so don’t try to force it by giving it to them orally, for instance – stressing your friend out while administering the essences will only serve to undermine our intent.


We recommend starting with 3 or 4 times a day, for 2 weeks. Once improvement is established, usually within 2-4 weeks, you can wean the animal off by gradually decreasing the frequency of administration. Adding a few drops to the drinking water as well as once-a-day administration will probably be adequate. Some animals may need to remain on essence treatment long term, and some may see resolution very quickly. We have also found that most animals will also benefit from long-term administration of a maintenance formula.

Note: Your intuition about your animal companion and how to dose with essences is important and should be listened to. That’s why we give you suggestions. Our best ideas about dosing have come from people like you who tried something new!


If the dropper contacts anything outside the bottle, simply rinse the dropper in hot running water for about 30 seconds before replacing it in the bottle.


Alcohol is used as a preservative in flower essences. If you find that your animal friend is averse to the smell, we usually recommend just opening the bottle and letting it air for about 10 minutes before use. While that helps, there will definitely be residual smell. If your animal friend is very sensitive, here’s another tip:

  • Take your pets’ dishes and run them under hot water for about 45 seconds.
  • Empty the water out, leaving a hot bowl.
  • Put your normal dosage in the dish (3-5 drops).
  • Wait another minute, then add cold water to the water bowl and wet food to the food dish.

This will speed up the evaporation process drastically and also keep everything safe since we’re only removing alcohol one serving at a time.

Remember that Spirit Essences are not treating specific behaviors, but rather the emotional or energetic imbalances underlying them. By helping the animal feel happier and more secure, we increase the likelihood that behavioral problems will be correspondingly diminished or eliminated. While no treatment can be guaranteed to work 100% for every single case, it is a very rare animal that does not noticeably respond to Spirit Essences.

If you are treating only one animal in a multi-animal household, it is perfectly all right to put the prescription in the common drinking water. It will not adversely affect the other animals, and may even be beneficial if those particular essences are also appropriate for them. For further information see the post How To Use Multiple Remedies.


Sometimes our animal companions express emotions or behaviors that reflect other influences in the environment. They often mirror stresses occurring in their human companions’ lives or relationships, which the humans may not even be aware of. It is thought that animals may even take on such stresses in order to shield us from them. It may be of benefit, in such cases, to consider essence therapy for the human members of the family. At the least, using Spirit Essences in spray form throughout the house can only benefit the entire family.

Feel free to call (310) 782-1200 (Mon-Fri. 8am-4:30pm Pacific) or email at any time if you have questions, comments, an interesting report of results, or would like additional assistance.

Spirit Essences are not meant to interfere with or replace the advice or treatment of your veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.