Testimonial: Meep

Testimonial Meep

This testimonial about Spirit Essences holistic remedies for animals comes from Steph in Utah, "The Beehive State."

I ordered the Bully Remedy and Peacemaker, I received them within 2 days of my order.

I am amazed at how wonderful the service was.

We have 5 cats in our house.  Three are siblings and two foundlings.

The siblings will bully each other and the foundlings.

The foundlings are nice to each other but the others aren't.


I put the Bully Remedy on the siblings paw and within moments I could see the positive effects.

On their cat tree I put a few drops of Peacemaker, and all is well there too.

The Alpha female Meep walked right past the baby of the family with only a small hiss.

This is serious improvement!

I am so very happy with the products, they in a very short time have made it much better.

Thank you for having products that help.

-Steph Robinson, Salt Lake City, UT A very happy Cat Mom of 5