Testimonial: Panda and Lucas

Testimonial Panda and Lucas

This testimonial about Spirit Essences holistic remedies for animals comes from Linda S. in Alaska, the "Land of the Midnight Sun."


Just had to give you a follow-up on the Scaredy Cat Spirit Essences we’ve been using a short time now.

What a difference the Scaredy Cat Spirit Essences is making in our scaredy cats, Panda and Lucas.

They’re now laying on the stool in the living room and not hiding all the time.

They were SO worth the wait!

We’ve had Lucas 3 years this week and 5 years for Panda.

That Scaredy Cat formula is AMAZING!

Emily even lets me clip her nails now while my hubby is holding her.  He’s always had to hold her down with her screaming and trying to bite the whole time.



It’s taken her 5 years to do this!  It’s like having a new kitty!

We’ve always been concerned about her stress because she has a heart murmur, so now that she’s much calmer and trusting, we know that’s good for her little heart!

~Linda S., Alaska