Testimonial: Jill and Queenie

Testimonial Jill and Queenie

This testimonial about Spirit Essences holistic remedies for animals comes from Chinelle, in Florida, "The Sunshine State."

Jill and Queenie 2

I purchased both Healthy Helper and Peacemaker and I am so HAPPY at the AMAZING results.

I initially purchased Peacemaker because I had introduced 2 kittens to my adult Siamese cats.

One of the kittens that I introduced was always hissing and swatting at the other 3 cats.

I started using Peacemaker and with time they have all integrated amazingly and they are NO LONGER aggressive towards each other.

They are very passive now.

Jill and Queenie 1As for the Healthy Helper, I had purchased it as a last resort because I had spent hundreds of dollars at the vet attempting to manage a rodent ulcer that my kitten has on her lip.

The vet stated that rodent ulcers do not go away they just get progressively worse with time if not managed.

After trying numerous medications and changing her food nothing worked, until HEALTHY HELPER!!!!

I am so AMAZED how this has helped her.

The Healthy Helper has not only stopped the rodent ulcer from getting larger but it has shrunk in size.

I immediately called the vet and I gave her all the information to Spirit Essences.

I hope she passes this amazing product along to other pets.

I wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for such an amazing product that is natural and REALLY WORKS!!!!

~Chinelle Medina, Miami Lakes, FL