Catification: DIY Royal Red Cat Climbing Shelves Plus Giant Scratching Pole

DIY Cat Climbing Shelves and Scratcher Darla from Mobile, Alabama did some excellent Catification here, creating a multi-level cat climbing wall with some simple materials. Using a single 10" wide board, she cut some short shelves and attached them to an existing built-in bookcase, then she added another shelf over the door, giving the cats access to the wonderful long window above. She painted all the shelves white and cut up a red rubber-backed bathmat for the tops of the shelves so the whole design matches her decor. The bathmat pieces can be easily cleaned by throwing them in the washing machine.

DIY Cat Climbing Shelves and Scratcher

Darla also added a floor to ceiling scratching/climbing pole using an Ikea Stolmen pole wrapped in sisal rope. This gives the cats an alternative way to access the top shelf, as well as a nice tall scratcher.

Notice, Darla made use of the top of the existing bookcase as an important element of this climbing wall. This entire project cost her under $100, including the pole with shipping. Great job, Darla!

DIY Cat Climbing Shelves and Scratcher

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