Spirit Essences Report: Grouchy & Litter Box Phobic

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This is part of a blog series called the Spirit Essences Report.  It contains off-camera info straight from Jackson about how he helps the cats you see on My Cat From Hell.  Many times behind-the-scenes, he has his clients use Spirit Essences holistic remedies.  They are the same remedies he formulated with Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, and he’s been employing them for over a decade.

Spirit Essences are not essential oils.  They are holistic remedies, and the only veterinarian-formulated line of its kind in the world.  Jackson has developed and refined the remedies based on his over 15 years of experience and the needs of his clients.  They have been extremely successful, even in very difficult situations.  For more info, check out the holistic remedy section of store.jacksongalaxy.com

Bea - the grumpy cat who used to attack Aragon the 24-pound Bengal, and Cece, his guardian.

Bea – grouchy and antagonizing her fellow house cat

Issue: Bea was grouchy.  And just like humans can take their bad mood out on others, Bea was attacking her fellow house cat Aragon and Aragon's guardian Cece.  Changes were made in the 'family dynamic' of the household to help resolve the situation, but in addition to that, you can also use holistic remedies to help support those changes.

Jackson says: Honestly, I don't think we did use this, but I would use Grouch Remedy.  She just was grouchy and we needed to break her out of that.

Spirit Essences Jackson put to use:

Grouch Remedy 150x

This remedy helps restore a sunny disposition to animals who have become moody or grumpy for no apparent reason.  Grouch Remedy is ideal for the animal who is moody, depressed, or despondent.  It's also especially good for animals who are easily annoyed by children, rambunctious animals or generally chaotic homes.

Fi - declawed as a kitten, she stopped using the litter box ever since...until Jackson came along

Fi – litter box boycotter due to litter box phobia

Issue: Fi was declawed as a young kitten.  She also refused to use the litter box.  No one who ever took her home saw her use the litter box.  Ever.  That is, until Jackson helped Fi re-associate the litter box with a pain-free experience.  You see, after a declaw surgery, it is incredibly painful for a cat to walk, much less step in litter.  Such a cat needs help to learn to 'trust' a litter box again.  Holistic remedies can help.

Relevant Spirit Essence Remedy:

Declaw_Remedy 150x

The declaw surgery causes a physical shift in balance in the body, can lead to arthritis, and some cats appear to suffer psychological and behavioral consequences as well.  Declaw Remedy helps "rebuild" energetic balance in the paws and heal the body and soul.