Spirit Essences Report: Aggressive & Attacking

SE More on Ep 11 Pink, Zoey This is part of a blog series called the Spirit Essences Report.  It contains off-camera info straight from Jackson about how he helps the cats you see on My Cat From Hell.  Many times behind-the-scenes, he has his clients use Spirit Essences holistic remedies.  They are the same remedies he formulated with Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, and he’s been employing them for over a decade.

Spirit Essences are not essential oils.  They are holistic remedies, and the only veterinarian-formulated line of its kind in the world.  Jackson has developed and refined the remedies based on his over 15 years of experience and the needs of his clients.  They have been extremely successful, even in very difficult situations.  For more info, check out the holistic remedy section of store.jacksongalaxy.com

Pink - and Jackson reaching out to find her 'challenge line'

Pink - aggression

Issue: Pink was super aggressive, even to her guardians.  It was so bad that they barely even lived with Pink, renting another apartment so their other cat wouldn't have to 'deal' with her.

There were many factors to helping Pink get more balanced in her personality.  Here's the Spirit Essences factor...

Jackson says: It was really about Stress Stopper being used in conjunction with the mood medication that she was prescribed.  And that was just helping her stay balanced in that transitional period between the sky is falling and looking around and realizing the sky is not falling.

Relevant Spirit Essence Remedy:

Stress Stopper 150x

One of the longstanding best-sellers of the Spirit Essences line, Stress Stopper is great for the occasional, short-duration stresses that an animal faces: trip to the vet, thunder and lightning, fireworks, parties, vacuum, lawnmower, machinery, visitors and houseguests, vacations (if the animal is boarded or has a pet-sitter), unusual noises (remodeling, construction, roadwork, etc.), arguments with other animals, repairpersons.  It helps animals feel grounded and protected.

Zoey - the gloves Michelle used when she tried to handle him

Zoey - not Jekyll and Hyde

Issue: Zoey was a real problem for Michelle, and therefore, for Jon, Michelle's husband.  Zoey was a loving 'normal' cat with Jon, but would attack Michelle when she was alone.  And working from home, Michelle was alone a lot.  Luckily, this was a pretty straightforward case, with Jackson and some Cat Mojo understanding coming to the rescue....

Jackson says: I recommended Hyper Helper, not because Zoey was a hyper little one-year old cat running around, but it was to help put sort of a pause between the action of overstimulation and that snapping point.  So while Michelle was working with Zoey, she could also prevent overstimulation through the use of Hyper Helper.

Relevant Spirit Essence Remedy:

Hyper Helper

Formulated to help the animal who often resembles a whirling dervish or Tasmanian Devil!  For "spaz", high-strung pets.  Helps balance out-of-control physical urges with softer, integrated actions.

This remedy helps calm the hyperactive, high-strung animal, but also those who just need to instill a brief pause between thought and action.