Catification: Elegant Wooden Window Perch

Wooden Window Perch for Cat Dee and her husband from Chicago, Illinois built these beautiful wooden window perches for their cats to enjoy the view from their study. Using pre-made shelving from the home improvement store, they were able to design these shelves for their cats in a way that integrates seamlessly with their decor. Here's how Dee describes the project:

Our cats are really not climbers, but they do love to perch near windows to see the the outside world. We had a set of three windows in our study, but not a great deal of room. My husband decided to create a 7 ft x 16 in window perch complete with steps. He bought ready made closet shelves & brackets from Lowe's in natural (it also comes in java or pecan colors) and he completed it in less than 3 hours. He also added an edge using crown molding.  It cost about $200, but could be made for much less if you want to cut, sand & stain the wood yourself. It's one of the best things we ever did for our cats.

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