Cat Crazy internet radio interview Aug. 26, 2013

RadioPetLady Interview

 Where in the world is Jackson Galaxy?

...that is...when he's not shooting more episodes of My Cat From Hell, writing books, giving talks, visiting shelters, and traveling all across the country to spread the good word about Cat Mojo?

Well, this Monday, August 26, he'll be on the internet radio show Cat Crazy, with host and fellow cat writer, Tracie Hotchner.

You can listen and even call in live to this show that's all about cats, every Monday, at 8pm East / 5pm West.

Here's the link to listen live.

This coming Monday, August 26, Jackson Galaxy will be Tracie's special guest.

It should be really interesting, because these two friends go back a long time.  Even long before either of them were "public cat people!"

So pull up a chair, get out the popcorn, and gather your furry friends around for a fireside chat, internet style.

Here's the link again: Listen to Cat Crazy™ MON 8 PM East / 5 PM West