Catification: Bamboo Screen Turned Cat Shelf

Joan Laisney from Carlsbad, California got creative when she wanted to make a climbing shelf for her cats. Instead of starting from scratch, she converted a bamboo screen into a climbing structure. Here's how she explains the project:

"Using a bamboo folding screen, three pressboard shelves, and large cup hooks, we drilled two holes in each side of the boards (didn't need any on the back sides) and cut 8" holes in opposite ends of the shelves using a jig saw so our cats can jump between the different levels.

With birdfeeders outside the window and the bamboo to hide behind, our cats love safely watching the constant bird show outside! Best of all, the project cost under $20, plus the price of the bamboo screen."

What a creative and simple way to customize something for your cats! Great job!

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