Live From The Cat Cave replay of Mar. 26, 2014

On Wed. Mar. 26, 2014, Jackson hung out with #TeamCatMojo, answering all kinds of fun and interesting questions.

Check out the replay!

5:03 - Q&A: Is there a way to guard yourself against compassion fatigue? 10:05 - Q&A: How can we help our cats with stress? What are some triggers? 16:04 - Q&A: What inspired you to go vegan? What would you see yourself doing as a career if you didn't work with cats? 19:34 - Q&A: What is the best food for a cat? What is your opinion on raw diet? 25:15 - Q&A: Is it OK to trim your cat's whiskers and eyelashes when they get too long? 28:10 - Q&A: My cat has had separation anxiety; any tips to help deal with this? 35:01 - Q&A: Do you think indoor only cats should wear a collar, even if they are chipped? 37:21 - Q&A: Where can I get raw cat food? Which raw meat do you feed your cat? 41:48 - Q&A: What's the best way to get into the animal behavior field? 44:59 - Q&A: I have MS and can't play with my cat as much as I would like. Any ideas? 57:58 - Q&A: We live in a small apartment, but want a second cat. Is this a good idea?