#LuxLove – The continuing story of our favorite “911 Cat”


A note from Jackson about Lux...

If you tuned in to last weekend’s special episode of My Cat From Hell, you saw the story of “The 911 Cat,” Lux, play out in a way that hopefully took you on the same ride I went on. And what a ride! It’s only been about a month since my last visit to Portland, and I have to say, I still feel like I’m processing all of the facts, not to mention all of the emotions. I wanted to stop and take a moment to let you know how it’s been going since the cameras stopped rolling…

As you saw on the episode, after the diagnosis of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS) and the prescription of appropriate meds, Mollie and Jim, his amazing foster parents, decided to try and give him a home. They had fallen head over heels for the boy (as does, it seems, everyone who meets him), and said yes, even though I couldn’t guarantee that their life would be violence-free. 

Unfortunately, as time went on, Lux’s behavior took a turn for the worse. As he was settling in with Mollie and Jim, he would unpredictably snap – in essence, replaying the 911 nightmare I had originally walked in on. It’s heartbreaking for sure to see this scenario play out for a second time. It’s hard to imagine feeling such love for a being who can turn so unpredictably violent. These amazing foster parents never lost sight of the fact that how he acted didn’t define who he is. That said, they were living in fear, and were unable to administer his meds consistently, let alone work a behavioral plan of action. 

It was time to institute some short-term changes, for the sake of all involved. I was lucky enough to have made contacts with an amazing cat hospital during this journey. They said they would take Lux and temporarily house him, make sure he gets his meds, give him attention and work the behavioral action plan I had already assigned to Mollie and Jim. 

I know that once his condition stabilizes, we will be able to resume his adoptive life. For now, however, Lux is staying in a unique and open veterinary space, simulating as close to a home environment as one can get. Since receiving this constant veterinary care, things have been progressing really well; he’s now responding to his medication, and his socialization is on target. Yes, I’m being cautious – can you blame me? Every single time I’ve made assumptions when it comes to Lux, I’ve had my lunch handed to me. I am fully committed to living in the present along with this cat. I’m also, as I am with all cats I consider clients, committed to him. 

Mollie and Jim are still very much a part of Lux’s life. They continue to participate in his ongoing journey towards wellness. All of us, from myself and those involved in the making of My Cat From Hell, to the veterinary angels who have helped us, to his foster parents and Oregon Humane who found those foster parents, are united in his cause. And all of us have to believe that this is a winnable battle.

Scanning through the pages and pages of social media posts and emails, I can tell that this story, and more importantly, this cat, has found a home in the hearts of so many of you. My sincere hope is that as Lux recovers, his journey can shed a brighter light on the insidious nature of FHS. There are so many of you who are living with cats victimized by this syndrome, and you may have insights that will help an untold number of cats. Please - share your wealth of knowledge with the rest of this community. It will save lives. In the meantime, the story will of course, continue. And I will, of course, keep you in the loop as it unfolds.

Light, Love & Mojo, Jackson