"Bad Cat (Theme from 'Cat Mojo')"


Well hello #TeamCatMojo.  The Cat Daddy wanted to have a little fun.


Music and Cats and You

How about a digital download of the song Jackson Galaxy wrote about cats?

Bad Cat (Theme from "Cat Mojo")

The theme for his series of "Cat Mojo" videos is now ready and waiting to be downloaded as an audio file.  And as a ringtone.

Proceeds go to The Jackson Galaxy Foundation

The download is available for those who make a contribution to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation using this page.  All proceeds are going to better the lives of sheltered animals by transforming the places they live and helping the people who care for them.

Bad Cat song download bundle
Bad Cat song download bundle

Bad Cat BUNDLE -- includes 3 audio files

  • full-band studio version (0:51) of "Bad Cat (Theme from 'Cat Mojo')," written and performed by Jackson Galaxy
  • (0:16) length version, ideal for use as a ringtone
  • (0:16) length version as an .m4r, the format required for use as a ringtone on Apple mobile device
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