How to Star in Jackson's New Book

The Back Story

If you've been part of #TeamCatMojo for a while, you know about catification.  Not just the concept of building spaces for both you and your cat (cat shelves, catios, and the like) but also about Catification the book.  Catification: Designing a Happy & Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) became a New York Times Bestseller!

Things As They Stand Now

Well now, Jackson and his co-author, Cat Style Expert Kate Benjamin are looking for the stars of their next book, which is still in the works.  Here's how it's gonna go and how you can be immortalized in print for the worldwide legions of #TeamCatMojo.  Jackson, take it away...

Get Yourself In The Books

Go here to prove your catification skills to Jackson & Kate and get yourself in the pages of their next big book.

Will it be another New York Times Bestseller?  Only time will tell.

Will you be in it?  That's up to you....