When you understand cats, you can begin to work on modifying their behavior. In a way that provides both you and them what you need for a healthy, happy life.

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CAT MOJO: Find Out Why Your Cat Is Being Crazy!

Your cat won’t just randomly do things. There is always a good reason. Investigate that reason with the help of Cat Journalism and Jackson, who is offering to help 3 viewers determine the cause behind their cat’s recent acts… …on this episode of Cat Mojo. The Cat Mojo show is Jackson’s personal online web series. Subscribe […]

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CAT MOJO: You’re Feeding Your Cat All Wrong!

The first thing Jackson would tell you if you asked about your cat’s odd behavior? Stop free feeding! Learn how you could be using food as a tool with your cat. All in this week’s episode of Cat Mojo. The Cat Mojo show is Jackson’s personal online web series. Subscribe and join #TeamCatMojo!

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In-Depth Mojo: Buddha & Dylan – Cat Temples & Territories

It’s all about territory.  It’s one of the basic needs of cats. In this post, Jackson talks about how the issue of territory came into play with the cases of Buddha and Dylan. For more, check out this companion post where Jackson lets you in on the holistic remedies that he uses in situations like […]

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In-Depth Mojo: Snickers & Dexter – training yourself to listen to your cat

Sometimes humans just don’t understand. Both these cat cases are great illustrations of how really understanding your cat is often 90% of the “battle” when solving cat-behavior problems. The other 10% of course, is actually doing something about it, making changes in the cat’s routine or environment. Read below for Jackson’s take on the cases […]

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In-Depth Mojo: Bea & Fi – grumpiness and litter box phobia

Sometimes the problem isn’t the cat and their history.  Sometimes it is.  We get to see both scenarios in this installment of In-Depth Mojo – a behind-the-scenes look at the cases you see on My Cat FromHell – from Jackson’s point of view. Also available: this companion post about Spirit Essences holistic remedies for animals that […]

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In-Depth Mojo: Penny & Tony – aggression and spraying

Here’s some behind-the-scenes commentary on Season 4, Episode 3 of My Cat From Hell. The cases in this episode involved two different issues. The first issue was a huge level of aggression.  Penny was literally trying to kill Puck, her fellow house cat.  The attacks were serious and vicious, involving blood. The second issue was a little less […]

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In-Depth Mojo: Ozzy & Allie – aggressive cats

Here’s some behind-the-scenes commentary on Season 4, Episode 2 of My Cat From Hell. These cases both involved cats that seemed to constantly be in “attack mode.” Ozzy was intent on attacking fellow house cat Lily Allie was intent on attacking her 95-year old guardian Jackson uses what he calls “Cat Mojo” — observing and interacting […]

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Q&A: How To Keep Cats Off Counter Tops

  Jackson answers your questions via video.  “How do you keep cats off the dining room table and the counters?” Jackson talks about how he feels about “counter surfing,” how he deals with it in his own home, and gives you options on how you can deal with it. Stuff Jackson refers to in the […]

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Does Your Cat Pee Outside the Litter Box?

Is your cat peeing outside the litter box? This might be a factor. Jackson talks about what you didn’t see on the most recent episode of My Cat From Hell, when he worked with Mufasa (a female Norwegian Forest Cat) and her guardians Rudy and Andrea. Here’s Jackson: So, this is something that can be […]

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Destination Feel

On last week’s new episode of My Cat From Hell, you saw Mufasa (a female Norwegian Forest Cat) go from being a real bully to living peacefully with her guardians Rudy & Andrea. There was a lot involved in the transformation, and there always is, because each situation is unique in terms of the history […]

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