Nurture and enrich the relationships between you and the cats in your life.

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CAT MOJO: What Your Children Can Learn From The Cat

Children and pets can form a special bond that lasts a lifetime, but what are some ways to achieve that relationship without tears or scratches? Jackson has a few helpful tips in this episode of Cat Mojo. The Cat Mojo show is Jackson’s personal online web series. Subscribe and join #TeamCatMojo!

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In-Depth Mojo: Kashmir & Riyo – Symptoms vs. Disease

Jackson talks about looking beyond the obvious when addressing cat problems. Animals don’t do things randomly. And what you think is the problem may just be the symptom, not the source. Read on for Jackson’s explanations of these concepts, using the cases of Kashmir and Riyo as examples.   Here’s In-Depth Mojo: Season 4, Episode […]

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In-Depth Mojo: Max & Capri – The Hand-Off Technique

Jackson always has a new technique up his sleeve to help you help cats, and the people that care for them. This one is called The Hand-Off.  When a cat attacks everyone except their guardian, you can use the guardian’s “insider status” with the cat to help widen that cat’s circle of trust…and spread the […]

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In-Depth Mojo: Bea & Fi – grumpiness and litter box phobia

Sometimes the problem isn’t the cat and their history.  Sometimes it is.  We get to see both scenarios in this installment of In-Depth Mojo – a behind-the-scenes look at the cases you see on My Cat FromHell – from Jackson’s point of view. Also available: this companion post about Spirit Essences holistic remedies for animals that […]

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Happy Halloween from Jackson

    Halloween greetings and Halloween musings from your friendly (tattooed) neighborhood Cat Daddy. Jackson taped this a year ago, but the messages are still relevant today. Have a great, safe, and Happy Halloween!    

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The Fascination Factor

Jackson speaks about a huge factor in human/cat relationships. Here, he refers to episode 5 (season 3) of My Cat From Hell. Here’s Jackson…   The episode was much more about Ruben the human than Roscoe the cat. Ruben needed a lot of work to get to the point where he was not just a guardian […]

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Q&A: How To Help Your Cat Not Be Afraid of Strangers

  Jackson answers your questions via video.  ”How do I help my cat not be so afraid of strangers?” Jackson shares really simple but effective tips and tricks on how to help scaredy cats become braver cats. Long before Jackson got his own T.V. show…   Jackson co-developed and started using his own line of holistic […]

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Daylight Saving Time And Your Cat

Body clocks can be a strange…and often annoying…thing. Just ask your cat! There’s a simple rule of thumb to follow when adjusting your cats to changes in time.

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The “It” Factor – Let’s Talk Ownership

This week, I take a swim in the murky waters of animal “ownership,” Vs. “Guardianship.” It’s not all about language, but that’s a good place to start!   Some links mentioned in today’s post: Guardianship program – In Defense of Animals Vox Felina Jack The Cat’s Facebook Page What is the legal value of a […]

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It’s A Cat Daddy Halloween!

Some musings and tips on things like: dressing your cats up in costumes, the practice of not adopting out black cats for Halloween, and just some general tips for the scary night!   This about sums it up…

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