Tips and guidance on working with feral cats.

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In-Depth Mojo: Kashmir & Riyo – Symptoms vs. Disease

Jackson talks about looking beyond the obvious when addressing cat problems. Animals don’t do things randomly. And what you think is the problem may just be the symptom, not the source. Read on for Jackson’s explanations of these concepts, using the cases of Kashmir and Riyo as examples. ¬† Here’s In-Depth Mojo: Season 4, Episode […]

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In-Depth Mojo: Buddy & Kali – near feral and dumpster cats

On Season 4, Episode 4 of My Cat From Hell, Jackson faced some incredible “firsts” in his career as a cat behaviorist. This episode dealt with almost literally “wild” cats. ¬†Cats who were near-feral, or who had issues in a domestic setting as a result of their history in “the wild.” How can you go […]

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Winter Care of Feral Cat Colonies

  Jackson took some time to interview Jenny Schlueter, Director of Development and Feral Friends TNR Program Manager for Tree House Humane Society in Chicago. She’s got awesome tips and support for caretakers of feral cat colonies as we head into the winter months. How to help them survive the harsh weather, how to talk […]

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  Jackson Galaxy on TNR, as seen on My Cat From Hell.   As for the Trap-Neuter-Return piece of the Finn episode (season 3, episode 4), we did go out by her house and we did trap a cat. It didn’t seem feral, that’s why we call them community cats, because whether they were quote […]

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